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Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog | मेष राशि मार्च राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali


Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog


So come, we will solve your every problem. Hello. Today we are presenting in front of you the monthly horoscope of Aries for March, so first of all let us know which special fasts and festivals are coming in this month. First of all, on 1st March, the biggest festival of Bholenath i.e. the festival of Mahashivratri is coming and like every year, this year also the rituals of Mahashivratri and special worship will be organized among us in the world, so a maximum number of part of this ritual. Be and all of you will get the blessings of Bholenath along with us. You all are my family and we want my entire family to get the benefit of this worship with us. Shukla Paksha of Falgun month is starting on 3rd March and Holashtak is starting on 10th March. If no auspicious work is done after Holashtak, then Holashtak is starting, on March 17, the festival of HolikaDahan will be celebrated with great pomp and this festival of colours is especially very dear to us and with great gaiety in our year of India. is celebrated. Dhulendi festival i.e. Holi of colours will be played on March 18. Sheetlashtami fasting will be observed on 25th March, so here are some special fasts and festivals which make this month even more special. Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog



Now let’s move on and know how the position of the planet will be in this month because you all know that monthly horoscope is given only on the position of the planets, so first of all, knowing about the king of planets, the Sun, which is currently in even zodiac He is seated in Aquarius and on March 15, he will enter his very friendly zodiac sign Pisces. You are the fifth lord and sitting in the spending house of the Sun will bring a slight reduction in your expenses. Expenses for the Sun will also be found in the house. Since the planet Mercury is currently sitting in your enemy sign Capricorn, then Mercury has had two zodiac changes, first on March 6, it will sit in its friend’s zodiac sign Aquarius and for almost the whole month, it will be sitting in Aquarius again on March 24. and will sit in its debilitated zodiac sign Pisces. After that, the time is going to be very careful, during its horoscope, Mars will tell you that the entire Maha, who is also your zodiac lord, will be sitting exalted in Capricorn, that is, the sitting of the zodiac lord being exalted will add to your personality. will appear to have happened. The planet Jupiter will remain in its friendly zodiac sign Aquarius for the whole month. The planet Venus is currently sitting in its even sign Sun Capricorn and on March 31, the last day after the end of the whole month, if it enters Aquarius, then the results of Venus will be seen according to the way it is sitting in Capricorn. The planet Saturn will remain in Capricorn for the whole month. Rahu will reside in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio. Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog

, Now let us know what is the effect of the position of this planetary transit on you this month. If you will get to see this month, then first of all let’s talk about the lord of the zodiac, which is also the owner of your personality sense of Mars, this zodiac gives fruit. If it is equally effective according to both the ascendant and the zodiac, then the sitting of your zodiac lord in exaltation will be seen in your personality as we mentioned earlier. All your work will be a smooth dream. This time will be very good and give good results for the people associated with the technical field, but Mars will be seen increasing your anger and aggression a little more and doing exalted. You have to control your anger and aggression a little, as much as you will use patience and restraint in your relationships. Will do it in family life or professional life. You will go on setting the dimensions of success in your life, so do not let anger and aggression become a hindrance in your life. You will get very good cooperation from Dayal. Dada and Dadi’s blessings will be there and your tuning with your step will also be worth watching. At the same time will be very good and prosperous for the people associated with the same police force. Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog

Now comes the second house lord Venus, who is also the seventh lord and is sitting in your tenth house, although Venus is sitting in the centre, saturn is sitting with Venus and Mars is also self-gracious and Mars is exalted so two cruel Sitting in Venus with strength, Venus should get results like a benign planet. You will be seen being affected by the fact that you will not get Venus. For example, if a gentleman is made to sit between the nostrils, then he is not able to give his results according to his desired circumstances. Similarly, you will get to see the same condition of Venus, at this time, keep away from disputes related to ancestral property. Be neutral in your work. Whatever you like, you should also be able to express those feelings in your mind. In the family, you will go to do good to someone and that person will take back your words and a little respect, so at this time you have to do the same thing. You speak thoughtfully and weigh yourself, we don’t need to give useless advice to any person, we are giving advice to all, but you did not know how that person would react, so you have to walk using your words very thoughtfully. . With any relative in the family, do not let the situations of dispute arise at this time. Panipat Garbage You have to control, the more you control, the more you will go on achieving success. Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog

Now Venus is also your seventh lord, so the results of the seventh house also tell you that since Venus is the seventh house, then misunderstanding about something in married life, at this time a third person can come between your people. At this time you will feel attraction towards someone else. But you have to take this time very carefully and carefully in your life. You will also go to do good to your life partner, but he will also oppositely take that good of yours. Negativity can build up between these two, so take their feelings and both of them move forward in life, only then you will get success in married life and you will find your relationship sweet in a love relationship. At this time you too can have more than one affair. That is why you will not be able to live up to any relationship because of the attraction you will have on more than one side. At this time, the business class should also be a little careful. Take any decision, take the advice of your family members or an experienced person and especially those who work in boutiques who do fashion work, do fashion plotting work. Imitation has been doing any work of this level of jewellery, perfume or decorative items or interior decoration or you do the work of food supply. If you do the work of food supply or restaurant and hotel, then one wrong decision of yours can spoil your work by contacting too much. Can harm you, so be a little careful. Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog

