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Aries May 2022 Horoscope English blog





Ups and downs come in the life of every person and their solution is possible with the right guidance. So let us solve you every problem. Today we have presented in front of you the monthly horoscope of Aries for May and some special fasts and festivals are coming in this month, if we first know about it, then on May 3, the festival of Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated with great pomp. . This is seen as an absurd save. That is, on this day we do not need to see the mahurta. Any auspicious work can be done on Akshaya Tritiya without Muhurta. Parshuram Jayanti On this day, Indian Parashuramji is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is also a symbol of valour and valour. Vaishakh Purnima and Buddha Purnima are coming on 16th May. Vaishakh Purnima is known as a very special full moon and charity has its special significance on this day. Aries May 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s move ahead and know how the position of planetary transits will be in this month because the monthly horoscope is based on the position of the planets, so let’s talk first. The king of planets, the Sun, which is currently exalted in Aries, will enter its even sign Taurus on May 15. Talking about the planet Mercury, he will be sitting in his very friendly zodiac Taurus for the whole month. Mars is currently sitting in its enemy sign Aquarius and on May 17, it will enter its even sign Pisces. The planet Jupiter is going to be sitting in the sign of Pisces for the whole month by being self-occupied. The planet Venus is currently sitting in its exalted sign Pisces and on 23rd May i.e. at the end of the month, it will enter its friendly sign, Aries. Talking about the planet Saturn, then this month he will be sitting in his zodiac sign Aquarius, which is the sign of his original triangle. Rahu is going to be sitting in Aries and Ketu is going to be sitting in Libra, so this is the condition of the planetary transit of this month. get to know about him.

Monthly Horoscope for May for Aries. First of all, if we talk about your zodiac lord because this blog we are making is equally effective according to both moon sign and ascendant, then if we say that the lord of your personality sense i.e. Ascendant then it will not be an exaggeration. You will take this bean, the lord of the zodiac and the ascendant is yours, Mars, who is sitting eleventh from himself. You will get to see a very good Mars position this month. Then after changing the zodiac on May 17, they will enter Pisces and in Pisces, they will be seen conjoining with Jupiter. At that time there will be a conjunction of Mars with Venus for some time. After that Venus will move forward on 23 May. The position of Ascendant we are talking about is the lord of your personality and its influence is very much visible in your life. The time till May 17 is the best period for you. Mars is sitting with Saturn. Revolutionary Yoga is also being made. It will not only bring change in your life and global change. The global big event is becoming a possibility at this time and these events can be devastating. A war-like situation or a major political upheaval, the death or murder of a major political leader, or any such untoward type of event, that can happen in a worldly manner, is currently going on in this situation of war. Because in April, Mars’s zodiac change and Mars Saturn’s revolutionary yoga have also been formed at that time and since then we have seen global upheaval and more. The yogas that are formed now have their effect from some time ago. The effect starts and after some time this effect remains, then it is the yoga of Mars with Saturn. This is going to be a big reason for the global turmoil this month. Aries May 2022 Horoscope English blog

