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Aquarius Kumbh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope English | कुम्भ राशिफल जुलाई 2021


Aquarius Kumbh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope English |

कुम्भ राशिफल जुलाई 2021

The monthly horoscope of Aquarius for the month of July | Aquarius Kumbh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English

Family Status

If we talk about family situations, then the first thing will come about personality. Your Ascendant Shani, which is sitting in its outer tenth, but Saturn is sitting in its own right, so you will get to see very good results of Shani. Jupiter is sitting in the center and in the ascendant. You will get to see very good results of Guru this month. Anyway, Guru is the lord of profit house and lord of wealth house in your horoscope. Therefore, you will get very good results from the Guru. With the help of elders, you will get good knowledge, your curiosity will end. You will get full support from Dadihal. The full affection and blessings of grandparents will be seen showering on you this month. This month will strengthen your family relationships further. If there is any problem at your workplace, then the support of your family will be with you. Your family will be able to stand by you in adversity, and this will make your confidence level appear to increase further. Your respect in the family will increase. Social honor and fame will be seen increasing all around you. This is the time to share the knowledge. People will be impressed by you and will try to conduct their work after consulting you. You will come in the category of dignitaries in society. At the same time, a positive image of you will be seen in the family and relatives will also be an influx of your house. They will try to move forward in their work only after taking advice from you. At this time, whatever work you do relate to knowledge related to speech, whether it is a lecturer on the teaching line, a musician, a leader, an actor or a media person or a debater, whose work is more related to speech, the work related to speech remains. Any work-related to Guru remains. You will see great success and fame in all those fields. With the help of your elders in your house, if any old dispute related to your ancestral property is going on, then that dispute will end. If any case is pending in the court, then you will get success in those cases also this month, then you will get a lot of support from the overall family, but you will not get the support of elder siblings at this time. Mars is moving towards debilitation, sitting in a low position, and is the lord of the place of your siblings, although by sitting in a diseased house, Mars is reducing your diseases a little, at this time any kind of improvement in relations with your siblings There is no scope for this, so if you want to maintain good relations with your siblings, then stay away from situations of a dispute after any kind of dispute with them. Be it any issue, whether it is related to parental business, whether any of your ideological issues, or any of your family issues, you will have to walk very carefully in all such issues at this time. Life without relationships is an incomplete relationship of a person, we are a social animal and live in society. Without relationships, every person considers himself incomplete, and all relationships come in relationships. Siblings also have their own importance and importance. Parents have their own importance. Life partner has its own importance. Children have their own importance, so all persons have a different place in a person’s life and have different importance, do not destroy that place for you. Therefore, with your siblings, you should make tuning as far as possible and show understanding. Even if a big thing happens, even if they get angry, then you should keep calm so that the issue does not take a more formidable form and your relationship does not appear to be falling apart, then you will have to walk a little. Your relationship with your mother will progress with mixed effect. At this time, Rahu is sitting in the place of mother. Therefore, there may be a problem related to infection or chikungunya dengue malaria, any kind of problem can happen in your mother’s health, so you have to take special care of your mother’s health at this time. You will try to create misunderstood people between the two of you. Some who are your own who are your secret enemies will try to interfere between the two of you. I Will try to break you, But you don’t have to fall for such people and prove them wrong. By honoring her to please her mother. So on provoking someone’s provocation, you will not come at all and do not misbehave with your mother because parents always want good for the children, and she will also want good for you. Take care of their health, serve them, if you follow their words, then surely your future will be bright. You will get good news from the side of the child, the child will remain in your command, will come within the command, will obey your words. I Will try to follow you are their source of inspiration, so put yourself in front of them as an idol. Do not do anything that sends the wrong message to the children and if your children are taking the wrong track, then it becomes your duty to sit and explain to your children with love. By the way, this is the time of very good bonding between your children and you, then your children are equal to you, that is, if your children are equal to you, then you will be seen helping you in your works. Hui will be visible, and you must use his technology in his mind in your business. Do not allow any kind of misunderstanding to flourish with the child. Your tuning with your life partner is going to be good this month. However, after July 16, the time will move forward with a slightly mixed effect. The seventh lord, the Sun, will move to Cancer and Saturn is having its seventh aspect on Cancer. All the planets that are sitting in the Cancer sign now will fall on Venus and Mars and then on Sun and Mercury, then after that, you will have to tread carefully. By the way, you will get full support from your life partner. They will move forward for you with a very supportive and supportive attitude. If both of you do some work together, then because of them you will also get to see the possibilities of good profit. If you want to start a project then do it before 16th July and if you want to start a project in his name then you must move ahead in that work. Whatever work you do now in his name, you will definitely get to see good profit situations. Your relationship with your father may not be very strong, but yes, the train will continue to move forward with mixed effects. Mars, the lord of his father’s house, is sitting in a low position. At this time, do not make any argumentative situation with your father. If there is any problem in any work, then there may be a misunderstanding with them, and you may be deprived of their cooperation, that is why at this time it is in your best interest that you calmly listen to them. Try to understand them. If you want to keep any matter, then you will have to keep your point in front of them calmly. Rebellious tendencies will not work at this time, and they may evict you from your home, evict you from your business, or they may become negative for you if they are not supportive. Do not allow such situations to arise in life because without parents, there is no existence of the child and only with their guidance, the child progresses in life. So, you will have to move forward after thinking about the relationship with your father and mother a little. You have to walk a little by keeping their feelings in mind. At the same time, your relations with in-laws will be very good. At this time your tuning with Nana Nani will also be better. Because of them, there is also the possibility of some financial gain for you. This time will be of his blessings and love and because of his blessings, you will be able to overcome your difficulties. Aquarius Kumbh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English


