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Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog | Kumbh Rashifal 2022 – Nidhi Shrimali


Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog

The beginning of the year will be good and happy


The beginning of the year is going to be very good and successful for you because, at the beginning of the year, your zodiac lord Shani will sit in the 12th house by becoming self-occupied in Capricorn, which is his zodiac. Together, Mercury is also sitting, which will get very good benefits from abroad at this time from your fifth lord, especially those who are in the private sector, they will be seen getting some opportunities to go out and work abroad, you will represent your company. You can get many big projects at this time. This time will also be very good for the business class. If you do any kind of work-related to export-import, then you will get great benefits in it. Students associated with higher education will see many opportunities to go out and get many opportunities to study. Apart from this, the Guru is sitting in your zodiac sign, at the beginning of the year, sitting in the centre of the Guru, it would have been very nice to have your personality more powerful and enlightening. Your social prestige will increase. You will be remembered in any big responsibilities. You will be seen acting like a leader. The leading quality will develop inside you. If there is any kind of work in the family too, then its reins will be entrusted in your hands and you will be seen doing well in a very good manner and organizing those tasks efficiently, so that your fame, respect and fame will increase all around. will appear. Enemies will also try to make friends with you at this time. People will try to conduct their work after consulting you. Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog 

Marriage, marital life, childbirth, education, business

Jupiter’s vision will also start a very good and fruitful year, but 5th, 7th, 9th three visions on both your triangles and your central place i.e. fifth vision on the fifth house, seventh vision on seventh house, ninth sight on the ninth house, luck place on the ninth house. But it is falling. These three visions of Guru are going to be very auspicious for you and you will get to see its very best results at this time. Time will be very good and give good results for the student class. You will get good results in studies, in education. This time will also remove the obstacles coming in marriage. Jupiter is also a child Karak planet and marriage Karak planet. Guru has the fifth vision, it will also remove the obstacles coming in getting children. If any problem related to children is going on in your life or if you are very worried about it, then you will get freedom from that problem at this time. Due to the seventh vision of Jupiter, the obstacles coming in your marriage will be removed. Married life will be happier, at this time you will get the best life partner for yourself and even if there was a miss understanding between the two, then it will end at this time. If you want to start your work in partnership, then stop for a while, do not do any work in partnership. Go ahead with a little attention. Carrying the feelings of your partner can be very fruitful for you. The ninth sight of Jupiter will increase your fortune by falling at your place of destiny. Your work will be completed smoothly during this time. The situations of stagnation in the works will end. You will be seen getting good benefits in the banking sector, while if you put your hand in any risky work like trading, share marketing, lottery, then you will get benefits and you will see good results in that too. This time will also be very good for the students associated with higher education. Especially the students who are doing management studies, they will have a very good advantage in their studies at this time and you may get an opportunity to study by sending them out on scholarship on behalf of the college i.e. to fulfil your dream of studying abroad. The possibility remains fully present at this time. This early time of the year will be very good for you, that is, at the beginning itself, the year will start giving you good results. Similarly, if any court case is pending against you, then its decision will also be seen going in your favour at this time, but at this time there may be some concern about the health of the mother, so take special care of her health. Take special care of their health. Mars is also sitting in the karmic place, which will give you benefits in the field of engineering or if you are doing Daring jobs in high administrative positions i.e. Police, Army, Navy, then your chances of promotion are to become desired transfer chances. There are many such possibilities to benefit the people associated with the contracting or construction line, to get the full cooperation of the officials at this time. Because Ketu is also sitting with Mars and Ketu equals Mars i.e. Ketu gets the results according to Mars. They give results equal to Mars, so at this time they are seen increasing the power of Mars. The beginning of the year will be very good for you. Venus and Sun which are sitting in your benefic house will be seen increasing your profit as well. At this time, if you have invested in the name of your life partner, then there is a possibility of getting a good profit in it. Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog 

