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Aries January 2022 Horoscope English Blog | Nidhi Shrimali


Aries January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Today we are presenting to you the monthly horoscope of Aries for January. It is the first month of the year and some special fasts and festivals are also going to come in the first month, about which we know first, after that we will move forward, first of all, the new year is starting on 1st January itself and along with it the monthly Shivratri is also coming, a very good coincidence is being made on this day as well as on Saturday, so worship of Bhole Shankar will get special benefit on this day. This will please Shani Dev. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is coming on 9th January. Swami Vivekananda Jayanti is coming on 12th January. On January 14, the festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated with great pomp. On this day the Sun will move from Dakshinayana to Uttarayan. The festival of Pongal is also celebrated on this day as well as the festival of Lohri is also celebrated with great pomp. Our national festival Republic Day is coming on 26 January, so this is some special fast and festival which we will get to see this month. Aries January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

The king of planets, Sun, is currently sitting in Sagittarius, which is his most friendly sign, and on January 14, he will enter Capricorn, which is his most enemy sign, from Sagittarius. Mercury is present in the planet and Capricorn, and throughout this month and till March 5, they will be sitting in the Capricorn which is their enemy sign. The planet Mars is currently sitting in the sign of Scorpio as its own and on January 16, Mars will change its zodiac sign and will be sitting in its very friendly zodiac, Sagittarius. The planet Jupiter will remain in the sign of Aquarius, which will remain in his friend’s sign, for the whole month. The planet Venus will remain in its friendly sign Sagittarius for the whole month and Saturn will remain self-gratified in Capricorn, forming a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash. If Rahu is going to be sitting in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio sign this month, then this planet is in transit which we will get to see in the first month of the year.

What is the result of this planetary transit, what effect will be seen in your daily life? This month we will see about it, now we know about it, then we move ahead and start. Monthly Horoscope of Aries for the first month of the year i.e. the month of January, first of all, talk about your zodiac lord, who is the lord of the personality of Mars, sitting in the eighth house and sitting in self-gratitude, along with Ketu, who is on Mars and If you are making it more effective, then at this time your personality will be seen to be very bearing. At this time you will take your decision very quickly. Your enemies will not be able to harm you even if you want, you will be seen earning success in every field. Especially if you are from the line of engineering, related to the mining department or doing any work related to mineral materials, then you will get very good success this month. On January 16, Mars will change its zodiac sign from Scorpio to Sagittarius, and even there the results of Mars will be seen very well because the Ascendant is going to sit in the place of fortune and Venus, the lord of wealth in the place of fortune. If you are sitting in conjunction with him, then the combination of both Dhanesh and Ascendant will increase your wealth. The financial situation will get stronger, but at this time you have to take special care of one thing. Since Mars is powerful when the person is strong, it makes the person a little aggressive and angry, you express your opinion freely. But many times it goes negative for us, so take special care that your words should not harm your work. No one’s mind should be hurt and work should not be spoiled. Just if you take care of this, then you will get to see the best results of Mars this month. Aries January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Talking about the lord of wealth, i.e. Venus, he is going to sit in your destiny. From 16th January onwards they will make conjunction with your Ascendant. You will get to see very good results of the lord of your wealth in this whole month. Your luck will increase, your unfinished work will be completed smoothly. Obstacles coming in your work will be removed. The stalemate will end. Some big work was stuck for a very long time and if you try to end the situations of stagnation in it, then that work will now be completed successfully for you. At this time, you will also be associated with the works of religious deeds, but Rahu is sitting in the second house, which creates a situation of confusion somewhere. Somewhere you confuse the person, if you do not leave the disputes related to ancestral property at this time, then it will be more appropriate for you because too much if you have given too much importance to something or you thought that this thing is in my favour. If you have a lot of over-confidence, then you can spoil the work that you have made. That is why at this time extra thinking, extra fear and too much confidence can prove to be harmful to you. Proceed with a little patience. Aries January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

