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Aquarius Rashifal June 2021 | कुम्भ राशि जून राशिफल – Aquarius horoscope | June Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Aquarius Rashifal June 2021  कुम्भ राशि जून राशिफल

Hi. Today, I am present in front of you with the monthly horoscope for the month of June for the people of Aquarius. The special festival in the month of June is the festival of Nirjala Ekadashi which is going to come on 21st June. Nirjala Ekadashi is an Ekadashi of special importance in itself. Its importance remains the most among all Ekadashis, because by doing this Ekadashi, we get results equal to twelve Ekadashis of the year. It is also called Aam Ekadashi. On this day, you are distributed among the daughters-in-law and daughters of your house and their blessings are taken. Along with this, charity also has its own special importance on this day. We get manifold more results of donations made on this day. If this Ekadashi is known as Ekadashi of great importance. If Nirjal fast is done on this day, then if you are not able to observe Nirjal fast on this Ekadashi, but do charity on this Ekadashi. Now we go ahead and find out. Talking about the position of planetary transits, first of all, let’s talk about the king of planets, Sun, which is presently sitting and on June 15, he will be sitting in his friend’s zodiac, Gemini. The planet Mars, which is currently sitting in Gemini, and on June 2 itself, will move from Gemini to its debilitated sign Cancer. The planet Mercury, which is currently sitting in the sign of Gemini, will retrograde in the west and sit in Scorpio, which is their most friendly zodiac sign. Jupiter: This entire mother, the planet Venus, which is currently sitting in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, is sitting in the zodiac sign of Gemini, on June 22, they will move from Gemini to Cancer, which is their most enemy sign. The planet Saturn will remain in Capricorn for the whole month. The planets Rahu and Ketu are going to sit in Scorpio. After the transit of these three planets, now three types of yogas are also being formed in this situation like the ascending yoga of postures, Budhaditya yoga yoga of Sun and eclipse yoga of Sun Rahu, these three yogas in Taurus sign i.e. in your place of happiness. Will be seen being made. The vision of Guru will be on your fifth house on your seventh house and on your ninth house, while the sight of Saturn will be on your second house on your system house on your ninth house. Now let us know about this Guru’s vision and Shani’s vision, where the effect of the position of yoga and planetary transit will be on your zodiac sign. – Kumbh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Family Status

If I talk about the family situation, first of all, personality comes in the mind of the person that many things are based on personality itself, our existence is also on our personality and we are also identified with our personality. Isma the Guru is seated inside your Ascendant. Your zodiac lord Shani Surya Lagnesh Sunny, who is self-gracious and is sitting in Capricorn, then this situation remains. In this, if the guru sits there, if that planet does a little damage to the house, then the personality will be strong. You will be honest but sometimes you will hurt people with your words. Sometimes your words will go the opposite. That’s why you have to talk a lot about it. For the people associated with knowledge, this mother is going to be very careful because personality goes in the opposite direction, all your positive results will turn negative, so you have to say very carefully that you earn from your bid, that’s why whoever imparts knowledge There are people, for all of them, this month will be going to be a little cautious. With this you will get good cooperation and blessings from elders. May will also be seen securing a big project with uncle. This is the time to take your life forward, to move forward with your life. This is going to be the time to learn from your mistakes from your feelings. Now the place where their gurus sit, they harm the house, but the vision of the guru is very good here. Guru’s fifth vision is falling on your seventh house and ninth Christ is falling on your fifth house on your seventh house, hence Nema will correct your fifth house. Will fix your seventh i.e. married life and increase your luck. If I talk about this time sitting in the bar of the master of the sense of family, this time will remain in the person who walks a little cautiously. Look, I told you that your speech is very important. That is why do not take out such a thing from your mouth which went against you. Controversy happens later on that and you feel guilty after that, you are in mind that why I said, then you should not do such a thing, that’s why I will weigh you a lot and take the words out of my mouth so that none of your relationship gets spoiled . In relationships, you will have to use uniform words in your life, only the words that increase your respect in the social respect. For this, the more you work with gentleness, calmly and wisely, the more you will move forward in your life. With your siblings, I may have some differences with you. There may be some disputes. You may remain worried about the health of your siblings. The lord of health of brothers and sisters, although Mars is debilitated in the disease house, although it will cure diseases a little, but can damage their place. If there is a dispute related to ancestral property at this time, then if you keep that dispute a bit suppressed, then it will be fine if you raise this dispute, you will get to see the situations of loss. Your social respect and respect will increase, but at this time you will have to think carefully and move forward in your relationships in your field. Step by step, a wrong decision can turn you in the wrong direction, can cause you harm, can get you the opposite results. That is why the more you handle it wisely, the more you go on setting new dimensions of success in your life, then you will have to walk with your siblings with a little care. However, you will get the full support of your friends and they will stand by you if any such difficult situation comes. Will be seen helping you fully, now let’s talk about the place of the mother, then she is the owner of the sense of the place of the mother. You will get to see Buddhist tuning from your poor mother of Venus, but you will also have to take special care of her health. Due to the use of currencies, their health may be disturbed somewhere, your money may be spent on health. Whether your family situation is on your family members or on your own, then this month you should be a little careful and pay more attention to your health and move forward by being a little more careful, but do not neglect your health at all. Time is also very critical for your family members, that’s why at this time, as much as you keep your family members aware of your health, the more you will stay away from diseases and financially you will not have to spend on any diseases, otherwise your financial condition Even if the time can be turbulent, then you will take little care of the health of the mother. The tuning of parents will be very good because the fifth sight of the Guru is falling on the lord of your friend house, Venus, so you will not feel any kind of tension in your relationship with them in tuning with them, on the contrary, you will be anchored everywhere. And you will continue to get encouragement from them to move forward. Mercury, the lord of the child’s house, tells about himself, so the tuning of the child may deteriorate at this time. may increase. If you say something and it will always go against you, then such situations, rebellious tendencies, do not follow what you say, take a different path, move in the wrong direction, move on the wrong path, many such problems can be seen from the side of your child. That is why Isma will move towards friendly behavior with her children and will make such a tuning with them that they do not feel that if my parents do the right thing to me, then you can open your heart and keep your problems. Getting angry at the children by scolding them does not solve any problem. Only through love through understanding, we can bring them on the right path. Can give them guidance. Be a rebel. If you handle him with love, then slowly he will move towards you and will obey your words. That is why this time will be to pay attention to your children with full concentration. Give them full time, be devoted to them, they feel like you are theirs. You are there for them even if you will be with them in adversity. You have to put such faith in the mind of your children and for that you will have to give your time to the children. If you give them time, then slowly things will automatically short out. If I talk about life partner, then the Sun is the lord of the soul of the life partner, which will remain in your happiness for half a month, which will give a lot of happiness to your partner. There will be no shortage of any kind in married life and even when they move to your fifth house, they will sit in their friend’s zodiac, even then you will get full support from your life partner, they will guide you in your work and will support you completely. If they work themselves or are working, then you will now be seen helping you financially as well. At this time, you will see cooperation from in-laws and also from your maternal side. You do not care about the health of father and mother. Rahu is sitting in mother’s house and Ketu is sitting in father’s house, both of which are considered to be planets of diseases inviting microbes, so at this time you have to take special care of your parents’ health. You can do charity in his name equal to his weight. Whatever is the strict monitoring and feeding of birds, you will take them out in their name and you will send them to the birds from their hands. This fulfills our duty and humanity towards animals and also gets rid of the ill effects of planets, then by doing this work, you will definitely see that the health of your parents will be benefited and there will be no major problem in their health. – Kumbh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Economic Condition

