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Aries November 2022 Horoscope | मेष राशि नवम्बर राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali

Aries November 2022 Horoscope

Namaskar to Swagatam Welcome. Today we are present in front of you with the monthly horoscope of Aries people for the month of November and let us know about the first fasts and festivals coming in this month, then on November 2 Akshay Navami i.e. Amla Navami will be celebrated first. Kartik Purnima will come on 8th November. Guru Nanak Jayanti will also be celebrated on this day and it coincides with the full moon. This is the time of Deepawali of the deities, that is, Dev Deepawali. Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti will be celebrated on November 16, so these are some special fasts and festivals that are being celebrated this month. Specially now let us know how this month is going to be according to the planets.

Let’s talk first. The king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his debilitated zodiac sign Libra, will enter his zodiac sign Scorpio on November 16 i.e. in the middle of the month. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Mercury, it is currently sitting in its even sign Libra and will be seen entering its enemy sign Scorpio on 13th November. Mars, which is currently sitting in its most enemy zodiac sign Gemini and is also your zodiac lord. They are going to change their zodiac along with Mercury on 13th November itself. They will be seated in their worst enemy sign, Taurus. But here they are turning crooked. Till now he was sitting in Mithun. Entering Vaporab in Taurus after going retrograde, will sit in retrograde state. The Guru is going to remain seated in his own zodiac sign Pisces this whole month. Talking about Venus, at present, it is sitting in its own zodiac sign Libra and on November 11, it will enter its enemy zodiac sign Scorpio. The planet Saturn will remain seated in its own zodiac sign Capricorn this whole month. Rahu in Aries, which is his even sign and Ketu in Libra, which is his even sign, are going to be sitting in it for the whole month, so this is the condition of the planetary transits of this month. Now let’s know how this month is going to be for you, then let’s start. Monthly Horoscope for Aries.

First come on your zodiac lord. Those who, being retrograde this month, are sitting in Taurus by going from Gemini to Taurus. If we talk about your Kundli, if we talk about the horoscope of this month’s planetary transits, then at present they are sitting in your mighty house and on November 13, they will sit in your second house i.e. money house from your mighty house and there they will Will become crooked. If malefic planets ever retrograde, they appear to show their effect more rapidly. That is, their influence becomes a bit more brutal. Now your Rashi Swami Mangal is like this, Lagnesh is the lord of your personality. He is sitting one house ahead of himself, but since Mars is turning retrograde, there is a need to exercise restraint on speech and control anger. Do not do any work in haste. Sometimes the work being done can get spoiled. With your speech, you will also take good deeds into negative or else a deal is going to be made with someone. An important meeting is going to happen, so at this time you have to solve your issues peacefully with a lot of patience. Do not take any decision in a hurry and you should not take any decision in anger because it will make your decision wrong because at this time you are in a rage and in that case you will get to see the situations of loss, then change your personality a little. But if you pay attention, there will be no problem in relationships, nor will you have to face problems related to professional life.

Now, since Mars is your ascendant along with being the 8th lord, it is also the 8th lord, so why would you get good results from Mars in the 8th house? Because the lord of the eighth house will go to his seventh house and see his own house. Although the vision of Mars is also retrograde at this time, they themselves are retrograde, but since they will see their own house, they will not harm you. At this time, you only have to take care while driving. You have to drive a little carefully. While traveling if self drive. If you don’t go, it will be better for you. You should cover long distance journeys only by using the resources of transport. With this, the sources of getting secret money will be seen opening. Enemies will be destroyed. Secret enemies will appear even after failing to create any kind of hindrance in your work. According to the time and personality, it is for you to remain calm and solve your issues. But since the lord of the zodiac is turning retrograde, that’s why you should be a little careful, but this time will destroy your enemies. Will increase your decision power. At this time you will get secret money.

Let us go ahead and talk about the second house, that is, come to the second house. He is the lord of the second house. Venus and Venus are currently sitting in Libra and there they are sitting in their own sign. Means the time till 11th November is very good for you because till 11th November they will go and sit in your seventh house. You will get to see very good results of Venus in the seventh house because you are sitting in your own house. Although Venus factors bring a copy of emotions in it, but still you will get to see good circumstances according to money. At this time your work will be completed at a fast pace. All problems and troubles in work will end forever. At this time you will look very confident. Your coordination with your colleagues will be very good and you will get to fulfill big responsibilities at your work place. That means you will have to go through some big challenges too but it will make you stronger and stronger. There will be an increase in respect in the family. You will be seen mesmerizing everyone with your speech, but if we talk about the seventh house, then according to the seventh house, the results of Venus are very good for the unmarried boys and girls. But misunderstanding can arise in one way or the other in marriage. Married couples should carry each other. Now after November 11, Venus will be sitting in your enemy’s place i.e. in the eighth house and sitting in the eighth house of Venus will not give you such good results. Although the lord of the second house will divide the seventh from itself, then you will get to see the conditions of monetary gains. But at this time there can be an argument with the life partner on one or the other matter. An environment of misunderstanding can arise. You should walk being a little careful.