Economic Condition

If we talk about the economic condition, then we will see the profit house, happy place, and money house. The lord of the profit house is Guru and the lord of wealth house is Guru, who is sitting in the ascendant. You will get a very good profit during this time. If you want to do something new in your work, want to open some new branch, or plan to expand your work, then this time is right for you. You can do this work at this time. You will also get sudden monetary benefits. The investment made in the share market and lotteries can prove to be profitable for you at this time. Your luck will support you and support you at this time. These tasks will become very easy for you. If you are an employed person, then along with the job you will be seen planning to start any work of your own, and you would like to implement these plans as soon as possible. You will also get to see the benefits of daily routine well. But Venus which is the Yoga Karak planet in your Kundli can bring some upheaval situations in your life. At this time, electronic gadgets in your house get damaged, bringing any equipment into the house, and spending on health in diseases. Vehicle breakdown and vehicle maintenance spending a lot of money on vehicle repairs. You can get to see many such situations in your life. You may also have the possibility of getting financial help from outside. That is, you may have to borrow from someone, so you will have to be a little careful so that you do not have to borrow from anyone. If you take a loan, you will also spend a lot of time repaying the loan and because of this, you will not be able to progress or progress in your life. So spend wisely so that you do not have to borrow from anyone. Aquarius Kumbh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English