Now coming to the third-place i.e. on the third house, the lord of the third house, Mercury, is going to change the zodiac twice this month. Mercury is currently sitting in Capricorn, which is his enemy sign and on March 6, ie at the beginning of the month, he will enter his friend’s zodiac sign Aquarius. Mercury will sit in Aquarius and sit in the ninth sign from itself, that is, going to the ninth from yourself and sitting in the house of profit, you will get very good results of Mercury, if it is with the Sun, then along with the Sun will also create Budhaditya Yoga. At this time, if you are sitting only ninth from yourself, then it will increase your might, will increase your reputation, will increase your influence on people, will increase your sixth sense and will increase intelligence. You will get to see very good results of Mercury at this time, but don’t be too confident and become loved by people because on March 24, Mercury will change the zodiac and sit in the debilitating signs of Pisces, then he will get the wrong decision. Will take your might in the opposite direction and at this time will increase your unnecessary wastage i.e. expenses. So be careful with a bit. This time will not be so good for you, instead of your profit, you will see more number of losses. Because Mercury is a benign planet and sits in expenses, then it can increase your expenses uncontrollably, so be a little careful. By the way, as long as Mercury is sitting in your 11th house, you will see success in politics as well. Tuning with siblings will be great. Your differences with them will end. Now Mercury is the lord of your seventh house along with the third house, so the seventh lord will sit in the house of profit, that is, the seventh lord will sit in the seventh house, although no planet in the house of profit gives good results, the seventh lord will sit in his seventh house. At this time, if you forget something related to the 9 system or suddenly, or if the problem of migraine can promote such problems, then you have to be a little careful at this time. The period till March 24 and even after that, the seventh lord is becoming debilitated and goes and sits in the house of expenses. Although you will sit seventh from yourself and look at your own house, seeing the debilitated Mercury on your house can increase your diseases uncontrollably. You will have to tread a little carefully, if you are already struggling with health-related problems, then you should be very careful in your actions at this time in the enemy. Will try to interrupt. If you will not get the results of the system sense so well, then you should be a little careful of your enemies as well. Keep your self-confidence a little bit secret to yourself. Do not get distracted by small things, this thing is the best, the more balanced you go, the more balanced you will be able to defeat your opponents and get success in your life. At this time, do not take risky tasks in your hands, take special care of your maternal side as well, that is, even from your maternal grandmother, feelings of concern may arise in your mind about the health of your maternal grandparents. Take care of them too so that if you get the blessings of elders, then you will get success everywhere in your life. Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog

Now come to the fourth house i.e. if we talk about a dry place in a dry place, then dry is the moon which is going to give you very good results this month. There are some risk results in life because the Moon changes its location in two and a half days, so when the Moon sits with Rahu along with Ketu and with the Sun, then it can bring harm. Being with Saturn can also bring situations of loss, but when you sit with Jupiter on Mars, you will sit with Mercury. If you sit with Venus, then you will get to see the good results of the Moon. Oral In your pleasures, your relationship with the mother of the devotees will be very good and strong. Your problems will be revealed during this time. The financial condition will sometimes be full of situations. If you look at the Orol graph, your financial condition will be stable. At this time, if you do any work related to property, then at that time you should move ahead by looking at the position of the moon a little. Lest you buy or sell a property at the wrong time and after that, your property gets stuck badly or if you do not get your money, then your money gets stuck, then you have to be careful about these things for the whole year. Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog

Now comes the fifth house on the fifth house, the Sun is the fifth house, which will sit in your spending place on March 15 from Aquarius i.e. from your profit house. Let us tell you in the results of profit house that till March 15, you will get great because Panchmesh is looking at his own house. Medical students will get good benefits at this time. Similarly, if you have to prepare for any government job, then your chances will be seen getting stronger in that too. This time is going to be a very good time for those associated with the business of electronics. For those who do business with gold, this time will be very good for them. This time will also be beneficial for the students. You will also be ready to achieve your goal and will achieve your goal. At the same time, this time is also going to be very wonderful for the people associated with literature. Now after March 15, when the Sun goes to its friendly sign Pisces, if a benign planet sits in the spending place, then it does not get good results, but the cruel planet Sun will bring a reduction in expenses. You will be saved from unnecessary expenses, which is one of your distractions at this time, like other things, I can eat potatoes and onions in food, I can do this in today, it will end, your concentration in studies will increase, whatever is the concern from the side of the child. She will be seen moving away from you and if the child grows and wants to move forward in her career, if she wants to go out and do something abroad, then those paths of your children will also be seen roaming. Many officers will be seen meeting outside to work.