The lord of the third house is Mercury which is situated in Capricorn and Saturn is also situated in Capricorn. The combination of might and karmesh is happening and it is going to increase your might. At this time, the fifth sight of Guru is also falling on your third place, which will increase your might progressively. At this time your honour and respect will be at their peak, fame will increase. If you are associated with any such work in which your work can increase more with your love i.e. artist, film actor, this time will increase respect and fame for the people associated with all those fields. Your videos can go viral on social media. On social media, you can dominate on the strength of your art, that is, your fame will be seen shining brightly. For people associated with politics, this time will be very good and full of successful results, then increase in work related to intelligence, if you are doing any work, then you will get success in that too and your dominance will increase. This time is going to be very beneficial for you and will bring progress. Your happiness will also increase and your relationship with your mother will increase as well as every person will be rich in your attractive personality. At this time, you will not have to face any kind of problems in buying every new property and buying the endorsement of the property. At this time, your financial condition will also be advanced, but your mind will remain a little fickle, if you do not feel like doing one work, leaving one work incomplete and then completing other work, such a tendency can come in you, then bring a little stability in your life. Concentrate a little and go ahead with your work.

Now let’s talk about the fifth place of the fifth house, then the fifth lord is your Sun, which will change the zodiac on January 14 and enter Capricorn from Sagittarius, they will sit on the fifth house from the fifth house till January 14, will increase your luck. Time will be great for students. There is going to be a special achievement for the students associated with the medical line. At this time you will have travels and those journeys will be efficient and happy for you, whatever purpose you travel for, that journey will lead you to new steps of success. At this time, if you want to accomplish a particular task or you want to achieve proficiency in a particular work, then this time will be very helpful for that too. After January 14, the Sun will sit with Saturn and Mercury and will conjunct and even if the Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury will be formed in your place of work, you will get very good success in your career. At this time the obstacles coming in the career will be removed. If you are looking for a job, then that search will end now. This time will be very good and prosperous for working youth. Will increase profit conditions may increase salary. At this time the chance of your increment will also be visible. Aries January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

The lord of disease is Mercury, who is sitting in the karmic house, in conjunction with Saturn and the Sun in the karmic house, the disposition of Mercury will also reduce your diseases progressively at this time. This time will generate health benefits in your work in your diseases, that is, if health-related problems were going on, then you will get freedom from those problems. Mercury, the lord of disease, is sitting in his fifth and sitting in the fifth, if there is any disease related to your nervous system or if you have any problem related to memory or if you have to go through any kind of health-related problem. Will get rid of all those problems as well as the enemy side will not be able to harm you at this time. You will be seen defeating your enemies with your intelligence and tact. If there is any work related to money, then you will get success in it, at the same time, you will also get rid of debt. If you have a loan on you, then at this time you will also get rid of the loan. Aries January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now coming to the seventh house, then the seventh lord is sitting in the fateful place of Venus. Your luck will increase during this time. The ninth vision of the guru will fall on your seventh house and this is the ninth vision of the guru, because of this, if you are related to your spouse, if you work in his name, then you are doing any work with him in his name. If you are investing then definitely you will get to see great profit in it.

