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Aquarius Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 29th April 2022 English blog | Kumbh Rashi शनि का राशि परिवर्तन 2022


Aquarius Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 29th April 2022 English blog

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Astrology is a science and if it is understood deeply then change is possible in life, so let us solve your every problem. Hello, today we have appeared in front of you with information about the change in the zodiac sign of Shani Dev for the people of Aquarius. On April 29, while changing the zodiac, Shani will again enter Aquarius from his own zodiac i.e. Capricorn and this period of about two and a half months will be of Saturn. When he will be sitting in Aquarius. Again on July 12, they will be retrograde and enter Capricorn and they will remain in Capricorn for the rest of the year. Every person knows about the planet Shani today and in today’s time, if any planet is the most powerful and the planet people are afraid of is the planet Saturn, Shani is known as the god of justice. He gives a reward to every person according to the deeds of the person. That is, if you have done good deeds then you will get the results of Shani very good, but if you have done wrong deeds. If you have progressed in your life with bad deeds, then Shani will punish you in this birth. That is, Shani Dev gives the account of the person’s deeds done to him in this birth. That is why today every person is most afraid of Shani Dev. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. And they are exalted in Libra and they give the results of low in Aries. This time, the people of Cancer and Scorpio will be affected by Shani’s dhaiya, which is going to take place after April 29 and the effect of Saturn’s dhaiya on the Gemini-Libra zodiac will end. On the other hand, the people of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will feel the half-sati of Saturn. But this one and a half sati and dhaiya, it is going to last only for about two and a half months. After that, it will again come in Capricorn. So back to the old position, the effects of Saturn will start falling on every zodiac sign. In the book Shani Mahatmya, the visions of Shani were described as catastrophic. And everyone knows that wherever Saturn’s third, seventh and tenth vision falls on that house, many ill effects of Shani are seen on that house. However, we also evaluate the house in which Shani is having his sight and we get to see the results of according Shani. They are exalted in Libra sign Capricorn and Aquarius which is their zodiac sign Capricorn and Aquarius and in Libra they are exalted. In a woman’s place in the south ion of the world, in a self-gracious state in the horoscope, on Saturday, in its dasha, in the last part of the zodiac, at the time of war, and if Saturn is retrograde, then if they are in any place at that time, Shani is strong. The same is considered. He is a malefic planet and is the lord of the earth element. Shani occupied places i.e. deserts, forests, unknown valleys, caves, mountain graveyard ruins, coal mines, dirty and smelly places and offices etc. Only one planet can defeat Shani, that is Mars, that is, whenever any aspect of Saturn is affecting us or Shani’s Dhaiya or Sade Sati is affecting our life, then we should strengthen Mars so that If we can get freedom from these ill effects of Shani, then this is the brief description of Shani which we have just told you. Aquarius Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 29th April 2022 English blog

Now let us know that your zodiac lord is coming in your zodiac, what results are they going to give you on 29th April? By the way, you are going to get great results, as long as he was in Capricorn i.e. in your twelfth house, even then Shani had great results. Since you were the lord of your zodiac and were sitting in a self-gratuitous way because Capricorn is also his zodiac sign. But on 29th April, they will enter into your zodiac which is the zodiac sign of Saturn’s Mool Trikona and will form a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash. You will now get to see the great results of Shani. This period of two and a half months is going to be very good for you. Profits from foreign companies will make good progress and progress in the business. You will get the far-reaching benefits of those schemes which you have implemented. At this time whatever deposit capital you have collected for your savings and have invested in some schemes. You will see their benefits being received. Officers will be happy with your work at the workplace. Young girls who wanted to go out and try their luck. wanted to do the job. This is going to be a wonderful time for them. Now if you do some work related to import-export handicrafts then it will be beneficial. You will see the best results but for one thing, we want to alert you. If you do not invest money in wrong activities, such as gambling, speculative race or any bad habit, then avoid investing there because it can drain your amount and the situations of loss can be seen more. This time will get you a lot of happiness from the family. You will get very good support from your family. You will also be filled with spiritual feelings. Spirituality will be your growth. Your expenses will also be cut during this time. That is, till now the unforeseen expenses which were going on in your life in a chaotic manner, now you will get rid of them. Your decision making is going to increase. Work on your straightforwardness a bit. Speak clearly, but do not say that someone should be pricked and your work gets spoiled. That’s why you should use your words a little carefully. Your image will be very impressive. People will be very impressed by your image. Enemies will also make friends and those who are in high administrative positions, and those who are associated with the judicial process. Be a Judge, Advocate or is employed in any position in the Court. Certainly, there will be great chances of promotion increments at this time. Your rapport with the officials will be very good. You will be praised all around. Your work will be appreciated all around. Those who are farmers who work related to milk dairy fruit vegetables or are grocery traders. This is going to be a wonderful time for all of them. If it brings good results, then this is the result of Shani, Saturn enhances the house where Shani is sitting and brings positivity to it. make their results even better. Aquarius Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 29th April 2022 English blog

It is also important to know about the aspects of Saturn. The third sight of Saturn is falling on your third place. The seventh vision is falling on your seventh house and the tenth vision is falling on your 10th house on karma. You have to be a little aware of this matter. Because as we told that the vision of Shani is not so good as the destructive one, then be a little aware of these three results. Understand the feelings of your life partner and respect their feelings. There is no need to be dominating when you are dominating over them, a good relationship can be ruined. Even inside the workplace, you will have to stay away from your enemies. False allegations can also be made. Your outspokenness, which you reveal at once, you are frivolous, it can give you negative results, it should be improved. Situations of dispute may arise with the father. At this time you have to put your might in the right direction. Avoid making wrong decisions and don’t let situations of confusion come into your life. Some special measures to cool down the vision of Shani i.e. to get positive results in your life according to these places. Aquarius Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 29th April 2022 English blog


  • To please Shani Dev, according to your power, donate black sesame seeds, black cloth, blankets, iron utensils, and urad dal. With this, Shani will be pleased and give auspicious results.
  • Hanuman ji is pleased by feeding jaggery gram to monkeys. Mars removes the defects of Saturn. So do this remedy.
  • Read Hanuman Chalisa daily and if you cannot do it every day, then definitely do it on Saturday.
  • Visit Hanuman Ji’s temple on Saturday and Tuesday. Take the responsibility of cleaning them. With this, you will get freedom from the defects of Shani.
  • Use blue flowers in the worship of Shani Dev and on Saturday, Om Shanishcharaya Nam. Because your zodiac is the lord, then this mantra should be chanted daily with a rosary of Rudraksh and chant at least 108 times. Due to this, the effect of the half-century that is on you will also get positive and the zodiac lord will always be happy.
  • Mahamrityunjaya Mantra must be chanted for the peace of Shani.
  • If there is a dark place in the house, it is auspicious for you, then there must be a small closet.
  • Feeding grain and rice to fish will also be beneficial.


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