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Aquarius March 2023 Horoscope English blog | कुम्भ राशि मार्च राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali

Aquarius March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Happy Indian New Year to all of you. Today we have brought the information about the monthly horoscope of Aquarius people for the month of March and this month is very special because two big festivals are coming in this month. The first festival of Holi, which we wait for the whole year. Through colors, we forget all our hatred and complaints and color everyone and these colors should remain in our lives. This is also what we pray to the Lord. This festival of colors teaches us a lot that we should not keep any enmity or any enemy in our life. Enmity should not be kept in our mind for anyone and if colors are not there in our life, then our life will become empty. The second big festival of Chaitra Navratri is coming. The day the Indian New Year will also begin, now let us know about the date of these two festivals and which other festivals are going to come in this month. Pradosh Vrat will be observed on 4th March. On March 6, the festival of Holika Dahan will be celebrated with great pomp and on March 7, the festival of Purnima and Dhulandi will be celebrated. The festival of Sheetla Ashtami will be celebrated on March 15. On March 22, the festival of Chaitra Navratri will be celebrated with great pomp. The Hindu New Year is also going to start from this day and the festival of Gudi Parva will also be celebrated on this day. The festival of Chaitichand will be celebrated on 23rd March. Ramnavami is coming on 30th March and Chaitra Navratras will end on 31st March. Aquarius March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let us know about how this month is special according to the position of the planets. First of all, let’s talk about the king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his worst enemy sign, Aquarius, and on March 15, he will enter Pisces. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Mercury, then it is currently sitting in Aquarius and on March 16, it will enter Pisces. On March 31, they will again enter Aries. Talking about Mars, it is currently sitting in its friendly sign Taurus and on March 13, it will enter its most enemy sign Gemini. If we talk about the planet Jupiter, it will remain seated in its own zodiac sign Pisces this whole month. The planet Venus is currently exalted in Pisces and will enter its friendly sign Aries on March 12. If we talk about the planet Saturn, then this whole month, being a self-planet, it will remain seated in its original triangle sign, Aquarius. If we talk about the planet Rahu, then this whole month it will be in Aries sign and its equal sign and Ketu is going to be sitting in its equal sign Libra this whole month, so this is the position of its planetary transit. Now let us know about the effect of the positions of these planets on you this month.

