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Aries Horoscope August 2022 



Hello, welcome, We have once again appeared before all of you. Taking the monthly horoscope of August and this month remains very special every year because many fasts and festivals come together in August.
Lets know about them. Firstly, on August 2, the festival of Nag Panchami will be celebrated with great pomp. After that Putrada Ekadashi is coming on 8th August. Putrada Ekadashi is going to be special for those couples who want to have children and are unable to get children. They must worship Lord Krishna on the day of Putrada Ekadashi. August 11 is the festival of Raksha Bandhan, which is a symbol of love between brothers and sisters. Shravan month will end on 12th August and Kajali Teej is coming on 14th August, the special festival of honeymooners. Independence Day is on 15th August, which is the biggest festival in our country. Krishna Janmashtami is coming on 18th August. The festival of Goga Navami will be celebrated on 20 August. August 23 will be the day to start Bach, Baras and Paryushan. In Bach Baras, mothers worship cows and calves for the long life of their children. On August 30, the festival of Hartalika Teej will be celebrated with great pomp and August 31 is the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, so we will get to see many of these festivals this time in August. Aries Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now let’s move ahead and know how this month is going to be important according to the transit of the planet and it is very important to see how. Talking about the Sun, the king of planets, he is currently sitting in his very friendly zodiac sign Cancer and on August 17, he will be sitting in his zodiac sign Leo Leo by becoming self-occupied, then the Sun, who is the king of the planets, will be in his zodiac. are about to come. Then talk about Mercury, which is currently sitting in its even sign Cancer. On August 1 i.e. on the first day of the month, they will enter their even zodiac sign Leo and on August 21, they will be exalted in Virgo, that is, in their zodiac, they are also exalted and self-gratified. Huh. Will sit there. Talking about Mars, he is currently sitting in his zodiac sign Aries and will enter his friend sign Taurus on 10th August. The planet Jupiter will be sitting in its zodiac sign Pisces as a self-gracious person for the whole month. Talking about Venus, he is currently sitting in his very friendly sign Gemini and on 7th August he will enter his even sign Cancer and on 31st August he will enter his Leo sign. Talking about Shani, he will remain in his zodiac sign Capricorn and will remain self-gratified for the whole month. Rahu will be sitting evenly and Ketu is going to be sitting in his equal sign Libra for this whole month, so this is the condition of this planetary transit in this month. Now the conditions of these planets are being created and the positions of the planets are very special because this month the Sun is becoming self-occupied. Mercury is getting exalted, and Jupiter is self-occupied. Saturn is self-occupied. Mars, which is still in its sign, is forming Angarak Yoga with Rahu. Sitting in your zodiac, your zodiac is the lord. If they come one house ahead of themselves, then this Angarak Yoga will be broken. We will get to see the Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury, but many situations are going to be very favourable this month. That is, this month is very important for all zodiac signs. Now how will the people of Aries get the benefit of this? If you know about it, then let’s start. Monthly Horoscope for August for Aries.

