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Aries March 2023 Horoscope English blog | मेष राशि मार्च राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali

Aries March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Happy Indian New Year to all of you. Today we have brought the information about the monthly horoscope of Aries people for the month of March and this month is very special because two big festivals are coming in this month. The first festival of Holi, which we wait for the whole year. Through colors, we forget all our hatred and complaints and color everyone and these colors should remain in our lives. This is also what we pray to the Lord. This festival of colors teaches us a lot that we should not keep any enmity or any enemy in our life. Enmity should not be kept in our mind for anyone and if colors are not there in our life, then our life will become empty. The second big festival of Chaitra Navratri is coming. The day the Indian New Year will also begin, now let us know about the date of these two festivals and which other festivals are going to come in this month. Pradosh Vrat will be observed on 4th March. On March 6, the festival of Holika Dahan will be celebrated with great pomp and on March 7, the festival of Purnima and Dhulandi will be celebrated. The festival of Sheetla Ashtami will be celebrated on March 15. On March 22, the festival of Chaitra Navratri will be celebrated with great pomp. The Hindu New Year is also going to start from this day and the festival of Gudi Parva will also be celebrated on this day. The festival of Chaitichand will be celebrated on 23rd March. Ramnavami is coming on 30th March and Chaitra Navratras will end on 31st March. Aries March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let us know about how this month is special according to the position of the planets. First of all, let’s talk about the king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his worst enemy sign, Aquarius, and on March 15, he will enter Pisces. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Mercury, then it is currently sitting in Aquarius and on March 16, it will enter Pisces. On March 31, they will again enter Aries. Talking about Mars, it is currently sitting in its friendly sign Taurus and on March 13, it will enter its most enemy sign Gemini. If we talk about the planet Jupiter, it will remain seated in its own zodiac sign Pisces this whole month. The planet Venus is currently exalted in Pisces and will enter its friendly sign Aries on March 12. If we talk about the planet Saturn, then this whole month, being a self-planet, it will remain seated in its original triangle sign, Aquarius. If we talk about the planet Rahu, then this whole month it will be in Aries sign and its equal sign and Ketu is going to be sitting in its equal sign Libra this whole month, so this is the position of its planetary transit. Now let us know about the effect of the positions of these planets on you this month. Aries March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Let us begin with the monthly horoscope for the month of March for Aries people. First of all, let us tell you that the horoscope we are giving you is based on lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac sign and ascendant. Talking about your zodiac lord Mars, he will be sitting in his friendly zodiac sign Taurus in the beginning of this month and on March 13, he will come and sit in your third house. At first they will go and sit one house ahead of themselves, then they will get you very good results. After that, when they go and sit in their third house, that is, when they sit in your might, they will increase your might. At this time, you have to control your anger and aggression and move forward in your life. At this time, you will be seen mesmerizing everyone with your speech. Respect will increase in the family. Any special work can be completed by you at this time. Manglik programs can be outlined at home. If you are looking for your desired life partner for marriage, then this time will surely get you your desired life partner. At this time, the lord of the zodiac is in a very good position, so try to increase your strength, your intelligence and your power a little bit. If you move forward with some new possibilities in business, then your business will also be seen moving forward and you will be seen making great progress and progress in business. There you have the support and co-operation of your brothers and sisters. Will get complete. Your rapport with younger siblings will be very good and strong. Now, apart from being the lord of your zodiac sign, Mars is also your eighth lord and the lord of incontinence is sitting in the seventh house from himself. At this time, the eighth house sitting in the seventh house from you is very good for you because whatever journeys you undertake at this time, you will get to see very good and positive results of those journeys. At this time you have to be careful from your secret enemies. You will need to move forward this month with great care in the work you have to do. At this time, you will also be seen moving towards completing all your unfinished tasks. At this time, if you take any work in hand, then you will be able to complete it. After that, when Mars will sit in your power house, then it will sit in the eighth house from you and after October 13, there may be some difficulty in the journeys that will be done for you. Means your goods can be stolen. If you will not be able to get positive results for yourself, then a little bit of disappointment may arise in you. Do not let despair take place at this time and take a decision after thinking carefully. Avoid