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Aries February 2022 Horoscope English Blog | Nidhi Shrimali


Aries February 2022 Horoscope English Blog


Hello, Suswagatam Welcome Today we have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope for the year 2022 for February. We had already given the horoscope of the first month in January, now this month of February is equally special for us, because in January the special festival of Makar Sankranti had come, and now in February also some special festivals are coming which That is very special for us, to make this month special, first of all, Gupt Navratra is starting on 2nd February and this Gupt Navratra is going to run from 2nd to 10th February. Ghat establishment will be done on 2nd February and whatever sadhana is done in Gupt Navratri, we get special results for them, that is why Gupt Navratri is as important as Main Navratri. On February 5, the festival of Basant Panchami will be celebrated with great pomp. For students, for teachers, for those who play musical instruments, who have any kind of hobby, this day is very special for them. Also, this day is known as Abuja Save. On this day, one does not have to see the Muhurta for marriage, which automatically falls on 5th February i.e. the day of Basant Panchami. considered suitable for marriage. I Maghi Purnima fast is observed on 16th February, then these three special festivals are coming which make this month special. Aries February 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now we know how the position of the planets is going to be in this month because the monthly horoscope depends on the position of the planets and first of all we start with the Sun, the king of the planets, who is currently in Capricorn, which is in his most enemy sign. And on February 13, he will be sitting in his very even zodiac sign Aquarius from Capricorn. The planet Mercury will remain in Capricorn for the whole month and will remain in its enemy sign till March 5. Mars is presently sitting in its very friendly sign i.e. Sagittarius and on February 26, they will enter Capricorn which is their exalted sign from Sagittarius, if your zodiac is the lord, then they are getting high in the month’s profit. But this whole month his degree will keep increasing continuously and being highly desirous, he will get you very good results. The planet Jupiter, which is going to be sitting in his friend’s zodiac sign for the whole month, Venus is presently sitting in Sagittarius which is his friend’s zodiac and on 27th February i.e. in the last of the month that too from Sagittarius. They will sit in Capricorn which is their even sign. The planet Saturn, being self-occupied in Capricorn for the whole month, will create a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash for the people of Aries. If Rahu is going to sit in Taurus and Ketu is going to sit in Scorpio, then it is a matter of the position of the planet transit. Aries February 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now if you talk about the vision that the fifth vision of the Guru is on your might, the seventh sight is falling on your fifth house and the ninth vision is falling on your seventh house, then the vision of the Guru is auspicious and very good, then let’s see that the vision of the Guru. That we are getting to see the mixed results of these planetary transits, what is the result going to be on your this month? So let’s start our monthly horoscope for this month, first of all, let’s talk about Lagnesh, but I told you even in the case of transit that Mars is currently sitting in your destiny, which is very good and highly desirous. Pravriti of Mars is going to give you the very best results this month. According to the relationship, if you see this month, you will have a very strong personality according to personality. People will obey your words, you will have a special effect on people. Many people will try to do their work after taking advice from you and when Mars will sit in your tenth house on 26th February, you will get to see very wonderful results of Mars, because the Ascendant is and the Ascendant is sitting in exaltation, you are in the tenth house. Those whose work will increase the work, your land will increase the pleasures like building vehicles. In any of your stuck work, related to any property, those work related to land will be completed smoothly for you. If you are holding a high post, that is, you are associated with high administrative posts, then the officers with those posts can be awarded the chances of promotion increments or you can be honoured for those works at this time. Aries February 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Circumstances will be seen at this time and overall also you will get to see the very best results of Mars this month. Talking about the second house, the lord of the second house is Venus, who is sitting in your lucky place, which is very nice. Venus sitting in the luck house will increase your wealth and will get you back your stuck money due to luck, but since Rahu is sitting in the second house, which creates a miss understanding standing in the family with relatives from the family. could. There can be situations of estrangement in the relationship. If there is a dispute about ancestral property, it may deepen or if there is a rift going on in a relationship with a relative, then the relationship may get worse, so do not be a little overconfident at this time have a little restraint on speech. Maintain your self-confidence while keeping your relationships. In case of confusion that misses under staining if any third person is also trying to create in your life then there is no need to be crude. First of all, understand everything with your conscience and find out the depth of every issue. Any decision taken in haste after that can make your relationship worse. Aries February 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now we come to the third place, there is a sense of might and the mighty Mercury, who is sitting on your karmic house, is increasing the eyes of the guru. Guru’s fifth vision is falling at a very good mighty place, but the mighty Mercury is buried somewhere between Saturn and Sun because Mercury is a benign planet and both Sun and Saturn are sinful planets. A gentleman was placed in the middle of the bandits or a gentleman was seated between the two miscreants. In this type of situation, because Mercury is the giver of intelligence, he will not be able to give the result he wants to give, so at this time you will have to walk in harmony with your siblings. You have to handle the work of politics very wisely, keep in mind that a wrong decision can reverse your results and can also increase the situations of loss. At this time, special attention is required on speech because the words emanating from speech can never be taken back and due to the words emanating from speech, you can reduce your social honour and respect. That’s why you will work especially on speaking a little. By the way, the Guru is still going to protect you because the fifth sight of the Guru is falling in the third place, so many things will not deteriorate in your life and will not deteriorate in such a way that you cannot handle it back. That’s why we are making you aware in advance, with a little restraint in your relationships, especially with siblings, be a little careful in time and politics or social respect. There is no need to talk about any controversy, avoid it. Aries February 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now coming to the place of Mother i.e. with Fourth Houses, here this time will make better tuning in with your mother even better. Sometimes there will be ups and downs in relationships, but you will not have to face long problems because your mother’s full support will be with you. There will not be many fluctuations in pleasures like land building vehicle, as if the situation is going on normal, it will go on moving in the same way as your normal way. Time will be a very good progress factor for the farmers, especially those who are working related to milk dairy animal husbandry, this time is going to be very good for them. He will get a lot of profit in his business in his work. To expand the business or if you have a shop, then you will plan to increase the shop or you will be seen planning to increase that item. Aries February 2022 Horoscope English Blog