Benefit from Abroad

Your Karmesh Mars, which is exalted from 26 February to 6 April, is sitting in your 12th house. Although Mars is sitting in the spending house, Mars is sitting in the spending house, you will get great benefits from abroad. At this time in the 12th house, many other planets are in conjunction with Mars-like Saturn, Mercury and Venus, these three planets are also sitting in the 12th house with Mars, one is Lord Shani of the 12th house, who will be sitting with Mars. . Karmesh and the lord of both the triangles are also sitting in conjunction in your 12th house. This combination of these four planets is becoming a confluence, it will increase your work abroad. If you want to take the expansion of your business abroad, then at this time you will see that you are getting it and at this time there will be very good chances of travelling abroad. Very good yoga will be made for working abroad. In the business of import-export also, you will get very good profit at this time. If you do any kind of import-export work, then you will get good results in this work at this time. Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog 

Achieving positive results

 On the change of zodiac of three big planets which are going to happen in April, these planets have a very deep impact on our life. These planets are especially seen when doing astrological calculations. First of all, Rahu, which is currently sitting in Taurus, will enter Aries from Taurus on 12th April. Till now Rahu was sitting in your happy place and giving fluctuations of happiness. Many troubles, troubles, frauds were being done with you. were bringing the situation of confusion. Were confusing, intimidating, but now you will get the best results of Rahu. You will get to see the result of Rahu in this which is going to change the zodiac of Rahu Ketu because Rahu in the 3rd house gives very good results. Especially those who are associated with the political field, this time will be very good for them. Whatever position you want to get at this time, you want to become popular with the public. The leaders who are in your high command want to grow closer with them. If you want to strengthen the relationship further, then this time will fulfil your every wish. Rahu will be seen sitting here giving you the best results. At this time you can also sit on the post of a big leader. A big pot, a big workload can also be assigned to you. Also, your might will increase. Social honour and respect will increase. At this time your financial condition will appear to improve even more. People will be impressed by you and will try to do their work only after taking advice from you. At this time, every wish of yours will be seen getting a special embodiment and positive results will also be achieved. On the other hand, if Ketu’s zodiac sign changes with Rahu, then Ketu is sitting in your luck place, it will give some fluctuation of your luck, but due to the good results of Rahu, you will not have to face many problems. On the strength of your hard work, on the strength of your might, you will achieve new achievements based on your social honour and respect. Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog 

 Social respect

Now let’s come to the guru who has the same effect in our life and has to increase the social honour and respect in our lives and get some big position and increase in knowledge, increase in spirituality, if you have to walk with the family. If the quality of leadership is to be brought, then all these come under the jurisdiction of the planet Jupiter. At present, the planet Jupiter is sitting in your zodiac and on 13th April i.e. a day after Rahu, Jupiter will be one house ahead of your zodiac i.e. in Pisces which will be sitting in their zodiac signs. Guru’s sitting in your 2nd house will solve your money related problems, now you will see freedom from everyday gains which till now were full of fluctuations in your life. If there is any dispute related to ancestral property for you, then those disputes will be settled. You will benefit a lot in any work you are doing related to speech, whether it is for artists, musicians, whether you have a lot of speaking work, whether it is an astrologer, whether it is related to the political field. Be it, whether you are associated with the post of leaders, media personnel or are associated with teaching line, this time will give very good benefits to the people associated with all these fields. Artists will be seen gaining very good fame this time.