Let’s start with the monthly horoscope of Aquarius people, first of all, let us tell you that this horoscope which we are telling you is based on lunar events and your zodiac sign is equally influential according to both ascendants, so let’s talk first. The lord of your zodiac, who is sitting, being self-absorbed in his own house, the great man named Shash is making yoga. For Aquarius people, this time is very good for divers. But this month Sun and Mercury are also conjunct with Saturn and Sun and Mercury’s Budhaditya Yoga is also being formed in the ascendant. Because of this marriage is becoming more powerful. Social respect, fame, and fame will be seen increasing and at this time there are strong chances of you getting huge success at your work place. Means this month will be seen to ensure your success. Whatever work you do at this time, it will be completed at a fast pace. All the problems and troubles in work will be seen ending. You will be in a little relaxing mode and will also try to complete your tasks at a faster pace. At this time, your respect will be seen increasing in your home as well. Especially your relations with the old ones will be stronger. If misunderstanding was going on then it will go away. Whatever journeys you undertake at this time, you will get good success in those journeys as well. Now, since Saturn is the lord of your twelfth house i.e. expenses. The owner of the sense of expenditure is sitting one house ahead of him. If the owner of the house of expenses sits one house ahead of you, you will also be free from unrestrained expenses at this time, that is, unrestrained which happen very suddenly. Earlier in your life you were very troubled, you will get freedom from those troubles. The debt problem will end and because of this you will get better results. Till now, if there was no coordination with the colleagues at the work place, you always made an effort to get along with them. But they didn’t talk to him. If we do our own then that thing will end and you will work like a team work. Colleagues will also appreciate your work, support you and when we work towards a teamwork, we definitely achieve success more quickly. So this time the results of Shani will give you the very best and wonderful results. Now see Saturn is the lord of your expenses, so if the situations of debt were going on in your life, then you will get freedom from it. May at this time you will get very good benefits from savings schemes. Officers will also be happy with your work. Every person will consider your hard work and dedication as iron and every person will understand that the person is very hardworking, so will Shani Dev be seen defeating you? Aquarius March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your second house, the lord of the second house is Jupiter, who is also your benefic. The lord of the house of profit is also a Guru and the lord of the house of wealth is also a Guru, so think about how this month will enhance your conditions of profit because first Venus will sit with the Jupiter. After that Sun and Mercury will come along with Jupiter. So when there is a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the beginning of the month, that too is very good. Venus is a yoga karak planet in your horoscope. Suitcase too. If you combine Bhagyesh, Sukhesh, Bhagyesh, Labhesh and Dhanesh, then this is the alliance of the lords of the four places. They will benefit all these four places of yours. Means respect, fame, fame, stuck money, increase in happiness, luck will be with you continuously. There will be progress in everyday profit. You will get respect from the family. At this time, your well-planned plans will start on time and will also end on time. At this time, if you were waiting for a big opportunity, then you will be seen getting it this month. You will get appreciation from the authorities. You will also get stuck promotion at this time and the teacher who teaches dance means if you are a choreographer or if you have your own dance class or if you are on the post of a teacher, then your respect and fame will also be seen increasing at this time. Sun and Mercury will also come and sit inside the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. After half a month, you will get respect in your family. Anyway, fame and fame has increased, along with it, your honor and respect in the family will also increase. Honored you in the society. This month may go, at this time you will get relief even in court cases. That means there will be relaxation. You will get the target, you will see the decision being in your favor. At this time, you will ensure very good success in your work and business class will also see some special profitable situation, then the results of Jupiter will be excellent. Now since Jupiter is your benef and the lord of benefic house is sitting in the 4th house from itself and is sitting with these circumstances, then the result of Jupiter according to benefic house is very good. Because if daily profit will increase. If the sense of wealth increases towards increasing daily profits, then your circle level will increase. In this, you will get up and sit with many dignitaries and you will also see their benefit in your work. At this time, whatever comes in handy in your hands, you will achieve success in it. Big brother will help you very well in your work. If there’s a problem, there’s a problem. If there is any difficulty in work, then you can take their help in solving it. He will provide you complete guidance which will solve your problems. At this time, an outline of auspicious programs will be kept in the house, due to which the atmosphere of the house will be seen to be very healthy. So you will get very good results of Jupiter according to Dhanesh and Labhesh. Aquarius March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to the third place, Mars is the lord of the third house and Mars is also your Karmesh. Going to Mars and sitting in a place of happiness, looking at the feeling of action. The lord of the seventh house and the lord of the third house is sitting in a house from himself and this position of Mars is going to last till March 13, so in these circumstances the results of both Karmesh and Parakramesh will be very good and excellent. Talking about might, Rahu is also sitting in the house of might and Rahu sitting here will give you success in your risky works. If you do liquor work or any work which is risky in which the risk factor is high. You will definitely get success in that work. Sitting here, Rahu will make you successful in issues in politics as well. You will achieve great success in some tasks. If there is an election or any voting work, exit poll is being done for you, then you are going to be ahead in that too. Means, this time will be seen increasing your supremacy in politics, then the result of Rahu is very good according to the sense of might and Parakramesh himself is sitting one house ahead of you, then your might will be seen increasing continuously. Your tuning with siblings will be good. You will get a lot of support from younger siblings. Now when Mars will leave your fifth house on March 13, even then the lord of might will go and sit in the third house with you and will sit in the triangle. The lord of the fifth house sitting in a triangle will definitely give very good results. At this time you will