According to your personality, if I talk about this yoga, then it will bring a change in your personality as well. Will bring positive change. You will tend to bring a resolution to society. You want some change and you will speak out for it. Whether some people like this thing or not, you will keep your words. We call this revolutionary yoga, that is, you can understand. According to the revolutionary, you will come forward with a revolutionary ideology. You will also give entry to some enemies in the society and because of that in your life and some people will be seen becoming your followers after being very impressed by you. Now, this combination is going to break on May 17, Mars will go to your twelfth house, and there they will sit in conjunction with the guru. This will be a wonderful combination. At that time, there is a slight agitation with a slightly angry Guru, although Mars is making you Manglik in the 12th house, if you are having conjunction with Jupiter, then you will look a little calm with a benign planet. Although the Lagneesh is sitting outside of you, then as your personality is at this time, it will be seen to be a little affected to keep your words with impunity. Will calm down There will be gentleness in your words, but only a positive sign will remain in your life and you will like this change, maybe this change will come in your behaviour continuously and you will also get to see its far-reaching beneficial results. Your money will be spent on religious works. Your relationship with Dadyal will improve. You will get to see the blessings and guidance of grandparents. Now, along with your Ascendant, Mars is also the eighth lord, and then you will get much better results according to the eighth house. That is, the turbulent life will look a little calm. Sitting on the fourth house of the eighth house from yourself, sitting in the 4th house will also fix you financially a little bit. You can get secret money at this time. Your complicated matters will be seen to be resolved at this time, no matter how much effort they will try, but you will be seen failing them, hoisting the flags of victory in every field. The business class will get a very good profit at this time. At this time you have to keep in mind that your confidential things, your confidential documents, which are any secret things of business are plans, they should not be leaked in front of anyone. Particular attention has to be paid to this point. So at this time, you have to keep these things to yourself. You do not have to share these things even with your most trusted people so that the matter does not leak in some way or the other and you do not see situations of loss. Then after that, you can get a very good profit from your foreign countries. If you have bought any shares of multinational companies or if you have invested in any lottery, then surely this time will give you benefits in that too, then it is the matter of Ashtmesh and Lagnesh. Aries May 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s talk about the second sense. The second lord is your Venus and Venus is being exalted in your 12th house. See, by the way, if any benign planet sits in the house of expenditure, then it does not give such good results, but since Venus is an exception. He will increase your luxury by sitting in the 12th house. Will increase your means of comfort. Your bonding with the family will do very well. If any of your relatives live outside. That is, if you live out of India, then you will have an attachment with them. You will come to them. There will be social events. There will be an increase in social respect and a positive attitude that you have, people will like it and people will be very impressed by your words. You have some money-related disputes at this time. If there is a dispute related to family ancestral property, then it will also be seen being resolved with the help of Venus. Young men and women who are married. For them, you will now see the perfect life partner for marriage and you may get this life partner from out of India. You can find an NRI. Such a possibility also remains an absolute possibility. This is what we told you Mars has become the revolutionary yoga of Saturn, so for those who want to convert love into the culmination of marriage, this combination is very good for those who want to convert love into marriage and since the position of Venus is very good. So now you can convince your family members, you can persuade them. For your love marriage, then all the obstacles in love marriage will be removed at this time. This time will keep the women of the house happy and you can give gifts to the ladies of your house. At this time, the outline of Manglik programs will be seen in the house as well. Now the Venus that we told you about is Dhanesh. Along with that, Venus is also the lord of your seventh house and if the seventh lord is sitting exalted in the 12th house, then this time will end all the problems related to marriage. Although Ketu is sitting in the 7th, sometimes misunderstood can happen in your midst. So the married couple, they have to maintain a little understanding, the ego should not come at all. But these problems will not be big if your relationship is spoiled. If there is a lot of estrangement going on and you want the situation of estrangement to end, then this time will be very positive for you, you will get rid of the situation of estrangement and again you will be seen becoming a melody in the bond of love. . Venus will be exalted in your 12th house till 23rd May after that Venus will come to your ascendant. Even then the results of Venus are going to be very good for you. The merchant class does the work of imitation bangles or does the work of fashion clothing. Works at Fashion Designing. Works for interior decoration. Flowers works. Works as perfume or if you are associated with a travel agency or travelling business. Surely this time will be of great results for you because at this time Venus will sit in the Ascendant and look at its own house, so even when they are exalted, the business class is working in these areas, especially they will get very good benefits. And when Venus will come in the Ascendant, then they will see the place of business, then definitely you can open some new branches of your business. You may be planning to shift your office at this time and who has now taken a small office. If you want to take a big office of yours, then this period is going to be very good for that too. Aries May 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s look at the mighty house, your might is your Mercury, which is also your sixth lord, that is, the lord of disease, then we will talk about these two houses. First, we will talk about the spirit of might. Mercury is sitting in the second place in the house of wealth and Parakresh is sitting in a very friendly place. So there is not much problem, but still, people associated with politics should be very careful. Some such thing or some controversy can happen to you that you would not have even imagined. Small talk will take hold and become very big because you all know that in politics, small things become big and small. That is why whatever politicians are there, you have to move ahead in your political career by being a little careful, especially by keeping a little attention on the words. Do not take out any such thing from your mouth, which will create a big ruckus. Tuning will be good with siblings. But sometimes family disputes can also arise between you. If you do any ancestral business together, then a situation of dispute may arise regarding it. If you are working together then it would be wise to ignore these small things and move forward with each other. At this time you will get success in work related to your hobby. For those who are artists, it will be time to get good fame in the field of art and the lord of disease is also Mercury, who is sitting in the house of wealth, then you may not be able to recognize small things in the nervous system or memory again and again. Such situations can arise. That’s why you have to be a little careful in these matters. For those who are BP patients, it is time to be a little careful. Because BP can fluctuate and sugar patients also need to be more careful at this time. The enemy side will not be able to spoil anything even if it wants. Whatever works are related to money, you should do them yourself. If you rely on someone else, then you may have to suffer losses in those works. You will get very good help from your maternal grandmother. You will be able to see support from them both morally and financially. This is the matter of third place and sixth place.