If I talk about the financial situation, then let’s look at the profit sentiment. If you look at the dry place, you will see the wealth. Talking about the house of profit, then the Labesh Guru who is now sitting in your ascendant and sitting in your zodiac, the Guru sitting in your ascendant will give you a very good profit situation. This time will create very good and beneficial situations for you. Luck will favor you completely and you will be able to earn good profit situation. Whatever speed you want to give to your work, your work will get speed and speed this month. You will get sudden monetary benefits, if you have a plan, it will work, if any work situation remains till now, then if the money is stuck in it, then that money will be released immediately and your work will be over tightened, your work will be completed. Your confidence level will also increase and your financial condition will also improve. At this time your social prestige will increase. Your circle will increase and your level will also appear to have increased. This time will appear to strengthen your profit further. If the farmer’s lord Venus, who gets it done by himself, will not reduce your happiness in any way. At this time, you will be fond of traveling around beauty and natural things. Getting ready to wear clothes will definitely cost you on all these things, but there will be little of it so that it does not harm you in the future. It has to be kept in mind that the rest of us have got only one life. Human life is very difficult to get. Don’t worry about the future, don’t waste your time thinking about the past and enjoy the present. In life, we go on thinking about our life and worrying about the future and ignore our present in that affair and because of this we forget to enjoy life. Whatever be the time, whatever be the situation, today’s situation is to stay at home. Sitting at home, you can do something important through your many activities and with your family. For this you have to travel abroad. You can find happiness in the little things. So you have to find stuff for such happiness. Surely you will get such happiness, you will be seen doing what you like by doing this experiment. There may be a little in the benefit of the daily routine that I have, but you will not have to see much problem in profit situations. Your financial condition will go on becoming your firm limit. – Kumbh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Education, Career, And Business