get a lot of help from your children. This time will be very good and progressive for the players. Whereas at this time you will fulfill your wishes. Whatever work is related to your hobby, good success will be achieved in it. You will dominate on social media. Now, since Mars is also your Karmesh, the lord of Karma is aspecting the seventh house from itself and its own house, so at this time the people associated with the technical field will be seen getting excellent results. The students who are doing some technical studies in the class of science, whose results are coming, that result will also be very good and positive for you. At this time, you will be seen getting full support from your father as well and at the same time, because of your power, due to your hard work, you will see big opportunities in your job as well. This time is going to be very wonderful for the police, army, navy, IPS officers who do daring work. If you are associated with construction, then this time will be very good for those people as well and those who are associated with government jobs will see full chances of promotion, then this time will create excellent conditions for the people associated with this field. After March 13, when Mars will change, then you should be a little aware and while taking the decision, ask the officials and take the decision. By keeping them in confidence, you do any work and if you are doing any work of your own, then definitely you have to proceed with great care. You can be cheated if you step in a hurry. That’s why she is alerting you. That’s why this time will be a little careful for you, so if you move carefully, then the good results of Mars that you have got till the 13th will be visible while you remain the same. So you will get the results of Mars right according to both the sense of bravery and action. Aquarius March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your place of happiness which is Venus and Venus in your Kundli along with Yogakaraka planet, Sukhesh is also there and Bhagyesh is also there. Now first let’s talk about Sukhesh, the lord of the place of happiness, Venus being exalted is sitting 11th from him. Now at this time think how much your happiness will increase i.e. the happiness of married life. Happiness of family, happiness of children, happiness of parents, happiness of brothers and sisters, happiness of friends. You will get all these happiness. Apart from this, a person also has the pleasure of having a home, family, luxury car and living a luxurious life. I have a dream in my mind that I travel in a nice car. Live in a nice luxurious house. If my children are good, if there are servants all around, then you will definitely see this situation this month, because the position of Venus is going to be excellent till the 12th, so till the 12th, the circumstances are very favorable for you. After that Venus will come. More happiness will sit in your bravery. The position of Venus in the 12th from itself and here will not be so good. However, you have to be careful a little. Be careful while investing at this time. Do not do any work beyond the budget because finance can get spoiled and if you have a dream of a new house, then you should try to fulfill that dream before March 12. If you move forward with these precautions, then you will get good results of Venus. Aquarius March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now Bhagyesh talks about Venus, which is sitting in the sixth house from itself. At the beginning of the month i.e. till March 12, Venus sitting in your sixth house is not so good for you. However, at this time the situation will not be very bad because Venus is sitting with Jupiter, the conjunction of Jupiter with Bhagyesh, the conjunction of Labhesh and Dhanesh will increase your fortune continuously. But even then you do not have to take the risk factor in your hands. That is, in whose work we have to avoid putting our hands a little bit. By the way, the incomplete tasks will be completed at a fast pace, but here a little misunderstanding can happen with your colleagues. Could be with the staff as well. That’s why let’s move in coordination. Nothing gets done with aggression and anger. It only worsens, so don’t bring aggression and anger in your life and solve your issues peacefully. Will be immersed in religious activities. Your interest in religious works will increase and you will get full support and support from your family. Now on March 12, when Venus will change and go to the seventh house from itself, then the vision of Venus will be on its own house and this time will be very good for you. At this time you can invest in a little risky work because Rahu is also sitting in the third house. Venus will come in the third house, but inertness of Venus will be formed, but here in the third house, both Rahu and Venus will give good results and the aspect of Venus on your home will make continuous progress in your fortune. At this time, you should complete your unfinished tasks immediately. The list of those tasks will get shorter very quickly. Will implement new plans. Those young men and women who are looking for a job, their search will end at this time and full chances of getting a good job will be seen. Anyway, there is a conjunction of the lord of the seventh house with the lord of the ascendant, which can prove to be helpful in getting your government job. Now if any entrance exam is happening this month or any result is to come then that result will be very positive for you. So you will get to see the results of Venus very wonderful and excellent. Aquarius March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to Mercury, now Mercury is yours, fifth lord is going in fifth house. Mars, this time is very good for the players because when Mars will come after March 12, it will improve your game, that is, it will make the players win. Will get you success. Honor will give respect. You will also get fame and if you have a dream that your children are playing sports, then you will also get good news related to your children. Now coming to the position of Mercury. Mercury is your fifth lord and the lord of the fifth house is sitting in its ninth house. Lord of the fifth house sitting in the ninth house from you will always give you success in your work. Till March 16, Mercury is sitting in your Ascendant in conjunction with Saturn of fifth lord. Alliance is happening with Lagnesh and Saptamesh, so at this time if you are in love relationship, family members are not agreeing, you can get great success. Family members will agree and there will be strong chances of marriage. If you want to express your feelings to someone, then this time will also bring wonderful situations for you. Will bring in your life. Now on March 16, when Mercury will move to your house of wealth, then your members will go and sit, even then you will get to see very wonderful and excellent results of Mercury. That means you will get good success in work. New sources of wealth will be visible and your prestige will increase at your work place as well. Intelligence will be discussed everywhere and those who are students of commerce will get great success in this. If you are preparing for CA CS or Accounting Finance, then you will be seen earning success in that also, then the results of Mercury will be very good for you according to the fifth house.