Educational Career and Business

Educational career and business, time will be very good for the student class. Budhaditya Yoga of Sun-Mercury is formed. Mercury being self-occupied and sitting in your house i.e. in the fifth house, then the time will be very good for the students. Especially for the students of commerce class, this golden opportunity will be full for them. At this time you are doing any study related to CA CS Accounting or doing any studies related to finance, or you are definitely likely to get success in all the fields related to the banking sector. If you want to study outside for higher education, then the time remains very favorable for that too. If you are going through the Antardasha Mahadasha of Shani, then surely this time will definitely give you the power of profit from abroad. This time is very good for students and if you look at career-wise etc. then this time is not so good for you. Venus is the lord of the place of fortune, on which Saturn is having the seventh sight, so it is a little more, you may have to face some problems till 17th July. Work stuck, Difficulty in work. You will definitely get to see such a situation, but the time after July 17, when Venus will enter Leo. If you enter the seventh house, then the conditions will start improving. You will get very good benefits in the field of work. Your pleasures will increase, and you will be seen increasing in luxury. At this time your dream like your new land building vehicle will also appear to be fulfilled. But these will be government. After July 17, before July 17, you will not invest in any such work at all, because in such works you may see situations of loss, if you have worked before then you will be going to sign any other paper. If you are, then you have to read it first, only then sign it, otherwise, there may be fraud with you. You may also see cheating. There will be many difficulties in the job at this time. Someone else will take the fruits of your hard work. This will give you a scolding for your work. You can also be fired because of negligence. You will definitely have to keep a little caution to the employed people and walk a little cautiously. Do not share your secrets with colleagues around you as they can take advantage of it. Talking about business, the time for the business class will move forward with mixed effect, see that till July 16, the time will be very good for the business class. But the time after July 16, when the Sun will sit in your sixth house. Then the seventh sight will fall on the Sun. At that point, things will start to deteriorate. Differences will also arise between father and son. At this time, if you are doing ancestral business in business, then it will be broken. Do not work in partnership at all. Work done in partnership can also harm you. At this time, you may get to see more situations of loss, so keep tuning with your partner. There is no room for any kind of differences with him at this time. Due to the mixed-effects for the business class, this time will go ahead, so you will have to work harder. Don’t let anything get you down in your hard work. Do not leave any stone unturned in hard work because if you do your work then you will get good results. Any important work related to your business, whether you have to have a meeting. You have to make a difficult decision in a business, or you have to change your staff. Whatever work you do related to business, you should complete all those works before July 16. After that, your decisions may be reversed, and you may see situations of loss instead of profit. Have to regret their decisions later. If you do not have to walk with a little care, then this month will move ahead with mixed effects for you in terms of education, career, and business. Aquarius Kumbh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English

Spouse and Love Affair

Talking about a life partner and love affairs, then the same thing that the Sun in the seventh house is sitting in your fifth house till July 16. After July 16, he will go to your sixth house, then Saturn will have the seventh vision and if he sits in the fifth house, then the Guru will have a vision. So half of the month will move forward with mixed effect for you, however, when Venus will come to your seventh house after 17th July. So those disorders can create emotional conditions, so at that time you have to be very careful. That is, the time after July 16 can be troublesome for you, if your relationship is already spoiled, then the time can be broken. If you are tied in a very good and sweet bond, then the tuning of your married life may get disturbed at this time. Mutual differences or misunderstandings are created, blaming each other, quarreling with each other over small things. You may have to face many such situations, so at this time you will have to handle your marital relationship very wisely. Be very careful, don’t be a part of too much debate. Don’t let ego come between you and your spouse. At this time try to solve your issues wisely in peace, only then you will be able to make your married life happier, then overall married life will move ahead with mixed effects of your respect. Aquarius Kumbh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English



if we talk about health, then Moon is the lord of disease house, which will not bring much fluctuation in your health, but firstly both Venus and Mars are sitting in your disease house. So you will get some benefit in your diseases. Whatever problem you are going through related to a blood disorder, whether it is BP, sugar, blood clotting problem, if there is some problem of nerve blocks related to blood circulation related to blood, then there is a possibility of getting relief in it, but at this time you have to get internal Parts may be sore. There may be some itching and some lady’s problems, such problems can definitely be faced, as well as at this time you will have to take special care of the nervous system of your eyes. Especially, take full care of your memory. See, we will record small things again and again. If you remember again and again what you did, then you will definitely remember. If you are careless, then those things will be forgotten quickly. So in this case, you have to be careful in the matter of memory as well. Aquarius Kumbh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English


If we talk about the remedy, then if we see this month, then according to family conditions, that is, because of Venus, then donate to Shani. Saturn is having vision on Venus. Any negative effect on Venus will be eliminated by the donation of Shani. The negative effects of Saturn on Sun and Mercury will end, then you must donate to Shani on Saturday, after sunset, you can donate to Saturn. Must put mustard oil lamp in Shani temple. If you are unable to go to the Shani temple, then there should be any Peepal tree around your house, you should light a mustard oil lamp daily in the evening. So by this, you will get benefit in the evil eye of Saturn. At the same time, you have to make donations related to Mars. Recite Bajrang Baan every day and do not forget to visit Hanuman Ji. Put a bush of roti to Hanumanji, put churma on the roti, pour ghee and make a round of it, make churma, and offer it to that churma. So these are some benefits that you must do. With this, many of your problems will appear to be solved at once.



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