taking any decision in haste. Aries March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s go further and know about your second house, the lord of the second house is Venus, which is sitting in your twelfth house. They will also be exalted in the twelfth house and you will see this position of Venus till March 12. Since Venus is your lord and is being exalted in the twelfth house, there is a possibility of getting very good benefits from abroad. There will be an increase in your daily profit, you will be seen doing big deals with foreign companies. If employed people are looking for a job abroad and are already working there, then at this time there are full chances of your progress. You will see full chances of your promotion being created. Now, since Venus will enter its friendly sign Aries on 12th March, and when Venus enters its friendly sign Aries i.e. your zodiac sign, it will also form inertia yoga with Rahu, so at this time you should invest very carefully. To do. Don’t get confused quickly or get involved in someone’s words. You have to go on doing your work very calmly. The calmer you are and the more you take the decision, the more perfect your decision will be and you will get very positive results. On the other hand, since Venus is also the lord of your 7th house and the seventh lord is sitting in its own system. At this time, there can be upheaval in married life regarding something. Although the Guru is sitting together. Venus is on the higher side and till March 12, Venus will remain exalted. But since Ketu is sitting in the seventh house, they can increase some misunderstandings and these misunderstandings are not suitable for married life. That’s why keep good coordination with each other. Listen to each other instead of getting irritated over small things or ego pals with each other. Understand their words because if we do not understand each other in married life then the car of married life can get stuck. Stuck can walk. That’s why try to move ahead by understanding each other. Seventh lord Venus will enter your zodiac sign along with Rahu on 12th March and will also aspect your own house at this time. Venus aspecting your own house will reduce the differences in your married life a little. At this time, we will come close to each other, misunderstanding will end and if there is any misunderstanding, we will try to solve it through dialogue. A good initiative will be taken by you. Same with your life partner, your tuning will be seen getting better. If there are some obstacles in the marriage, then you should keep yourself a little neutral for those obstacles. Wherever we think about our life partner then we think that this should happen, that should happen. Should be But have you ever looked inside yourself and seen that you are as perfect as your expression is for your future life partner. That’s why don’t keep expression. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has shortcomings. That’s why you will take them with you and ignore small things and take a decision, then you will definitely get your desired life partner this time. Aries March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s know about the third place, if we talk about the third house, the third lord is Mercury, which is sitting in your 11th house, that is, in the profit house. Tritiyaesh i.e. Parakramesh sitting in the ninth place from himself, sitting in the sacral place of the Lord of Trika place. You will be seen getting very good results. Since Mercury will sit in a benefic position for half a month, that is, if it sits here till March 16, then your strength, prowess and intelligence will increase. At this time, while taking any decision, you will not move forward in too much haste. At this time, you will also see full support of your siblings. Your wishes will be fulfilled. Ancestral property matters will be settled and its decision will be in your favor. That means there will be sweetness in the relationships. In professional life, this time will definitely provide you with good financial conditions. Mercury will change on March 16 and while changing its zodiac sign, it will appear in your twelfth house and conjunct with Jupiter and the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter at this time will be beneficial in your work, especially for those who are doing work related to foreign countries. This time is going to be very good for you. Then Mercury third will sit in tenth from itself and there will be good growth in work, increase in your might, increase in fame and if you are moving ahead in your profession from your hobby, then you will get to see the circumstances of special benefits at this time, then the result of Mercury You will be seen very well and according to your bravery. Now since Mercury is the lord of your disease and the lord of disease will go and sit in his sales system for half a month. Mercury sitting in this system will not be so good for you. Breathing problems may arise. Stuttering a bit now, forgetting things quickly, a little memory related problem or a problem related to the nervous system or any clot in the body, blood clots, such problems can be caused by Mercury. So be very aware of these problems and if there are patients who are going through these problems, they need special care. The time after March 16 will be good for you because Mercury will enter your twelfth house after changing its zodiac sign and after that it will sit in the twelfth house and look at its own house. At this time, the aspect of Mercury on your house will bring very positive results for you. At this time all the work related to your money will be completed smoothly. You will get freedom from debt situations.