Freedom from diseases and debts

Guru’s fifth sight is falling on your diseased house, which will annihilate your enemies. Will bring a reduction in your diseases. Till now if you were suffering from problems like thyroid, BP, sugar, heart, skin, then you will get very good relief in that too. You will get rid of debt. If you have to pay the loan for a very long time and you want that you can get rid of this loan, then this year will give you freedom from debt along with the change of zodiac sign of this guru. The seventh sight of Jupiter is falling on your eighth house, which will balance your daily routine life. You will get freedom from the problems which were going on in your life at this time. At this time your work will start smoothly. Moving forward on the path of honesty, you will be seen becoming the favourite of your officers. At this time you must avoid investing in any of your risky work. But you will get the fruits of hard work. If there are any false cases against you or false allegations are against you, then you will be seen getting a clean chit from those allegations too. The ninth sight of Jupiter will fall on your karmic sense, which will increase your work. The job profession will get good results for the people. You will see many opportunities coming your way during this time. At this time your guru’s vision is also falling on karma. Karmesh Mars, which is sitting in your zodiac along with your zodiac lord, then this will be the time or will give a big boom to your work, that is, it will give very good growth if you are associated with the field of engineering from the IT field. If you are connected in computer or electronics, you have done engineering or you are connected with any work of contracting, then in these areas, you will get to see the best results. Relations with father will be very cordial. Obstacles coming in government work will be removed. With the help of your father, you will be seen achieving a big project in your business, then this is the effect of the change of zodiac sign of the guru, it will bring a lot of positive effect on your life and along with it, you will get lucky. You will see many new fabrics being made in the future. Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog 

Four moons, journeys in your fame

Your yoga karaka talks about the planet. The planet of Yoga is yours, Venus which is also your Bhagyaesh and your Sukhesh is also your Sukhesh and Bhagyesh being Venus, they will be your Yogakaraka planets. Venus will be in Pisces from 27th April to 23rd May i.e. Jupiter in the 2nd house in your wealth. If you sit in conjunction with each other, then at this time you will get to see an increase in luck. If you want to move forward in the field of any art, then thanks to the high, it will give you great results in the field of art as well. Famous, it will take four moons that you were looking for a good teacher, then that search will end if you want to increase your art in foreign, in the market, worldwide, want to take your name to a brand level. Your name is in people’s minds, people want to take their education from you, spread your propaganda among people through your art, all such possibilities are going to give good results in your life. At this time if you are working related to any interior decoration, are engaged in the field of fashion designing, if you have food supply work, if you have clothing work, passion for clothing, imitation jewellery work, flowers If there is work of perfumery, then you will get very good results in all these areas, that is, this time will increase your work, will also increase your pleasures, you will be seen shopping for luxury items in your home at this time. You can buy new luxury items, visit natural places, you can do this time your wish which is in your mind in every person’s mind that I go to place, wear nice, move around well, and live the luxury life that dreams Your Venus will be completed this time. The time from June 18 to July 13 will also be very good for you. At this time, Venus will be sitting in Taurus sign i.e. in your happy place and after that, from October 18 to November 11, when Venus will be self-occupied in your place of destiny, even then they will increase your luck, making your luck better. will appear. Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog 

Let’s talk about the planet Shani which is your zodiac lord and the planet Saturn has a very deep effect on your life. You are also going through the half-century of Shani, as it is going to continue even after the change of Saturn’s zodiac. Saturn is in Capricorn and on 29th April he will move from Capricorn to your sign. So, Saturn’s half-century will affect Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces i.e. your zodiac sign and Shani’s will be felt by Cancer and Scorpio zodiac signs, but Saturn is your zodiac lord, that’s why you will get to see positive results of Saturn’s half-century. If Saturn comes and sits in your zodiac, then it will make your personality more powerful. Will make you very honest and you will have discussions of honesty all around. People will learn from you and do their work. For many people, you will be seen becoming an idol at this time. People will do their work after taking advice from you today. Being hardworking, you will impress the people around you a lot. Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog 


Related to mining department, related to minerals, substances coming out of the earth like oil has become, petrol has become if you do any work related to it, then you will get very good benefits in it. If you are involved in works related to Judiciary, then you will get very good results in that too. If you are a grocery merchant, then you will get a very good profit in that too. Even if you are a farmer, you will get great benefits at this time. This year will be very good for the farmers. You will be seen getting the correct assessment of the crop, that is, the year 2022 is going to be very good for the farmer class, for the people of Aquarius. On 12th July, Saturn will retrograde and will travel again in Capricorn and by sitting there you will get very good benefits from abroad because your zodiac lord is becoming self-occupied, so there are very good yogas and opportunities for travelling abroad and working abroad. You will get that you have wished for a long time that a member of the family lives outside, you should also go to him and travel. If you come by staying with him, then this dream of yours will be fulfilled. Visa-related or passport-related If any of your work is stuck, then your work will be completed successfully at this time. Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog 

