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Aries 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog | Aries Guru Transit | Aries Prediction गुरु बृहस्पति


Aries 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

Astrology is a science and if it is understood deeply then change in life is possible. So come, we will solve every problem, Hello Suswagatam Welcome, today we have appeared in front of you with information about the change of zodiac of Dev Guru Jupiter and are going to tell you what effect of this zodiac change of Dev Guru Brihaspati on Aries will be seen. . On 13th April, Devguru Jupiter will enter Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra from Saturn’s sign i.e. Aquarius to its zodiac sign i.e. Pisces at 7.28 am and for almost a year i.e. till 22nd April 2023, while travelling in Pisces. will appear. Jupiter is the Guru of the Gods and Dev Guru Jupiter is also the planet of knowledge. That is why this planet is known as the symbol of scholars. As in their name, Gu means ignorance and Ru means destroyer, they are also known as the destroyer planets of ignorance. This malefic planet and itself is seen as the causative planet of humility, justice, wealth and good fortune. They see him as a planet that brings wealth and sons and is the cause of marriage. The strength of the Guru is seen at the time of marriage. Guru is the lord of the morning and has the right over the north direction, the old man, the merchant class. If in your Kundli, Jupiter is placed in the male sign i.e. number 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11, then the person does independent business from the very beginning. The tenth guru always gets the job done and the best results of the guru are obtained in the centre places in the horoscope. In the Ascendant from a good Ascendant, a happy place, a good dry place, in the seventh house and from the seventh house, the Guru gives good results in the tenth house. Jupiter is the lord of the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Exalted in Cancer and low in Capricorn. If the Guru is self-gracious or exalted in the central place, then a great man named Hans also creates yoga. He creates Gajakesari Yoga with the Moon. Jupiter has the right over liver, skin and obesity, and after forty-two years, Jupiter is ruled by it, that is, the person whose age is more than 42 years, the effect of Jupiter is more visible on him. The fifth and seventh sight of the Guru remains very auspicious. Aries 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

Let us know what will be the result of this change of Jupiter’s zodiac sign for the people of Aries. Let us tell you that in your zodiac, Jupiter is the lord of the twelfth place and the lord of luck and the Dwadashi is sitting in his own house as a self-gracious person. It is very good for Bhagyesh to sit in the fourth house and the lord of the 12th house sitting in his own house as a self. Your luck will increase. You will get rid of the problems which were going on in your life till now. All the unfinished work will be completed smoothly. At this time, due to the completion of any special work of yours, situations of profit will also be seen especially. You will be seen making good profits in the share market lottery. At the same time, you will connect with religious deeds and spiritual feelings and your involvement in such works will increase. You will be seen doing immense worship of religious rituals at home or you can also undertake a religious journey with family, but this journey will give you mental peace and strength. You will appear to be confident in your life. The expenses which were bothering you till now. Since Dwadashesh is sitting self-gratuitously, then he will control those expenses as well. Your profit position will appear to increase due to controlled expenses. Financial condition will improve. This time will get a lot of profit from abroad to the business class. Employed people will get opportunities to work abroad. At the same time, the obstacles coming in government work will be removed and if there are any false allegations against you, then you will get freedom from those allegations. At this time you will proceed as teamwork. And will also gain the confidence of his officers.Aries 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

Now, if we talk about the vision of the Guru, then the fifth vision of the Guru is falling on the high place of the Guru, that is, your happiness. The seventh aspect of Jupiter is falling on your sixth house and the ninth aspect is falling on your eighth house, which is correcting these places. The fifth sight of the Guru at the place of happiness will increase your happiness. Will increase luxury. You will mobilize resources of all kinds of comforts in your home at this time. Family happiness, the happiness of professional life, happiness of job, happiness of children and all kinds of happiness, obstacles coming in them will be removed. You can buy a new vehicle at this time. Your dream of a new house will also appear to be coming true. Investment in the property will be profitable and if any of your properties are not selling then it will be sold. That is, the obstacles coming in the sale will be removed. The relationship with the mother will appear to be getting stronger. This time of economic progress will be made for you. Because the fifth sight of the Guru is falling at a high place, then the best results will be seen at this place.Aries 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

The seventh sight of Jupiter is falling on your sixth house i.e. disease. This will reduce diseases. Although at this time you have to pay a little attention to your weight, you should not be overweight But as any problem related to your health keeps going on in your life and disease is not taking the name of going away from your life, then because of Guru’s vision you will now get health benefits and diseases will be cut from your life. This time will get success in money related works and will get good profit. Will also get you free from debt. If you get freedom from debt, then you will be seen moving forward in your work with double zeal and will grow well. The opponents will also fail in whatever work they do against you. You will get success in every area of ​​life. You will get very good support from Nanihal. Nana Nani’s blessings will always be with you. There are chances of getting good benefits from them too. Aries 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

Talk about the ninth vision of Jupiter which is falling on your eighth house. And the eighth house is not considered good, but the daily life that your strap was going on will be fine. This time will settle your life, your life will run in an organized way and when a person is organized, he progresses in his life, many new ideas come to his mind in his life and he moves forward by implementing those ideas. . Any investments made at this time will create profitable conditions for you. You will get stuck money and you will also get hidden money. Which you will get suddenly which you did not even imagine. The quality of leadership will develop and you will start getting the support of the officers. Long term investment in the share market crypto lottery will give you profit. You will not be held responsible for wrongful behaviour and those who are doing wrong to you will have to face them. You will be freed from false accusations. If you will be free from debt, then overall this time will get you very good progress and progress. Especially your financial condition will further improve.Aries 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog


  • On Thursday, mix turmeric in the flour and knead that dough. Mix gram dal in it and feed it to the cow. This will remove your health-related problems.
  • If you want financial progress in your life, then you should fill that Panchamrit in the Dakshinvarti conch shell with Panchamrit on the Shri Yantra and do anointing with it. With this, you will always get the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi.
  • Offer lotus flowers to Lord Vishnu.
  • Use yellow prasad daily in the service of Lord Vishnu in his worship.
  • Recite Vishnu Sahasranama and do the story of Satyanarayan every Thursday.
  • Offer yellow clothes to the priest, this is also a very good guru’s remedy. Also, take the responsibility of cleaning the temple.

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