First of all, you will talk about your zodiac lord who is Mars. It is equally influential according to both your zodiac sign and ascendant. First of all, let’s talk about your zodiac lord Mars, which is currently sitting in your zodiac sign, but Rahu is sitting together and forming Angarak Yoga and on August 10, your zodiac lord will enter his friend zodiac Taurus. So your zodiac lord which we can also call Lagnesh. At the beginning of the month, we will sit one house ahead of the ascendant. This will bring good improvement in your personality. An Aggression Anger is your tendency to spoil things, get ready to fight, and the work gets stuck in the making. Now you will get rid of these situations. Mars Swaghari was increasing your power to anger your forwardness, but along They’ll get better. At this time your tuning will be seen to be much better than that of your family members. You will be full of spiritual feelings and your interest in religious activities will be seen increasing at this time. Now, since Mars is your lord and ascendant as well as your eighth lord, then according to the eighth house, the results of Mars will be good because Mars is looking at its own house. That is, going to the second house, the seventh sight of Mars is falling on the eighth house and due to the sight of Mars on the eighth house, at this time you will try to beautify your house. That is, the ups and downs that were going on in your daily routine at this time will end. However, at this time you have to be careful while driving. And you have to be a little careful about blood disorders, because boils, pimples, problems related to blood disorders, BP sugar, these problems can be seen by you this month, so be a little careful about it. Money can be earned from this. Discussions of your bravery can be everywhere. Secret enemies will be seen coming to an end and you will be seen hoisting the flags of victory in every area of ​​your life, then Mars if you are going to get very good and best results of your zodiac lord. Aries Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now we come to the second house, that is, the house of wealth, if we talk about the second place, then the lord of the second house, Venus, who is sitting one house ahead of himself. On 7th August, Venus, the lord of wealth will move to a happy place while changing the zodiac and there Venus will increase your happiness. Also, on 31st August i.e. at the end of the month, they will sit in your fifth house. That is, for the whole month, Venus will sit in your happy place, which will increase your luxury in your happiness. At the same time, your respect in the family will also increase. Your attractive personality will please everyone and will try to keep the ladies of the house happy. If you are unmarried, then you will be seen getting the relations of marriage. A Manglik program can be outlined at home and at this time you will be seen trying to travel abroad, that is, trying to fulfil your desires while planning for traveling outside. Now since Venus is in your seventh house along with being the second lord and the lord of the seventh house is sitting in a happy place. It is very good to sit in the centre of the owner of the centre itself, at this time your expectations will increase a lot from your life partner and they will also fulfil your aspirations. The bonding will be great. Understanding will increase at this time and in married life if you have not progressed yet. That is, if you are unmarried, then you will get full happiness of married life. The bond of marriage will be visible this month. In this, you have to not let your wrong lovers take a place in your midst. Doubt, mistrust of each other, if such tendency comes anywhere in your mind, then discard it. If you leave this tendency, then you will be able to take this relationship forward with confidence. The business class will get good profit in business, but you have to do individual business. You don’t have to work in partnership. If you are starting a new work then do not do partnership. If you are already doing business, then at this time you will have to do all the work by taking your partner’s feelings into their confidence. No misunderstood should come between you two, otherwise, a good partnership can break down and it can also affect your business. Now if you want to start a business, then what to do, those who want to start their own new business, can do related work with Venus. That is, for perfume flower cards, travel business, tiffin service, packaged food or restaurant jewellery, cosmetic parlour and decorative pieces, you can do any such work related to Venus or if you are in Any art no matter what you do. So Chinese music should be your art. Whether you sing songs, are a singer or your painting is your art of sketching. If any such art is inside you, then you can earn a lot from that art, then feel free to try to do your work. Aries Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now let’s move on to the third place which is considered to be the spirit of might, we talk about that place, he is the owner of that place. Mercury will enter its summer zodiac, Leo, on the 5th of the month itself. Mercury entering Leo is very good for you with this, the Angarak Yoga of Mars Rahu, you were suffering from its loss. Now you will get rid of that loss. Your personality will become very good and powerful. Your personality will have an impact on everyone. Everyone will listen and understand your words. If the relationship with Dadihal was spoiled then Growth, the support and cooperation of siblings and your expectations will be met by your siblings. At this time you will side with the property-related dispute. Will try to strengthen the relationship. You will give importance to your desires, while Mercury will also give you good benefits for your students in the technical field of commerce. Your expectations will be fulfilled this time. There will be an increase in wealth and on August 21, when Mercury will be exalted in your sixth house i.e. Virgo, which is his sign, then you will see the results of Mercury even more good and spectacular. Whatever work you have left unfinished, that work will be completed at a fast pace and you will see the full support of your family in doing those work. Your hold in politics will increase. Mercury is cheap for you and we told you that on August 21, your sixth will sit in the outermost position. You will have to be a little aware of fever-related problems this month. There could be a problem. There may be a problem with memory. Hair can fall a lot. Especially women have to be very aware of this matter. If there is a problem of slight hair fall, then immediately consult a doctor or whatever treatment you can do. Try reducing your hair fall with home remedies. At this time you have to be aware of your desires. You will have to consciously complete the works related to money and money. At the same time, the enemy side will try in every way to interfere in your work. But if you use your tact, your intelligence, then surely you will be seen conquering all your enemies. The time after this is going to be very wonderful for you. The great difficulties which are there in imparting education will be removed. Students will get their desired result. Health will improve, money related work will be done with caution. People associated with the IT field will see the sum of promotion increments being made. You will get to see the full support and support of the boss and the enemy side will end on its own, then these circumstances will be seen by Mercury.