The best result for student

The planet Mercury is the lord of your fifth house. Panchmesh will sit exalted in your eighth house in Virgo and when they are getting exalted. From August 31 to October 26, Mercury is exalted in Virgo, although it is being exalted in the eighth, it is being exalted in your eighth, so it will also do good to the eighth house and is the fifth lord, so the time is very for the students. it will be cool. Your IQ will increase at this time, memory will increase, there will be discussions of intelligence all around. Time will be very good for the business class. Students who are studying commerce. Those who are studying commerce will get great benefits. If you are studying CA, CS, Accounting or if you are preparing for any exam related to bank, then you will get good results in this. If you want to do your work in the IT field or if you want to go out and spread your work, then you will get good opportunities for that too. That is, you will also see Mercury getting the best results at this time, and if we see, then the whole year will be very good for you and especially February, March, April, June, July, September and October. This month will bring you the best results. In these months, if you want, you can do some special work according to yourself. You can start any auspicious work or you can establish a business of your own, you can complete any work you want in these months, this month is going to be very lucky for you. Also, you should wear some lucky colour which is very lucky for you, then you go on a special occasion and if you do not wear clothes every day, but if you wear handkerchiefs of that colour then it is also very good for you. And it will prove to be lucky, that colour is blue, brown, sky blue and violet, these four colours are going to be very lucky for you. Now you cannot wear only these four colours every day, but you should always carry this handkerchief with you. Keep in your purse, keep in your pocket so that you can get the benefit of these colours too. Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog 

Special measures for the year 2022

  1. You should worship Shiva. Your zodiac lord Shani is Lord Bhole Shankar, the one who fulfils everyone’s wishes and the adorable god of Shani Dev is also Lord Bhole Shankar. If you worship Shiva, then Shani Dev will always be happy on you and his grace will always remain on you, as well as the grace of innocent Shankar will also remain, then you should anoint the Shivling with Panchamrit every day.
  2. If you go out of the house, then go out of your house by chanting Om Namah Shivaya and saluting Lord Bhole Shankar.
  3. The more you chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, the more you will get rid of diseases and problems in your life, as well as you will set new paths of progress and progress in your life. Because this is the mantra of getting the blessings of Shani Dev. If you ever say this mantra, then Shani Dev’s special blessings will be on you, so adopt Mahamrityunjaya Mantra in your life. You should chant more and more times, otherwise, if there is a tape of this mantra in the market, then you should always keep that audio on. This mantra should always resonate in your house. Seeing this, you will see miraculous results this year.
  4. You should donate to Shani, it is very important for you because Shani’s half-century is going on.
  5. Watering the kidi city will also prove to be very beneficial for you. Rahu will make the result more perfect. Ketu’s negative result will also be positive and you will get the blessings of Shani Dev.
  6. You must also wear Shani’s ring on your middle finger.
  7. Donations of iron things will be very good for you, if you are doing iron business, then this year is going to be very good for you, then you can also donate iron things.
  8. Donate black things.
  9. If you are suffering from evil eyesight due to any ill-effects of Saturn, then you must do Tuladan and donate black things equal to your weight, it will be very beneficial for you.

This remedy is very important for you. You should do these measures. But these measures have been told to you in general if you want to know how the coming year will be according to your zodiac sign because we mix the horoscope of the transit with the horoscope and see the symmetry of the planets accordingly, how it is happening and according to that If we tell you about your personal life, then you want to know that how will the year 2022 be for you, whether you will get rid of the problems coming in the future or not. If you want to get answers to some questions in your mind and if you want to get some such miraculous remedies that will positively change your life, then you must take advantage of Kundali analysis once from us. Aquarius Horoscope 2022 English Blog 

May this new year of yours be prosperous. May all your wishes be fulfilled. May you get happiness, good luck and prosperity in your life.



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