If we see the child’s house i.e. the fifth house, then the fifth lord is the Sun, which is sitting in the tenth house and the seventh sight of the Guru is also being seen in the fifth house, it is very wonderful, this time will be very good for you. You will get good news from the children. If your child or your son is in the medical line, he is a medical student or he has taken any subject like science, bio, then his mind will run very fast in it and he will also get the best results and because of them you will be very happy. Will feel proud. Teachers will also praise him. He will also get praise from the principal. You will have an increase in happiness from the side of children.On the other hand, if any problem related to children is going on in your life. That is, if you have a desire to get a child, then that obstacle will also appear to be going away at this time, but because the Guru’s vision is on the fifth house and the Guru is considered to be a child factor, that’s why the obstacles coming in getting a child will go away for you at this time. Now the time is very good for the people associated with the literary world. If you look at the career-wise, then according to that also this time is now good for the people working in the medical field. You will get good pleasant results. Aries February 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now let’s come to the disease house, if we talk about the disease house, then the sixth house i.e. the lord of the disease house or Mercury, which is stuck in conjunction with Sun and Saturn, for some time may have problems related to memory at this time. There may be a problem related to the pulse system. There may be a problem related to the skin. That is, if you have BP, sugar, there is any problem of this type, then some problems related to blood can be full of fluctuation in your life, then you have to be a little careful at this time. If hair fall is going on in your life i.e. there is too much hair fall, then there will be little animosity towards it too. If the sight of Rahu Ketu is falling on Mercury, then because of that problems can also increase, so you are making you aware of diseases. Enemies may try to take advantage of your weakness at this time and try to interfere with your work, so with a little restraint, do your tasks patiently and take care of your health first because the first happiness is a healthy body, after that everything else. There is work if your health will not improve then you will not be able to do any work properly.

Let’s talk about the seventh house, then the seventh lord is Venus, which is sitting third from you and the seventh house sitting third from you can increase your bonding with your life partner. Jupiter’s ninth vision being on the seventh house can give you good results in a better relationship, in marriage. And Venus is the marriage karaka planet anyway. If there is any kind of obstacle or hindrance in marriage, we told you earlier also because in the fifth house also we told you that all the problems in getting a child will be removed because the sight of the Guru is now falling in the sight of the Guru in the seventh house and since Venus is the seventh house. If you sit third from yourself, then both of these are marriage causative planets, then the obstacle in marriage will be removed. If you have not found any life partner you want till now, then you will get it now. Make a little effort this month. Maybe you will find your loved one. This is the only fund in a love relationship that if you are looking for your lover at this time then you will find your love partner. If you want to propose to someone who wants to say Dil Ki Baat, then he did not reject your proposal and if you want to convert a love relationship into marriage, then you will also get the consent of the family members. So the obstacles coming in a love relationship will also be seen going away for you this month. Talking about business, you will get to see very good progress and progress in business, especially those who are working related to Venus. Such as Boutique work, Restaurant work, Hotel business work, Interior decoration work, Decorative wall, Pieces work, Fashion designing work, Fashion clothing work, Imitation jewellery work, Fashion shoes work, Perfume work or Flowers The work of this type, whatever work it is, they come in the work of Venus and Venus also connects us with art, so the time will be very good fame for all the artists, as well as for the people associated with these fields. Time will be to build name, fame and branding. You will be seen increasing your work this time while building your branding. Very nice, this period is going to be yours this month.