Now we come to the fourth house, the fourth house of the moon, which changes its speed every two and a half days, so the position of the moon is full of fluctuation. It will not have much negative effect on the financial condition because financially you will remain strong. Situations of expenses may increase or there may be situations of small losses. But you will soon see them balancing and covering. Your tuning in with Maa will seem to be getting better and better. Your emotional connection with them will be seen increasing at this time. At this time any of your work is going to be done, whether it is related to the land, or property related to the house, then there is no need to bring sentimentality in such works with a little care. A person has to be a little practical in his life, so be a little aware of such tasks and if you are going to sign any paper, then first read that paper. After that sign it or else anyone can take advantage of your feelings and can cheat you, then you need to be a little aware of this matter. Time is going to be good for the farmer class. At the same time, for those who work related to milk, dairy and animal husbandry, this time has also brought very good and good profit conditions.

Now comes the fifth house on the fifth house, the Sun and the Sun are currently sitting in your ascendant being exalted for half a month till May 15. The Sun is exalted in the Ascendant is a very good result for students, very good result for getting children, very good result for those who are preparing for government job and very good people who are preparing for medical For them, this time will be very good for the overall students. Especially those students who are studying medicine, those students will get to see their desired results. Although Rahu is sitting which sometimes gives you the wrong decision, the eclipse yoga of Sun Rahu remains, so it confuses you sometimes somewhere, but despite that your hard work can pay off. You have to work hard, the planet is ready to support you. So speed up your efforts, if you have a desire for a job at this time and if you have any exam before May 15, then definitely you will get very good results in it. That exam will be very good for you. Whatever worry you have in your mind related to children, that worry will end and you will also see good news related to getting children at this time. Now after 15th May, the Sun will come in your second place and the second place, the Sun will get better results because Mercury will create the conditions of Budhaditya Yoga and the eclipse yoga of Sun Rahu will end, then those who are business class will get a little. Be careful before May 15. While taking the decision, proceed wisely. For the employed people, there may be a situation of minor problems. After May 15, your work will start and you will also get to see good conditions of profit. You will see the fruits of the hard work that you have done earlier, then you will get to see the wonderful results of the Sun this month. Those who are associated with the literary world, whose writing is very good and who are artists who are moving ahead in their life by making their hobby a profession. For them too, this time will be full of wonderful results. If you are seen putting four moons in fame, then it is a matter of fifth place. Aries May 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now we come to the ninth place, whose master is Guru, who is the lord of the twelfth house and is sitting in the twelfth house as a self-possessed youth who wants to study abroad for higher education. This dream of theirs will be fulfilled this month, for those young girls who want to go out and do jobs, their wish will be fulfilled. You are very close to your goal. To speed up the action. Time will surely support you. Your money will be spent on the works of Dharma, but it will give you inner peace. You can perform religious rituals in your home. They will go out of the way and help the people. Will share knowledge among people. If someone gets confused, then we will work to bring him on the path and you will get success in this difficult task. Your unfinished work will be seen to be completed this month and if Jupiter is sitting in the twelfth house then Guru will control your expenses. A balanced life will be seen making you. You will get a good profit from abroad. Merchant class who do the work of import-export outside. Handigraph work. That is, if you get some money from outside, then you will get a good view of foreign currency this month.

Now come Karmesh and Labesh both are Shani on Karma Bhava and are sitting as self-possessed. Very nice to see. This time is going to be very good, especially for those who are employed now. If good yoga of progress, promotion, promotion and desired transfer remains in your life, then you must take special advantage of this time. Shani is also your benefit, so whatever hard work you do now, you will get better results than your thinking and your imagination. Business-class can increase their work. Can make plans for expansion of work. You will see the new branch opening. If you are the goods owner of a big industry, then you will benefit. Especially the substances that come out of the land, even if you are an agriculturist. Do farming. Do you have agricultural land or are you doing any ironwork? If you have a big factory tomorrow or if you are doing some work related to oil and petroleum, then surely this time will be very supportive for you. You should take advantage of this time. Intensify your karma, you will get to see a lot of your father’s support. Along with this, there will be movement of guests in the house in this month, due to which the atmosphere of the house will appear to be very healthy. The month of May is full of very good results for you. Aries May 2022 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates:- One date, 5th to 11th, 14th to 19th and 22nd to 28th.

Inauspicious dates: – 7th to 9th, 16th, 17th, 25th and 26th.

Lucky Colors: – Yellow, Red, Green and Lemon Yellow.


  • You should keep the Grahan Yog Nivaran Yantra of Surya Rahu in your worship room. Visit them regularly.
  • Offer Argh to the Sun God and you must do the chanting of Rahu after sunset. This will be very beneficial for you.
  • To improve the condition of Mercury, because Mercury is mighty in power and is sitting twelfth from itself, then you should worship Ganapati ji. Meditate on them and offer Modaks to them on Wednesdays. If there are yellow modaks, then they are very good, then you must offer the modak to Ganesh ji and chant the mantra Om Ganapataye Namah.
  • Install Mahamrityunjaya Yantra in your home and worship it daily. Chant this mantra.


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