Talking about education, career and business, first thing in the morning on the student. So if the lord of the fifth house is sitting in the bar of Mercury with Rahu, then at the time of falling, situations of confusion may arise somewhere, your distraction will be on the other side. Some problems in studies are such problems if you get distracted from studies or are unable to remember things. Students may have to face the class. Remember the result. The result will come according to your hard work, due to which you will be disappointed. You will go on getting into a little monotonous life. Your attitude towards studies will loosen up a bit, but at this time you need to be strong. You need to maintain your confidence. If your confidence is shaken in you, then you will not get the results you want to get, so if you have to be a little aware of your results in this, then do not lack in any kind of hard work, will not always be favorable for you all the time, difficulties And difficulties will come, only then we can learn something new, we get the courage to move forward from those difficulties, so do not be afraid of these difficulties at all. This time will pass and will teach you something and make you stronger. Students should not let any kind of interruption in their education. You can make your results positive by continuous hard work and efforts. If you talk about career, then these mothers are not writing good results for you inside career. Career Time is going to be a bit critical for salaried people, especially those in high administrative positions. It will be a little difficult and full of difficulties for all those who do bearing jobs like police army navy because the lord of your karmic house, Mars, who is sitting in the disease house above the low, has some health related problems getting infected daily, you will get many types of problems. Facing Some kind of obstacle in your job, you will get to see some such problems in your career this month. Difficulties will definitely come, but you will face those difficulties firmly and you will definitely achieve your goal by overcoming these difficulties, by proving yourself and telling yourself that you can easily get yourself out of every difficulty. Your confidence level will be very good. But at this time you have to proceed with a little thinking. Will take any such step that you will have to repent in the coming time. Action should be taken against you and you may lose your job. If you do not allow such situations to arise in your life, then you should proceed in the matter of your career by thinking carefully. On the other hand, if we talk about business, then the time is very good for the business class. There will be a slight jump in your business. The work which has been completed with difficulty till now will start getting completed easily. Your business will gain momentum. Any person who does any work related to gold, is a goldsmith of gold, silver or has any work of jewelery or is associated with any medical field. Any medical shop related to the field of pharmacy is yours and do any work related to medicines. If you are a wholesale seller, then this time will be a very good achievement for the people associated with all these fields. Do you have any kind of small clinic of your own? Tea in the dispensary is your small medical shop or a big hospital. People associated with all these fields are likely to benefit greatly. By giving this month, your profit will increase, your confidence level will increase and you will be seen achieving fame while achieving more heights in your work. Time is going to be very good for the business class. The time is going to be favorable for all those who are associated with the business business, so now get ready. Do not keep any kind of shortcoming in your hard work and have the courage to move forward in every situation so that you can get the right benefit of this auspicious time or profitable time. – Kumbh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Life Partner And Love Affair

Talking about life partner and love affairs, this month will be very good even with life partner, you will get full support of life partner, he and you together with each other and if you will take your work forward, do some new planning for your life. If you do for your future, then you will definitely get very good far-reaching and positive results for it. Feelings of sweetness will remain in married life. There is also a possibility of you getting good news at this time. This will make your married life more strong. If things go bad, then the relationship will also appear to be getting stronger now. On the other hand, if you will move forward keeping in mind the feelings of your partner in a love relationship, say something that will break your heart and break your good relationship. Therefore, at this time, you will have to move forward by understanding your partner and understanding his feelings, then this month is going to be very positive for you and with each other even in the love relationship that is partnership and with your life partner. In this you will proceed step by step. – Kumbh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


Talking about health, Mars, which is sitting in a low dobha, will reduce your diseases a little because if Mars is a cruel planet sitting in such a Pakistan, if it is sitting in an enemy place sitting in the course, then it will give you positive results on the contrary. So you will get some positive results of Mars, your diseases will reduce a bit. At this time if you are having any BP problem, sugar problem, let’s have some such blood related problem going on in your life, then you will feel comfortable in that too but at this time you may have to face Venus related problems. At this time, whatever problems are related to Venus, whether there is a problem of internal parts ie Christ’s problem, the problem of piles or the problem of ladies’ period, if you have any type of problem or itching on the part. Happen. If you are suffering from any such problem, then this problem can increase and if it is not there, then take care of a little hygiene and do not invite any such problem in your life. Which gives you a lot of problems. Take care of the health of the parents to be seen in the coming time. I told you earlier that you may have to spend money on the health of both the parents, so take care of your health with a little care and take special care of the health of your family members too. In the morning, all together, concentrate and do Yoga Meditation Pranayama in your life and do nothing. At least you should make the rule of your life together, you will definitely do Pranayama yoga for half an hour in the morning, if you can do morning walk then definitely do morning walk. If possible, eat healthy. Avoid fried things and follow the principles of simple living high thinking, then you will be able to avoid any kind of health related diseases. So this was the monthly horoscope for the month of June for the people of Aquarius. – Kumbh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Let’s look at Remedies:

For the health of the parents, you have to donate any planetary information to the birds. If possible, you should cook the sapta paddy in a cooker. Put some sugar in the water. Some have only boiled them with water and you feed the bull to Nandi. Do this as much as you can, it will also be a favor towards animals. Now is the time of summer, if you arrange grain water for them, then you will get virtuous fruits and you will also get freedom from the ill effects of cruel planets like Rahu, Ketu and Shani, then you have to do this remedy. Apart from this, if there is some problem in your health according to the Sun Venus of Mars, then you should fast on Friday. If possible, donate yellow things to white things. If you do this then surely you will not have to face any health related problem in your life. Stay healthy, have fun and keep smiling always. – Kumbh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


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