Now coming to the third house. If we talk about the third house, then the lord of the third house is Mercury and Mercury is in your own zodiac sign i.e. Libra, sitting in it. On November 13, while changing the zodiac sign, Mercury will sit in your love house. Sitting in the eighth house of Mercury will not be so good and beneficial for you. Now, according to the third house i.e. the house of wealth and power, the results of Mercury will not be so good that if Parakramesh will sit in his sixth house, then the results of the sixth house will not be so good. You may have to face some disputes with your siblings. You may have to face the situation of ideological differences. At this time, you should be very careful and take forward your relationship with your siblings. Some problems may also arise on the path of action. Daily routine life will also appear to be a little disturbed. At this time, I have to do the work that I have thought of in my own time. Some difficulty will have to be faced in doing those tasks as well. But if your spirits are high, then you will definitely achieve your destination despite these difficulties, because if a person is always action-oriented, then he has the power to turn his luck as well. That’s why you have to go on becoming karma pradhan. Keep on doing your duty continuously.

Now let’s talk about the seventh house. Saptamesh is sitting third from himself. At this time, you may have a problem like forgetting things a little. You put something at some place and then after that you forgot it, you are getting upset, or you have to take more care in people due to some system related problems. That is, such problems can arise due to BP, sugar, thyroid or any blood clot. Pain in the muscles, some problem due to nose, such situations can arise. That’s why be very careful. Keep your mental state a little strong. Instead of getting distracted on small things, maintain your mental balance. If you do this, then the problems will be less in your life and you will get to see its benefits in the long run. By the way, at this time you have to be careful with your opponents, because the enemy will definitely try to disrupt your work in one way or the other, so be a little careful towards your enemies and do little in the transactions related to money. Be alert.

Now coming to your happy place. Moon is the lord of the place of happiness, which will increase happiness at this time. Will get support and cooperation of mother. An emotional bonding will be seen growing in you with your family. You should not do any work in haste. Take the family along. If you have any confusion then you can consult your mother. If you make any investment in his name, then you will get very good benefit in it. You will get full support and cooperation of the officers at the work place. However, it will be appropriate for you to work like a teamwork.

Now coming to your fifth house. He is the lord of the fifth house. The Sun, which is currently debilitated and this time is not so good for you, half a month i.e. the time period till November 16 will not be so good and strong for you. Because at this time you will go to do anything on your path of action. Will do anything in career. There will be problems in that. Especially for those who are medical students, this time is not so good for them. Science students can also get negative results. But on November 16, Sun will enter its zodiac sign Scorpio. Will sit in your eighth house and when it will sit in the eighth house, you will get to see very good and excellent results of the Sun. At this time the problems will appear to be ending. If any loan has been taken on you, then that loan will also be repaid to you. If you have given loan to someone, then that person will repay your loan and if you have taken loan from someone, then at the right time you will also be seen to be relaxed by returning his money back to him. At this time, your interest in religious works will increase, but you should avoid putting your hands in whose work at this time.

Now move forward and come directly to your lucky place. Because the master of the place of fortune is the Guru, who is sitting in it being self-absorbed by you. Bhagyesh sitting in his fourth will very well fix the financial condition. At this time, if you think that I have to complete some work in a fixed time, then you will be able to complete that work. The list of unfinished tasks will get smaller and you will be ready for new tasks. You can create In this, if you want to start a new business of your own, then this time is very suitable for that too. On the other hand, those young men and women who are looking for jobs, their search will appear to be ending now and your interest in religious activities will also be seen increasing. Any religious ritual can also take place in the house.

Now, since Jupiter is the lord of your tenth house, it is sitting in a self-possessed state, so if Jupiter’s mahadasha is also going on for you, then your dream of going abroad will definitely come true at this time. If you want to go there and do your business or want to do a job, then this time is going to be very supportive for you. At this time you should invest in savings schemes. Risky works should not be put in hand and your management will be so strong that your officers will be happy with you and will be seen giving you your promotion or increment. That is, you will get to see very good and excellent results of the overall Guru.

Now coming to Shani. Since Shani is sitting in your Karma Bhava, Karmesh being self-housed is forming Mahapurush Yoga in Karma Bhava and this yoga will increase your heights further. At this time, if you do any work related to judiciary, that is, if you are practicing law or you are holding some position in the court of justice. If you are a judge, then at this time your fame will be seen increasing further. Your work will be appreciated all around. At this time, if the student class is giving any CLAT exam, then its result will be very favorable for you. But while moving forward on the path of Karma, keep increasing your Karma continuously. You will definitely get the fruits of your hard work. This time will also be very supportive for you through your father.

Now, since Shani is also in your eleventh house, then being the lord of profit, he is sitting outside you, then he is sitting inside it, that is, in your work house. At this time there can be conditions of your profit, so to keep your profit accumulated, you should also make some efforts from your side. At this time your workload will increase and some such people will join your circle, who will be seen giving you profitable situations while giving full support to you in your work. At this time you will move forward in your work. If there is any big machinery work, then surely you will see great success in it.

Auspicious dates – 1st to 4th, 7th to 13th, 17th to 23rd and 26th to 30th.

Important Dates – 5th, 6th, 14th to 16th, 24th and 25th.

Lucky Colors – Black, Dark Blue, Royal Blue Color and Brown |


Rudrabhishek must be done once on Lord Shiva with pomegranate juice, sugarcane juice, panchamrit and honey.
You should make lentils flow in flowing water or donate it in a temple.
You must recite Sunderkand and Bajrang Baan this month.
Donating sweet tandoori roti removes the inauspiciousness of Mars.
Barfi made of dry fruits must be fed to the cow on Friday.

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