Now let’s go ahead and know about the place of happiness, Sukesh is the Moon which changes quickly, but at this time you will have to proceed very carefully in your work very early in the morning because there will be some disturbances in your work due to the Moon. May arise like taking the wrong decision. Situations of some loss suddenly coming in your life, creating disappointment very quickly on small things, making you alive, such a tendency will definitely arise in you. But you also have to avoid this trend. Increase your power Increase your tolerance power. The better your tolerance, the more you will be able to do your tasks smoothly. Officers will be pleased with your work and will fully support you. At the same time, this time is going to be a very good and very fruitful time for the farmers. At this time you will get some good news related to agriculture.

Now we move forward and know about the fifth house. If we talk about the fifth house, then Sun is the fifth lord, which is sitting in your benefic house and on March 15, after changing i.e. by changing the zodiac sign, it will come in your twelfth house. Will sit down. The transit of Sun in your twelfth house can increase your expenses a little. You should avoid unrestrained expenditure. At this time, the obstacles coming in your career can bother you. But the more restrained you walk, the more career-oriented you will remain. Will be aware of the target. Surely you will be able to achieve your goal. At this time, along with the obstacles coming in your work, you will get good news related to your children. At the same time, people associated with the medical field will get to see special beneficial conditions in their respective areas. So this is the position of the Sun. Aries March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s go ahead and know about the place of fortune, if we talk about Bhagyesh, then Bhagyesh Guru who is going to sit in that house of yours. They are reducing the expenses but are stuck in the works related to luck. Means the tasks in which your luck factor works, those tasks can get stuck. Will have to become more hardworking. The harder you work, the more you will get the result. You should give up relying on luck. At this time, your interest in your religious work will increase. You will be filled with spiritual feelings. A visit to a religious place is possible with the family. Your participation in social programs will increase and you will try to get involved in works like social service. Now, since Jupiter is also the lord of your twelfth house, the lord of expenses is sitting in his own house as self-centered. They will try to reduce your expenses a little. Anyway, Surya will come with Guru. When Mercury arrives, they will be seen controlling your expenses. This time. If you do some work related to foreign countries, such as import-export work, whether any handicraft work is done or any kind of work in which foreign currency comes, then you will get very good results and positive results in such works. Coordination with colleagues will be good and if you work as a team work, then the boss will also be pleased with your work.

Now let’s go further and know about the house of action i.e. about the 10th house, the Lord of the 10th house is Shani, who is sitting in front of his own house and is sitting in the house of profit. The benefit of Shani is to sit in self-interest and being the lord of action, sit one house ahead of him. In both these circumstances, you will get to see the results of Shani very wonderful and good. Some tasks of the job have remained incomplete. At this time, they will become prosperous at a fast pace. The problems coming in the works will end. You will get a lot of support from the officers. will get. You will also be seen getting the company and companionship of your father at this time. At this time, if there is any result of the student class, then that result will be positive for you. Your hard work in studies will pay off and you will be seen to be successful in achieving the goal which you had set for yourself. So you will get very good results of Shani at this time. Now, since Shani is the lord of your benefic house, the presence of lord in his own house will be seen to increase your profits progressively. Your circumstances of accidental profit will be strong. At this time, the work will be seen to be completed at a fast pace. There is a problem in work and problems will also appear to be ending from your life, then this time will be seen to be increasing progressively in your profit. You will see very good results of Shani if you will see making the conditions of profit better and better. Especially those who do work related to petroleum products or are grocery traders or have any big agricultural work. If any big machinery work is yours then definitely you will decide the success. So this was the monthly horoscope for the month of March for Aries people. Aries March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates: – 1st date, 2nd date, 6th date, 7th date, 11th date, 12th date, 15th date, 20th date, 24th to 31st date.

Inauspicious dates :- 3 to 5 date, 8 to 10 date, 13, 14, 21, 23 date.

Lucky Colours:- Red Maroon and Rani.


  • You should worship Mars.
  • Worship Hanuman ji by going to the temple on every Tuesday and offer Bundi prasad to him.
  • You should not take anything on loan, i.e. free of cost, at all.
  • If you have your own garden, plant a pomegranate tree on Tuesday and water it.
  • While doing any important work, keep a red handkerchief with you.

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