Now, if we talk about the eighth house on the eighth house, then the seventh sight of Rahu sitting in the eighth house of Ketu falls on Ketu and the seventh sight of Ketu on Rahu. This period is not so good, although your Ascendant is Mars and you are sitting far ahead of you, that is good, but the sitting of Ketu in the eighth house creates a state of confusion in the mind of the person, makes him wrong investment, then by wrong investment in it. You have to escape. On your enemy side, which are hidden enemies who are not visible because Rahu Ketu, the shadow planet Ketu is sitting, then identify such enemies whom you cannot see, who can be your friends.Or it could be someone from relatives. Is it any of the neighbours? Could be any of the co-workers. You will not be able to tell that yes there was any conspiracy against me in this. This is not my good wish. They are sweet in front of you and do evil to you behind your back. Such people can trouble you, so there is a need to avoid such people a little, do not engage in risky work. Do not waste your money on any wrong activities like gambling, betting race. Instruct you to pay special attention to this matter.

Now coming to the place of luck, if we talk about the place of luck, then Bhagyesh is the guru, who is sitting third from himself, sitting very well, sitting in the profit house of Bhagyesh, a very good guru will get you very good results at this time. Every planet gives good results on it, luck will support you, all the unfinished work will be completed smoothly. At this time you will be able to start new tasks. If any young men and women are preparing for a job or looking for a job, their employment search will end, they will get a good job. This is going to be a great time. If you do good deeds by simply thinking positively, then the results will also give you a very good home because the position of the planets is good. Now coming to the Tenth House, if we talk about the Tenth House, Shani is doing Sasha Mahapurush Yoga by sitting in your Tenth House anyway. Together, both Sun and Mercury are sitting. That is also great, this period is for you. During this time your work will go away. Obstacles coming in your work will be removed. You will get the green signal in any work related to the court. This time will be very good for the children who are studying related to the court, you will get very good and best results in higher studies. At this time, if you are doing any work of your own, then you will get very good results in those works as well. Your confidence level will increase that I have to move forward in these works because whatever plans you make, those plans will come true for you. You will get to see a lot of father’s support, companionship.

Now let’s come to the eleventh house, talk about the eleventh house, so see that the guru is already sitting in it and the sun will come with the guru on 13th February. A very good combination is happening, the combination is of Panchmesh and Bhagyesh, who can do Babbar meant for you. Meaning, when a lottery is held, then what kind of result is obtained, what kind of happiness is there, you will get to see that happiness at this time. Time after 13th February will increase your sudden profit trends. If you have invested in someplace a long time ago, then you have forgotten, then you will get a lot of profit at that time, you would not have even thought that and you will look very happy with it. It happens as soon as the lottery opens, we get to see the situations of profit more than expected, so you will get to see such a situation in your life in February. The conjunction of Sun and Jupiter will remove all the obstacles in your work. In the very first round, the new paths of progress will be promoted to higher officials in the job. Your increment will increase in private jobs. Your position will increase, your responsibility will increase, but along with the responsibilities, you will get to see the same benefits. You can get a lot of profit in the stock market, this time can prove to be very good for you, but invest long term. Don’t get caught up in short term investments.

Now let’s come to the sense of expense, the master is the master of the sense of spending, he is sitting outside himself, but you need to control your expenses a little, sometimes you come in overconfidence, you get very excited and very much spends. Means if I buy this also I will buy that too. I’ll shop here too. The mind becomes fickle, so keep your mind a little relaxed so that the budget does not get disturbed, the financials are not down so much for you. Just take special care of this, the situation of remaining expenses will still be under control, you will not face any problem because I told you earlier that the combination of Panchmesh and Bhagyesh is getting a very wonderful combination, which will control and control your expenses.
So this time will be very good according to your expenses. So go a little cautiously. Ask your family members to spend as much as they need. Save a little bit by spending extra. Aries February 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Lucky Dates – 1st to 3rd, 7th to 13th, 17th to 22nd, 25th to 28th are going to be very auspicious for you.

Lucky Color – Pink and red colours are considered very auspicious.

Now, what are the dates worth noting, about which dates you should be a little aware of. It should be kept in mind, those dates are worth paying a little attention to from the 4th to the 6th. Then from 14th to 16th and 23rd and 24th these dates are worth noting.


  • If there is a condition of Kaal Sarp Yoga, then you should worship Shiva. Chant Om Namah Shivaya.
  • Anoint the Shivling with Panchamrit.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha to cure Mercury.
  • Om Ganga Ganapataye Namah while offering green durva to Lord Ganesha. Do recite Ganesh Stotra.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha. can donate green things
  • If possible on Wednesday, take whole moong and add ghee to it and then feed it to the cow. It will strengthen your Mercury even more.
  • After anointing on Bholenath, after wiping them, apply a tripund of sandalwood and pray to them, then your work will definitely be completed.
  • You can also wear Kalsarp pendant around your neck, which will remove all the obstacles in your work.

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