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Aquarius 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog | Aquarius Guru Transit | Aquarius Prediction गुरु बृहस्पति


Aquarius 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

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Astrology is a science and if it is understood deeply then change in life is possible. So come, we will solve your every problem. Hello. Welcome, today we have appeared in front of you with the information about the change of zodiac sign of Dev Guru Brihaspati and till now we have given you information from Aries to Capricorn. Today we are going to tell you what will be the effect of the change of the zodiac sign of Dev Guru Jupiter on the people of Aquarius. Aquarius 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

On 13th April, Dev Guru Jupiter will enter Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra from Aquarius to Pisces at 7.28 am. In Pisces, he will be sitting as a self-gracious person and for about a year i.e. till April 22, 2023, he will be seen travelling in Pisces. Best results for all zodiac signs will be seen at this time of Devguru Jupiter. Anyway, Devguru Jupiter is known to be an auspicious planet, it is known as the planet of knowledge, these planets are also considered symbols of scholars. As in their name, they are called Gu means ignorance and Ru mean destroyer means destroyer of ignorance. It is a malefic planet. These are the planets that bring wealth and sons and children and are the cause of marriage. If you want to look inside your horoscope for the attainment of a son, then the god Guru is first looked towards Jupiter, while for marriage, both Venus and Guru are considered. The strength of the Guru is seen at the time of marriage. Guru is the lord of the morning. They have dominion over the north direction and the old man and the business class. If Dev Guru Jupiter is placed in male sign i.e. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 in the horoscope, then the person does independent business from the very beginning. Similarly, if Dev Guru Brihaspati is placed in the 10th house i.e. in the 10th house in the horoscope, then he gets the person a job and anyway Dev Guru Brihaspati gives very good results in the central place. Gives good results in the place of happiness from the Ascendant. From a dry place in the seventh and the seventh in the sense of karma, gets progressively better results. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces, he shows the effects of exalted Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. If Devguru Brihaspati is seated in the central place by being self-occupied or exalted, then he creates Mahapurush Yoga called Hans. Along with the Moon, Gajakesari Yoga is also formed. They have the right over the fatness of the liver skin. After the 42nd year, the age of the guru has the right, that is, if the person is of age above forty-two years, then the effect of Devguru Brihaspati is seen more on his life. As we told you that April is the most important of our annual horoscope because in this month three big planets are going to change their zodiac signs. Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn, the three planets are going to change the zodiac in April. So, we have already made a blog about Rahu’s zodiac change, you can get information about the effect of Rahu’s zodiac change on your zodiac according to your zodiac. Aquarius 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

Now let us know what will be the results of this change of Jupiter’s zodiac sign for the people of Aquarius, then let us tell you that in your zodiac, Guru is the second lord and benefic and is sitting in the second place i.e. in the sense of wealth. The Guru’s sitting in the second position and sitting in the fourth position of the lord will increase your profit progressively. This time is going to be very good for the business class. You will be seen opening new branches of your business. Will be seen executing the plans for expansion of business. This time will also bring circumstances of sudden monetary gains in your life. Lottery stock market or you have lent to someone or if any plan is stuck for you, then all of them will gain momentum and you will get money in it. This time will also increase your social prestige. Brother will strengthen the relationship with their son-in-law. This time will also increase your circle level. Some dignitaries will come in the circle of your friends and will be seen guiding you in the coming future and with their help, you will get a lot of profit in your business in your work in your job. Wealth is the lord of the house and Dhanesh himself is sitting as a self-gracious person, then you will get the ancestral property, you will get the blessings of the elders of the house. His support will be with you. At the same time, your respect and respect will be seen increasing in the family. The work related to the banking sector will be completed quickly. In court cases related to court, money will also be in your favour. At this time you will be seen captivating everyone with your voice and the people who are working related to your voice. Business Leader Actor Media Person Debtor This time will be very fruitful for the people associated with all these fields. Will add to your fame.

Talking about the vision of the Guru, then the fifth vision of the Guru is falling on its high place i.e. your sixth house. The seventh vision of the guru is falling on your eighth house and the ninth vision of the guru is falling on your karma. Since the vision of the Guru is very auspicious, then the positive effect of the Guru will be seen at these places as well.

If we talk about the sixth house, which is the exalted position of the guru, then here the vision of the guru will get you free from debts. If you have been troubled by health-related problems for a long time, then you will get relief from that problem too. If there is any major disease, then you will see that disease recovering. That is, you will get health benefits. At this time your stuck plans will come out and if any money related problem was going on in your life then now that problem will also end. The opponent side that tries to interfere with your actions by way of yen can. Now he will be defeated in his endeavours. If this time will be seen opening the door of your progress, then you will get to see the best results of the sixth house at this time. If bad habits remain in your life and you are not able to leave them even after wanting a lot, then now you will get rid of those habits. Aquarius 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

If we talk about the eighth house of the Guru, then the Guru will get very good and positive results for the eighth house from his seventh point of view. Secret enemies will decrease. You will achieve victory in every field. Travel will be auspicious for you, it will be beneficial. You will also get the money stuck at this time. Strong chances of getting secret money will be visible. This time will help you in your work. You will get a lot of profit in work like share market, lottery. The chaotic life that was going on at this time will become completely systematic. Routine work will start being done immediately and your confidence level will also increase.

Talk about the ninth vision of the Guru, which is falling on your karmic sense, then this time will be very good for the employed people as well. You will get some special opportunities at this time. There will be more cooperation from the officials. Colleagues and relatives who used to avoid you till now will also stand by you and you will develop the quality to lead a team. Self-confidence will be very strong and because of that, you will solve big responsibilities in a pinch. And the biggest hand behind this will be your father. He will be seen guiding you. Will be seen imparting knowledge. Their experience will be of great use to you. Obstacles coming in government work will be removed and your desire for a government job will be fulfilled. There will also be chances of promotion increment or desired transfer in the job. So even for Aquarius people, the very best results and positive results of Jupiter will be seen. Aquarius 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog


  • Be sure to wash the rice in running water.
  • You must worship Lord Shiva.
  • Light a lamp of ghee under the Peepal tree. Also, do the story of Satyanarayan every Thursday.
  • Offer yellow prasad to Lord Vishnu on Thursday. If possible, offer kheer to them.
  • Do Abhishek with saffron mixed milk on Lord Vishnu. If you can do it in Dakshinavarti conch, then Dakshinavarti conch. You anoint them with saffron mixed milk. Also, leave your house by applying saffron tilak.


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