Now if we talk about the eighth house, because I have given you the results of the seventh and seventh house, if the eighth lord is also your ascendant, you will get very good results, although Ketu is sitting in the eighth, Ketu in the eighth will benefit you by spending on religious activities. Will give you the conditions. The journey will be yours, it will either be related to the programs of religious deeds, public welfare or whatever travels you undertake will be pleasant and auspicious for you, that is, you will get the best results of your zodiac lord. Mars is getting exalted and you will get to see very wonderful results if Mars is exalted throughout this month. The problems or situations of stagnation that you used to feel in daily routine life, those situations of stagnation will end now. Your works will continue to be proved during this time. But invest wisely. While investing, you do not have to adopt haste, especially keep this in mind. Avoid investing in wrong activities. Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog

Now let’s talk. You will get to see the results of a very good guru sitting in the house of fortune i.e. the ninth house of fortune, going to your third meeting. Anyway, the conjunction of Sun and Jupiter is happening, it is going to be very good and beneficial for those people who are waiting for the result of the gourmet job or are waiting for an interview if your interview is going to be yours. This month, strong chances of your selection will be visible. You will get the best results of the past, you will earn good profits. Your fame will increase during this time. This time will also give you success in tasks like property share market, while you will get success in whatever work you put in your hands. The list of unfinished tasks will become small, that is, if your work continues to be completed smoothly, then you will get to see the best results of the guru this month. Now Guru is also the lord of your spending house, so it is not so good for the lord of spending house to sit outside himself, but it can bring a little profession in expenses. But since the Sun will go and sit in your spending house after March 15, then they will be seen balancing things a bit, then you will get to see the mixed results of Jupiter and Sun. Your understanding will be in this that you have to determine and divide your budget in an organized way. Divide your budget by dividing your amount and liquidity and then you will not face any kind of problem. This time is not good for those of you who are associated with the field of management who do consultancy work. Slight ups and downs in your field of work by moving you from high concentration. this time I will show you, while the time for the employed people, be a little careful, walk like teamwork with co-workers, do not think that I should work alone. I will get success alone, you will not get success, so your co-workers took Pulik with them. Work like teamwork only then you will be seen earning success.

Now let’s come to the tenth house, the place of karma is determined by this tenth house, and this is also the place of the father, so the lord of this house is Shani, who is sitting in his own house and sitting in his own house, the combination of Saturn and Mars. Revolutionary yoga is also happening, this time is going to be the best for those young girls who want to do love marriage, because the revolutionary yoga of Saturn Swagrahi Mars High, you move ahead with the ideology of social change, listen and do your mind. If you achieve fame based on hard work and achieve everything, then this time will be very beneficial for you. You will get to see the best results of Shani at this time. Success will go on in the works. your work. You will continue to prosper and will get the guidance and support of the father, if there was a misunderstood going on between the two of you, then it will appear to be clear, whatever you do, if you work related to the justice process or work related to oil, she will be able to use mineral substances. If you do work, that is, work related to the minerals coming out of the land, then surely this time will show the circumstances of special benefit to the people associated with these initiatives and anyway there is a conjunction of Saturn and Mars, so I told you earlier the ascendant of the ascendant. Sitting through the police force, the time is going to be great for the IPS IAS officers, while those who are in any department based on high administrative posts, will get very good benefits. That is, at this time, if you are looking for the desired transverse, then your chances of promotion may be made, you will get to see your best in coordination with the officials. Your performance will be your best. Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog

Now come on the house of profit, but even if the lord is sitting outside himself, but since Saturn sits as a self-gracious, then there will be a progressive increase in the sessions of profit. Now, this Shani has been sitting in Capricorn for a long time, but in your benefic house, the Budhaditya yoga of Sun and Mercury is also being formed. Since it is sitting in the benefic house and the results of every planet in the 11th house are good, you will get to see very good results of Jupiter as well. This time will be very good for the business class. You can plan something new in the business. You can think of opening some new branches of your business, but do not rush to get down with planning can get. You will get very good profit in the stock market, while you will also get success in the lottery. Works on trading site. If you do crypto work, if you have made any investment related to cryptocurrency, then this time will get you the conditions of the best profit, if we talk about the role prediction of this month, then the month is very good for Aries. You are getting negative results of just Mercury, which is giving the best results, so we have to go ahead with some measures as well. Aries March 2022 Horoscope Mesh Rashi English blog

Good Dates :- 1st to 3rd, 6th to 13th, 16th to 22nd and 25th to 27th.

Bad Dates :- 4th 5th 14th 15th 23rd 24th and 31st

Good colour :- pink and red.


  • On Wednesday, you have to worship the elder Ganesha. The debtor must recite Ganesh Stotra as he saves us from debt situations.
  • On Friday, you have to recite Shri Sukta sitting in front of the idol of Maa Lakshmi, with Ganeshji Yoga and Riddhi Siddhi auspicious benefits written in front of them. With this lesson, all your wishes will be fulfilled and the negative results of Mercury and Venus coming into your life will also become positive. All the problems in life will end and you will see a positive change in your life.
  • If possible on Friday, do not consume salt.
  • Feed green fodder to cows on Wednesday.


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