About the place of fate Sun, Moon, which change the zodiac every three weeks. This time can give you a little financially. Your tuning will be better with siblings. His support will be good. A fine-tuning with the mother will see your progress. You will get to see the possibilities of financial benefits from them. The work which is left unfinished by you, those works will be completed very quickly. The situations of dispute related to property in the works will be seen to end. At this time, you can exchange gifts with your family members, which will strengthen the relationship between you and your family. Happiness will increase. You will be seen getting pleasured like land buildings, vehicles, and luxury will increase. At this time you will be seen shopping for the things of your choice. Many times the plan to go for a walk can also become yours. Aries Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now go ahead and find out. About the fifth house But talking about the fifth house, the Sun will be sitting in your happiness place at present and on August 17, he will become self-occupied by going to your own fifth house. Sitting in the happy place of Venus can bring a little frustration to your studies. Especially for those who are medical students, time can be full of problems for them. That’s why you have to be a little careful. Do not be negligent in your studies. Your disorientation should not be anywhere else. Keep the concentration only on the goal, only then you will be able to achieve success. Some problems may also be faced by you in achieving your goal. But you will be relaxed that after August 17, whatever hard work you have done earlier, you will get the result. This time will be full of excellent results for medical students. Whereas if you do some electronic work. If you are doing electronic engineering or you are looking for a government job, then after 17th August if there is any result the result will go in your favour. That is, you will get very wonderful results from the Sun. If you are worried about the career of your children, then leave them worried because you will feel proud of them at this time after 17th August. If you feel proud, then you will find it very pleasant and Good results will be seen this month.

Now let’s move forward, and come straight. At the place of fate, because I have discussed the rest of the places, then if we talk about the rest of the places of fortune, then Bhagyesh Guru who is sitting as a self-occupied person. Excellent yoga for foreign travel The time remains perfect for the students who want to go out and try their luck. You will get the desired college. You will achieve your desired goal. You will be full of happiness, good luck and prosperity in your life. All your wishes will be fulfilled at this time. Unfinished tasks will be completed at a faster pace. New tasks will be outlined. You will be seen implementing new schemes in it. Now, since Guru is the lord of your twelfth house also, then all the obstacles in the study of education will be removed. You will feel secure for yourself. Expenses will come down. Your management will be very strong at this time. Your officers will also be seen doing your work at the workplace. At this time, you will be seen balancing your financial budget through savings schemes. At this time, discussions of your tact and intelligence will be everywhere. If you are handling a big company, then at this time you are sitting in some other big post, then at this time your honour, prestige and fame will be seen increasing in all, then you come after the best results of the guru.

We are sitting in a retrograde position at the tent house i.e. Karmesh, Shani and Labesh are also the lord of Shani Karma Bhav, being self-occupied, whenever Saturn is retrograde, a little result gives very straightforward. That is if you tried to take the slightest carelessness or bribe. If you try to be arbitrary, Shani will punish you equally. On the other hand, if you complete your tasks honestly, then you will get the same good results. Therefore, at this time you need more hard work in your work. Don’t be negligent in your hard work. You will get to see plenty of fathers’ support and guidance, which are employed, people. You will get the support and cooperation of the officers. But at this time you do not have to hurry with any work. Getting this done in haste can ruin the work. Whereas for the students, this time will be of the desired results. Now the lord is Shani, so according to the profit house, you will get to see very good results of Shani. Profits will increase. The circle and level will be seen increasing with the support of siblings. At this time, there will also be an increase in social honour and respect. Manglik programs will be outlined in the house, due to which the atmosphere of the house will appear to be very healthy, then this month of August is going to be very good for Pisces people and you should also get full benefits of this month. Aries Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Auspicious dates – 1st to 6th, 9th to 14th, 17th to 23rd 27th to 31st
Noteworthy dates – 7,8,15,16 and 24 to 26.
Auspicious colour– Red, Orange and Tomato colour.

Special Remedy 


  • You should worship Lord Ganesha, who is the destroyer of obstacles, because Mercury, who is the lord of disease and is sitting on the outside, then be a little aware of your health. You should not be careless in your work.
  • At this time you have to be careful with opponents and not borrow from anyone. Nor do you have to lend. you must do the Ganesha Stotra every day.
  • Also, make sure to offer Laddu Durva on Ganesha.
  • You must offer Modak of yellow laddus to Ganesha on Wednesday.
  • You have to give bread to the black dog.
  • You must make arrangements for five grains of water for animals and birds.
  • The flag must be hoisted in the temple of Maa Durga.

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