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Aries Rashi 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change English blog | Aries Prediction


Aries Rashi 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change

Hello, today we have considered the most important planet for you. We had also told you in our annual horoscope that this year the month of April is very important because in this month three big planets are going to change their zodiac signs and we had also said in the annual horoscope that when the zodiac signs of these planets will change. We will give you the zodiacal information according to their zodiac change, so today we have brought it for you. Information about Rahu’s zodiac change because first of all, the zodiac change of April is taking place, which is happening on April 12, on April 12, at 10:36 am, Rahu will enter the Krittika constellation from Taurus in Aries and for 18 months. Till then it is going to remain in the Aries sign. Rahu is going to remain in Aries till October 30, 2023, then the zodiac change of Rahu will come for this 18 months. It is going to be very important for the people of Aries. Now let us tell you about some of the characteristics of Rahu. You all know that Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets, Rahu is the head and Ketu acts as the torso. Although 9 planets have been considered in our astrology, the planets together are known as direct planets. Rahu Ketu, which is two planets, plays the main role as a shadow planet. They also have a very deep impact on our lives, but they always move in a retrograde motion, that is, the zodiac changes the zodiac. As we told you that currently moving in Taurus sign, they will enter Aries on 12th April. That is, Rahu is in the opposite direction and when Moon and Sun conjunct then they form eclipse yoga. Rahu gives very good results in the 3rd house, 6th house and secluded place. Rahu has such power that according to the place in which he sits, we get to see his results. By the way, we consider Rahu as equal to Saturn, that is why Rahu gives results like Shani because like Saturn, sits in one place for a long time, the same effects remain with Rahu. Aries Rashi 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change

If we talk about the sight of Rahu, then Rahu has fifth, seventh and ninth vision and like Saturn’s vision is not good. By the way, the vision of Rahu is also not good and beneficial. Some Acharyas believe that Rahu is exalted in Virgo sign, exalted in Gemini and debilitated in Sagittarius, but according to some other Acharyas, he is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. are considered. Rahu has enmity with Mars. Smyrna is considered to be his whole and he remains friendly with the rest of the planets, but a special thing. For the people of Aries, it is that Aries is considered inauspicious for Rahu. Due to the transit of Rahu in Aries, you have to face many difficulties in your life. Especially women and sons get sick. One has to face failure in small tasks. The mind remains very restless. Feeling weak on you from all sides. Do not find work interesting. Sometimes you get overconfident. People tell you that you do not have to walk on this path, yet you create a bit of confusion by not listening to them and confusing that person and taking him towards the wrong path. These are some of the Rahu results that we get to see. Aries Rashi 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change

The transiting change of Rahu in Aries is going to happen on April 12, what will be the effect of Aries people. Talking about Aries, anyway, we have told you that it is considered inauspicious for the people of Aries, Pitta related problems can happen to Aries. This time is not good for you. Right now Rahu was in your second house in Taurus, for the people of Aries, Rahu was in the second house, so their vision was falling on your eighth house and tenth house. That is, if it was falling on karma, then all these three places were disturbed by enemies, they were surrounded by health-related problems. The journey was coming to an end. The happiness of the family was not being achieved till now, but at that time you were facing the problem of wealth, loss situation and expenses. Too many fluctuating decisions go wrong even in work. You may have to face such a problem in your life, unable to keep pace with the authorities. But now when Rahu will sit in your zodiac sign on April 12, then you will get positive results from these places, the problems related to debt will end. You will also get very good benefits in health-related problems. You will get the happiness of the family, the state of confusion will end. Unable to coordinate with the officers, now he will start coordinating. Since we told you that Rahu is sitting in Aries, it will make you a little overconfident. Be very careful in this matter. Now the sight of Rahu is falling on your fifth house. It is falling on your seventh house and is falling on your ninth house. Since we told you that Rahu is sitting in Aries, the fifth, seventh and ninth sight, then this time can be full of difficulties in education for the students in the fifth house. You will have to move ahead with more concentration on your studies. At this time, you may get confused, the children who have to pay special attention to their education, especially to the parents, are telling that there may be concern from the side of the child. Having a problem with alcohol, becoming a victim of bad habits, this problem can arise. it’s your time It can create obstacles in getting a child, that’s why you have to be parents aware. Staying a little cautious in married life and especially for students, especially for the student class, this time will create confusion, study with a lot of concentration. Aries Rashi 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change

Talking about the seventh vision, Rahu is going to disturb the married life as well. Many types of misunderstandings can be created in the married life of Aries people. At this time, we would just advise y ou to control your anger by keeping restraint on your speech and trying to understand your love partner. If the married life is already disturbed and the relationship has deteriorated in such a way that both of you are moving away from each other, then he is likely to be more careful because if you do not use your discretion and intelligence then the relationship will break and You may have to separate so be very careful. There can be cheating from the partner in the relationship, that is why before moving forward with anyone, check it thoroughly and then dream of your life with him or take forward your relationship.
For the business class, this is the time to walk very carefully in business. Especially for those working in partnership i.e. partnership, this is the time to be very cautious because partnerships can be fractured. Misunderstandings can be created with a partner, so if your business is running in a very good partnership at this time, then you have to take your partner too. Take a decision, don’t take any decision alone, take them and move forward together. If your partnership is not benefiting the business, then it is beneficial to break this partnership and work alone. The advice to those starting a new business is that you should do your work independently. Must move forward in business. Aries Rashi 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change

Talk about the place of luck because the ninth aspect of Rahu is falling at your place of luck, so there may be some fluctuation in luck. Notary gambling, betting, do not invest in any such work at all, due to the aspect of Rahu, you may have to suffer losses in these areas, so be a little careful in this matter. If you work in ready-made stock options in the stock market, you will run from an office or office to invest in these days. If your Indus humanity, avoid investing in such works because this work can make your loss situation more and if you are investing then invest wisely. Make a little investment first, you should not invest for a year, you may lose it. For young girls, this time can become a time for a little hard work. However, the chances of a job will increase because the lord of your ninth house, the master who will change in your twelfth house in April and be self-gratified, look at the price of pulses cooked in the plaintiff, then if you thought that luck will favour me, do not act. If so, it will not happen that luck favours you and your work will start getting done. That’s why to make an effort to do karma. If there is a situation of confusion, then you can take the advice of the elders of your house or it will be beneficial for you to take advice from an experienced friend. Spiritual tendencies will increase in your time and you will also join with the works of religious deeds, then this is the result of Rahu for the people of Aries, which is changing in April and you will get to see. Aries Rashi 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change



  • You have to feed the birds, millet, corn or whatever grain of birds you get in the market, you should arrange the grain for the birds and also arrange for water.
  • Feed a black dog with oil and keep in mind that it should not be a pet dog in your house, that dog should be a street dog. Those who are stray dogs, feed them roti fried with oil.
  • Mercury removes the defects of Rahu, that is why worship Ganpati ji. Before starting any work, invoke Ganesha, after that start that works.
  • Ganesh ji, there is an idol of Ganesh ji in almost every house in your house, so if you do not have an idol in your house, then you should bring an idol of Margaj Ganesh ji and you should offer Durva on it while chanting this mantra Om Gana Ganapataye Namah.
  • Recite Ganesh Chalisa.
  • The recitation of Ganesha stotra, which harms debt, can also prove to be very beneficial for you.
  • You must also chant the Beej Mantra of Rahu because Rahu is giving negative results in your horoscope. Not suitable for Aries zodiac sign.
  • In the evening after sunset, you have to sit on a brown seat with Shani’s garland in front of Rahu Yantra.



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