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Aquarius Horoscope August 2022

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Hello, welcome We have once again appeared before all of you. Taking the monthly horoscope of August and this month remains very special every year because many fasts and festivals come together in August. Let’s know about them. Firstly, on August 2, the festival of Nag Panchami will be celebrated with great pomp. After that Putrada Ekadashi is coming on 8th August. Putrada Ekadashi is going to be special for those couples who want to have children and are unable to get children. They must worship Lord Krishna on the day of Putrada Ekadashi. August 11 is the festival of Raksha Bandhan, which is a symbol of love between brothers and sisters. Shravan month will end on 12th August and Kajali Teej is coming on 14th August, the special festival of honeymooners. Independence Day is on 15th August, which is the biggest festival in our country. Krishna Janmashtami is coming on 18th August. The festival of Goga Navami will be celebrated on 20 August. August 23 will be the day to start Bach, Baras and Paryushan. In Bach Baras, mothers worship cows and calves for the long life of their children. On August 30, the festival of Hartalika Teej will be celebrated with great pomp and August 31 is the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, so we will get to see many of these festivals this time in August. Aquarius Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now let’s move ahead and know how this month is going to be important according to the transit of the planet and it is very important to see how. Talking about the Sun, the king of planets, he is currently sitting in his very friendly zodiac sign Cancer and on August 17, he will be sitting in his zodiac sign Leo Leo by becoming self-occupied, then the Sun, who is the king of the planets, will be in his zodiac. are about to come. Then talk about Mercury, which is currently sitting in its even sign Cancer. On August 1 i.e. on the first day of the month, they will enter their even zodiac sign Leo and on August 21, they will be exalted in Virgo, that is, in their zodiac, they are also exalted and self-gratified. Huh. Will sit there. Talking about Mars, he is currently sitting in his zodiac sign Aries and will enter his friend sign Taurus on 10th August. The planet Jupiter will be sitting in its zodiac sign Pisces as a self-gracious person for the whole month. Talking about Venus, he is currently sitting in his very friendly sign Gemini and on 7th August he will enter his even sign Cancer and on 31st August he will enter his Leo sign. Talking about Shani, he will remain in his zodiac sign Capricorn and will remain self-gratified for the whole month. Rahu will be sitting evenly and Ketu is going to be sitting in his equal sign Libra for this whole month, so this is the condition of this planetary transit in this month. Now the conditions of these planets are being created and the positions of the planets are very special because this month the Sun is becoming self-occupied. Mercury is getting exalted, and Jupiter is self-occupied. Saturn is self-occupied. Mars, which is still in its sign, is forming Angarak Yoga with Rahu. Sitting in your zodiac, your zodiac is the lord. If they come one house ahead of themselves, then this Angarak Yoga will be broken. We will get to see the Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury, but many situations are going to be very favourable this month. That is, this month is very important for all zodiac signs. Now how will the people of Aquarius get benefit from this? If you know about it, then let’s start. Monthly Horoscope for August for Aquarius people.


Let’s talk first. Your zodiac lord i.e. Ascendant Saturn is retrograde sitting in your twelfth place. Which is their own place, then in the twelfth house i.e. the place of expenditure is considered. Sitting in the retrograde of Saturn in it, sitting in the outside of the ascendant will give you so much result, but sitting in your own house. That’s why they won’t give you negative results. You can get good profit from abroad at this time. Your personality will be powerful. However, sometimes due to being straight, you will speak bitter words to people and due to this, you may also have to face the displeasure of people. You can also become an object of condemnation, but you have to control this thing that it is important for us to be soft-spoken. Even if we want to tell someone good, we are thinking good for him, if we are also removing his shortcomings. If you explain to him with love, then that person will definitely understand, but if you speak bitter words, then he will remember your words. If the intention behind the word will not be remembered, then the intention that you have, if your intention is good and you have a good thought for it, then keep your speech a little sweet. The same thing applies to relationships. Otherwise, you may get to see ups and downs in relationships. Family members will stand by you. Will support you in every situation, but you also have to understand their values. You have to know their importance. If there is any problem in your life. Feel free to ask them, they will provide you with all possible help. That is, according to the results of Saturn, you will get very good and if you are sitting in the twelfth, then travelling abroad as I told you, its yogas are being made. You will get opportunities to work abroad. The time is very good for young girls who want to go out and try their luck. You will do your work honestly at the workplace and your boss will be happy. You can achieve good achievements in your life with your dedication at this time, but whatever work you do, do it honestly in your life. If you have adopted dishonesty i.e. tried to take bribe or adopt any way to earn money in wrong way then you will definitely get into problems. Action may be taken against you. You may also have to travel to jail, so move ahead in your life with a little care and caution.