If you are unmarried and are going to get married, then you will get lucky after marriage. The fate of your life partner will be associated with you and after marriage, the dreams which were about your career were about your life, those dreams will be seen being fulfilled. You will also get good profit in business. Traders of clothes will get good profit Imitation jewellery traders, Interior decorations if you are involved in fashion designing, decorative balls if you work, perfume, flowers if you work, scented substances This time will be very good and prosperous for all those businessmen who work as food, restaurant and hotel. Your work will get very good growth at this time. Aries January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Within the eighth house, the eighth lord Mars and Ketu are sitting in your house, which is also your ascendant and you are also the lord of your zodiac, so Mars and Ketu visiting here will systematically organize your daily routine life. At this time your bad deeds will start to happen. Your investments that were stuck will now be released to you, from which you will get the money back, but at this time you do not have to do any risky work. Avoid making any big investments. If you do not invest in the share market, gambling, betting, lottery in any such work, it will be fine for you. Honestly keep moving your car as your life’s car is going normally. Secret enemies will not be able to spoil anything even after wanting, they will try to down you socially. You will be disturbed in your workplace, but you will be seen defeating them with your intelligence and tact, but at this time you have to give up laziness and complete your tasks standing by yourself and without talking to anyone, do not become a part of the debate at all. . After January 16, when your Ashtmesh will go one house ahead of itself. All the obstacles coming in your life will be removed. People associated with the field of marketing will see very good gains at this time. Bhagyesh Guru, who is sitting in the house of profit, but sitting in the house of the beneficence of the Guru, is the lord of the place of fortune, then the Guru is going to give you very good results. Guru will increase your fortune and will increase your knowledge. This time will connect you with spirituality. Your interest in religious activities will increase. You will be seen outlining religious rituals in your home. You will actively participate in religious rituals, due to which your respect and stature in society will be seen increasing more. You can also be honoured at this time. This time is going to be very good for the youth who are looking for jobs. Your job search will be over. If the stuck work continues to be completed smoothly, then this time will appear to make your luck more bright, for those students who are doing any study related to management, this time is very good for those students of higher education and their students. The goal will be achieved. Lord Shani, the lord of Karma Bhava, is sitting in the Karma place, Mercury is also sitting with him and after January 14, Sun will come to the Karma place and will make Budhaditya Yoga of Sun-Mercury. Where Saturn sits, it increases the house, it will increase your work. Will increase the problems faced in the work. Shani makes you work hard, with your hard work, you will also be seen achieving good results. Your work will be completed smoothly during this time. At this time, making a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash, going to the centre and sitting in the place of action, then this time will be very good, prosperous for you. Your officers will also look happy with you at this time. Chances of promotion will be visible to you and govt. Those who are on the job will get the full support of the officers. govt. The obstacles coming into the job will also go away for you at this time. The time will be very good for the merchant class, especially those who do agricultural work, that is, the time will be very good for those who are farmers and who do grocery business, oil business, stone, mineral business. For all of them too, this time will be fruitful. Sitting in the karmic house while making a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash of Labhash Shani will also increase your profit conditions progressively. At this time your level and circle will increase, some such people will join you in the level and circle, who will be seen becoming a source of inspiration for you in the coming time, helping you in your life path in your business and giving you good profit situations. Social honour and fame will be seen spreading all around. The situation of your estrangement with your brother-in-law in the house will also end and you will also get to see good benefits from these members at this time. Aries January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

The lord of the spending house is the guru, who is sitting outside himself, for a bit, at this time you have to control the expenses. However, a lot of your life will be spent only in spiritual works and that expenditure done in those words will never hurt any person. That is why spending on such works will only get you the fruits of virtue in your life. Will help you in making this birth worthwhile. At this time you may have a tie-up with a foreign company. Your dream of working abroad can be fulfilled at this time while travelling abroad will make you more prosperous. If you have a dream to work abroad, then this time will support you very well. At the same time, this time is also going to be good for the employed people, but at this time you will have to keep pace with your colleagues, only then you will be seen achieving success in your life, so this was the first month of the year of Aries. The monthly horoscope for January. Aries January 2022 Horoscope English Blog


  1. First of all your zodiac lord is Mars, so you must worship Hanuman ji.
  2. Be sure to offer paan to Hanuman ji on Tuesday.
  3. Makar Sankranti which is coming on 14th January, the charity has its special importance on this day, therefore, black sesame laddus which are made from jaggery, then definitely donate these laddus to the needy people. Also, distribute warm clothes among the needy people. You must do this work on the day of Makar Sankranti. With this, the grace of Shani Dev will be on you. You will get the blessings of Lord Bhole Shankar, along the problems coming in your life will be removed and you will be seen moving towards economic progress.

We are telling you the common remedies, so whenever you do these measures, you are going to get very good benefits from these measures. There are many Aries people, common remedies have been given for all of them. If you want to know what kind of planetary conditions are being created in your life and what are the yogas. In January and many more months to come, if you have some questions in your mind about your future, then you want to get answers. So that you can set new dimensions of progress and success in your life, then you can get the benefit of horoscope analysis.

Stay healthy stay cool and keep smiling always. Once again a very Happy New Year to all of you.

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