Now coming to the eighth house, if we talk about the eighth house, then the eighth lord Mercury will sit in its sixth system, then the time till March 16 is not so good according to the eighth lord. Though Mercury is not so bad with Lagnesh and Saptamesh. The journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Sources of getting secret money will open, but secret enemies can increase here. At this time, you have to complete your tasks by standing on your own because if you put your tasks on someone else, then that person can harm your work and straighten your owl and you should not let this happen. That’s why you complete your tasks with great care. After March 16, when Mercury will sit in your house of wealth, the lord of the seventh house will sit in the seventh house from itself, then they will inform you of even better and better results. At this time, you will see the results of Mercury getting better and better, so this time will make your good results even better. New sources of wealth will open. Plans will be completed more successfully. Will implement new schemes and suddenly you will get to see monetary gains in your life. Suddenly you will get to see some property in your life. You will definitely get to see such situations and this time will give you the best results of Mercury, because of this you will get the results of Mercury according to the eighth house but perfect according to the fifth house. Aquarius March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your disease, if we talk about disease, then Moon and Moon are the master of disease, they can definitely give mental and physical pains. That’s why you have to be a little aware of breathing problems. Problems like asthma, heart-related problems, taking a little too much stress, mental anxiety, pressure, any migraine problems, all these problems are related to the moon, so keep yourself relaxed. Do not bring the burden of work on yourself. If you walk in your life by making a little balance, then you will not have to face any kind of problem. Do not share your confidential things with anyone by being very emotional. Be very careful with your opponents. Do not keep your confidential things too much in front of your staff. Only you should have access to those confidential matters and keep confidential documents in a safe place. If your relationship with mother is good and especially your relationship with maternal side will be seen to be better, then the results of Moon are very good now. On your seventh house, the seventh Sun is in the seventh from itself and till March 15, this situation will be seen giving excellent results to the business class. You will progress progressively in business and those who work related to Sun like pharmacy will work. Electronics will work. Electricity will work. There will be gold work or you are doing some accounting work or you are a surgeon or you are associated with medical line. You have your own clinic or hospital. In all these situations, you will get to see the wonderful results of the Sun and the Sun will make you happy by giving you excellent results. Now after March 15, it is time for you to be a little careful that you have achieved success. If you want to keep it continuous, then take the decision after thinking carefully. Due to this I may lose something dear to you. Do not argue with your life partner, try to keep them happy. Only then you will be successful in your household life. Will also achieve success in financial and professional life. Maintain a fine tuning business with the partner. If you work in partnership, and if you are doing business, then take the decision carefully. There is no need to take any decision in haste. You have to take decisions after doing a lot of work, only then your decisions will be successfully applied by you and in that your chances of earning more money will be seen increasing. So this is the monthly horoscope of the people of Aquarius for the month of March. Aquarius March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious date: – 1st date, 2nd date, 6th date, 7th date, 11th date, 16th date, 19th to 25th date, 28th to 30th date.

Unlucky dates: – 3rd to 5th, 8th to 10th, 17th, 18th, 26th, 27th and 31st.

Lucky Colours:- Light, Yellow, Pastel, Yellow, Color Cream, Color and Golden.


  • Do offer two yellow flowers to Lakshmi ji daily.
  • Take out gaugras every day before meals.
  • While passing in front of a temple, bow your head and offer obeisance to God.
  • Do chant the mantra Om Shan Shanaishcharaya Namah on Saturdays.

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