Now we go ahead and come to the second house. If we talk about the second house, then the lord of the second house is Guru, who is also your benef. Sitting in the second house, being self-gracious to the Guru, will increase your respect and respect from the family. If you had any differences with your relatives, then those differences will now be resolved. Even distant relatives will now know you and obey you. Your problems will appear to be decreasing in your life. Sweetness will dissolve more in relationships. At this time, along with family members, you will also increase your participation in social events. Discharging social responsibilities will be seen well. With your alertness in your actions, you will also create a situation of good profit. If any important responsibility is given to you, then this month you will be seen fulfilling that responsibility with devotion. That is, this month will get alertness in your works. Will keep your management very proper. Especially those who are associated with the teaching profession, who keep doing any work related to research or if you fail in management, then surely you will achieve good success and progress in your work. Aquarius Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now, since Guru is the lord of your twelfth place as well as benefit, then he will try to increase the profit even more. The circumstances of sudden monetary gains will increase. At this time if you have lent to someone, then the person will repay your loan. If a scheme is stuck and your money is stuck in it, then you will definitely get that money back. Your morale will increase. At this time the efficiency of your work will be seen increasing because that’s when we get to see the benefits. When we make progress in our life, many more resources try to increase in our life and you will also be seen doing the same effort at this time. Social honour and respect, I told you that on the contrary, your participation in social programs with your family will increase. Also, you can be honoured. This month can also be called by making a chief guest in a big program. Circles and levels will grow and add to the circles and levels that will appear to help you in the times to come. If you do any work of your own. If someone is the owner of a bigger industry than your self-business, then surely you will be seen making plans for expansion of work.


Now we come to the third house. If we talk about the third house, then Mars is the lord of the third house, which changes the zodiac at the beginning of the month i.e. on 10th August and sits one house ahead of itself. Since Mars is your third house as well as your Karmesh, then you will have to become a little karma-pradhan. You will get the results of Mars very well in the centre because if the lord of the mighty house is sitting ahead of you, then you will increase your tuning with siblings. Will fulfil your ambitions. Whatever goals you set in your life at this time, you will achieve them. Your political contacts will be stronger at this time. If any work is stuck in politics, then surely they will also be seen being completed. Brother’s support will be received. Disputes related to ancestral property will be resolved through mutual dialogue and coordination. Employed people may have to go out at this time, but the journey will be pleasant and happy. Now if the lord of Karma Bhava sees his own house, then he will increase your work. If you are associated with the technical field if you have a degree in engineering. Are you working in some engineering field? If you have a construction business of your own, then at this time you are definitely going to benefit in these areas. It will work with just a strategy and planning. If you do proper planning and strategy, then you will definitely get benefits. Your fame will increase. You will also get the support of the officers, and with the help of the officers, the obstacles coming in your life will also be removed, then you will get to see the results of Mars very good and best according to your karma.

Now we come to the place of your happiness. He is the owner of the place of happiness. Venus, which is the yogic planet in your horoscope and in a week i.e. In the initial week of the month, they will give very good results sitting in your fifth. But on 7th August, Venus is going to change the zodiac and is sitting in your disease house. Sitting on the disease Venus will not give you such a good result. There may be slight fluctuations in pleasures. You may have to struggle a bit. Suddenly some expenditure may come in your life. As the expenses on the maintenance of the house came suddenly, someone became ill in the house. Because of that, you had to spend or if the vehicle got damaged, then it had to be repaired. Some such expenses may come in your life unintentionally. In order for you to move ahead with these expenses, that is, to face them, you must keep some deposit with you. She will give you benefit in such expenses at this time. This will not spoil your budget, so make a small budget and be a little careful. Don’t spend more than necessary. Bring your expenses under control. Control them and they will get caress, but their health will have to be taken care of especially as they may have to face breathing problems. Because of this you can leave all the work and follow them, that is, showing them the hospital, you can be busy getting them treated. That is why you should take special care of them so that such a problem does not come in your life and it does not disturb everyone’s life and mother’s health is good. Aquarius Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now, since Venus is also your destiny, it is not so good to sit in the sixth place of the lord of the rest of the place. Avoid doing risky work during this time. You should avoid investing in lottery stock market activities. You have to pay attention only to your unfinished tasks at this time. Even the beginning of a new job, the beginning of new work may not be good for you. There may be some hindrances in that work. So first complete your unfinished tasks. Otherwise, the unfinished tasks will get longer, then only after completing the unfinished tasks, you should start new work and move forward that too thoughtfully. Be careful while investing in the youth who are looking for jobs for themselves. Time is going to be a bit struggling for them. On the other hand, if you are going to start your own work, then first make complete planning, and layout and see how much it will cost, after that, you go ahead because if you go into the field without planning then you may have to face failure. So a little bit you have to be a little careful in this matter. Be a little aware and you will be full of dharma, karma and spiritual feelings. Your interest in religious activities will increase.


Now go ahead and find out. About the fifth house See is the lord of the fifth house. Mercury, which changes the zodiac twice this time, will be sitting in your seventh house on 15th August and after that, it will be exalted in your eighth house. Mercury sitting in your seventh house is very good because it will sit in your third house. The setting of Mercury in the seventh centre will be very good for you. Your work will be completed quickly. Students who are currently facing problems in their studies, maintain their concentration on that problem. Don’t let work pressure overwhelm you. If you just pay attention to your studies, then if you can overcome any kind of problem in your life and achieve your goal, then the time will be very good and full of beneficial situations for the students. Your mental strength will be seen increasing. The problems coming in your life at this time will be removed. Now go ahead with the goal. Just keep this in mind, then you will not face any kind of problem. The time after August 21, is very good for them from commerce students. If any result comes, then those results will be positive for you. If you want to take any degree like CA, or CS in your degree and somewhere in it, you are stuck. So now you will get that degree. The blockade will end. The obstacles coming in your work will also appear to be removed. The work will go ahead at a fast pace. Whatever tension or problem is going on in your life from the side of the child, then you will get freedom from it. You will have good yoga for getting children. At this time, time will be very good for people associated with literature and writing. If you do any work of writing or your profession in which the work of writing is more, then definitely time will be progressive and progressive for you. Now, since Mercury is also your eighth lord and Mercury in the eighth house will be self-gracious after August 21 and before that, it will sit in its twelfth, then at this time, it is time to take care of a little till the 20th. By August 20, since at this time, your small tasks will be seen being managed and there will be problems in small tasks. Sometimes some obstruction, sometimes some and you will be seen carrying it a little. You will be disappointed, but you don’t have to be disappointed. The secret enemy can be in the form of your friend even in the form of neighbour with money. There may also be co-workers who are jealous of your work and jealous of you trying to interfere with your work in some way or the other. Stay away from such people who have disturbed your work. Be careful. Keep your secret to yourself. Do not share with such people. Keep yourself strong and you have to complete your tasks standing by yourself. Don’t cast your actions on someone else. Due to these problems and your work will not progress in progress, if not completed then the problems will increase further. So a little bit you have to be careful in this matter. The time after August 21 is very good for you, whoever tries to disturb your work, will fail in his plans. That is, it can also be thought of upside down on it. You proceed on your karmic path only with a good and pure spirit. The problems which were going on in the routine, this will be the time to solve those problems. Now she will be successful. Troubles will end. Your number of friends will increase during this time. The number of people supporting you will increase. You just have to do your work and you don’t have to indulge in risky things. Avoid making wrong investments. Aquarius Horoscope August 2022 English blog


Now we come to the seventh house. If we talk about the seventh house, then the mental stress will dominate you a little from the moon at this time, and then you have to take special care of your health. Work happens in the life of every person. You feel that there is more burden in your life and that is why you are dominating it too much on you and this also becomes the reason for depression and frustration. That’s why there is no need to be depressed. Keep yourself. Sometimes we fail, again and again, and even then a disappointment arises in our mind that we can never achieve unsuccessful success, but it is not so. If a person makes effort, then he definitely gets success. Just keep doing your efforts. Yes, sometimes the road to success is a bit long, but despite being long, that success also lasts forever. That is, if it lasts for a long time, then just move forward with this courage, and maintain your morale to face any kind of problem. It will happen by itself. That is, a slight lack of self-confidence is needed to increase it. To avoid the problem of migraine a little, let’s take special care of your health. Meditate and get enough sleep.

Go ahead and get to know. See about the fifth house, the fifth lord is the Sun. Which is the seventh place in the business of life. First of all, the Sun will sit in its twelfth till August 17th and as long as the sun is sitting in its twelfth, then Saturn’s seventh vision will also have to be faced. So this time may bring slight fluctuations in your business. Business problems may increase. Problems can increase more, so you have to be a little careful, be cautious. Make any investment after August 17, if there is any work after August 17, then you can do it. The first thing to do is to carry on with the routine tasks. Not the start of a new job. Go on with your normal work. The work will go on happening on its own. Then after August 17, when the Sun will sit in your seventh house by being self-gratuitous, then the business class who do work related to the Sun should be of electrical goods to the business of electronics and electricity. Whether it is a gold trader or a pharmacy related to the medical field. Surely this time has brought you very productive and profitable conditions, so do any work after 17th August. This is also the place of married life in relationships. Therefore, to get married, you will get your desired life partner after 17th August. If you are enjoying the life of marriage then surely this time will be very beneficial for you. Your marital happiness will increase. You will get a lot of support from your life partner. If the obstacles coming in married life in life will be removed, then you will get these Sun results very good after 17th August. Before that, you have to control your anger a little bit. Be careful in your actions. Avoiding new tasks . Aquarius Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Auspicious dates – 4th to 10th, 13th to 18th, 22nd to 28th.
Noteworthy dates – 2nd, 3rd, 11th, 12th, 19th to 21st and 29th to 31st.
Lucky colours – Brown, Blue, Green.

Special Measures

  • You can donate some essential things to the handicapped, to the servants, to the sanitation workers and you have to do that work on Saturday. Anyway, the sight of Saturn is bad. That’s why you have to do Shani’s remedies. Respect them. Do not disrespect them or else you can become a part of Shani’s wrath.
  • You must do a shadow donation. That is, inside a vessel, you take mustard oil or sesame oil and look at your face in it and you have to donate that image to a needy person or to the Shani temple.

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