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Aquarius 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Parivartan English blog | Rahu Transit | Aquarius Prediction


Aquarius 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Parivartan English blog

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The astrologer is a science and if it is understood deeply then change is possible in life, so let us solve your every problem. Namaskar Swagatam, today we have appeared in front of you with the information about Rahu’s zodiac change and till now we have told about the effects of Rahu’s zodiac change from Aries to Capricorn and today you will be informed about the effects of Rahu’s zodiac change on Aquarius. Will tell about What effect will it have on Aquarius? Rahu will enter Kritika Nakshatra in Aries from Vrishabha Rashi at 10:36 am on 12th April and will be sitting in Aries for about 18 months. Till October 30, 2023, he will travel in Aries sign. The role of nine planets has been told in astrology, in which seven planets are seen directly and we see two planets Rahu and Ketu as shadow planets. Rahu is a shadow planet. Along with it, while moving in a retrograde motion, it travels in reverse. That is, it enters Aries from Taurus. When entering the reverse, Rahu always moves in a retrograde state. Rahu along with Sun and Moon also creates eclipse defects, but if Rahu is placed in the third, sixth and eleventh house in your horoscope then it also gives good results. There is also a situation of contradiction regarding the high and low of Rahu. Some Acharyas think that Rahu is exalted in Gemini and debilitated in Sagittarius. It is the opinion of some other masters that Rahu gives exalted results in Taurus and is debilitated in Scorpio. Rahu has a friendship with Mars enemy Shani Sama and other planets. The sight of Rahu is not considered as good as that of Saturn. Rahu from the fifth, seventh and ninth point of view has a bad effect on those places. Aquarius 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Parivartan English blog

Knowing what changes Rahu has brought for Aquarius, first of all, the people of Aquarius should get relaxed. Till now Rahu sitting in your happiness place was giving you a lot of trouble because Rahu never gives good results in the place of happiness. Whatever it is, if Rahu sits in a happy place in your zodiac, then many problems, loss of respect, loss of respect, worry about mother’s health, financial condition worsening debt situation. And problems in many types of work also stop the business. Loss situations in business bring this. And Rahu must have had some similar effects in your life as well. But now you should relax because the results of Rahu are going to be very good for the people of Aquarius. Rahu is sitting in third place from your zodiac and in third place, you get to see great results of Rahu. Rahu in third place will give you very good results. Those tensions will go away and till now there was a situation of stagnation in the works. You were getting very upset. The economic situation was full of fluctuation. The state of confusion remains in your life. Now you will get rid of all those situations. Rahu will remove your obstacles and troubles. Will complete all your work smoothly. Will increase self-confidence. Your self-confidence will be worth seeing. Decision power will increase. Your strength will be felt in the right direction. Social honour and respect will increase. Big tasks will be completed very easily and you will get success successfully in those tasks. Your desired wishes will be fulfilled. The desires that you have been suppressing till now, in your mind so that now my wish should be fulfilled but it was not happening. Now all those efforts will be completed. You will get a different place in society and business. Commercially, you will be seen reaching your brand level. Ability will increase but you should be careful because overconfidence in third place makes a person Rahu and sometimes wrong decisions also lead to wrong people. You may get hurt by the people around you. Be a little wary of the neighbours. Be careful if you are going to give a false statement or perjury. That testimony can cause you a lot of trouble, then the good results you are getting will be reversed. So take care. Of these things that you do not have to give false testimony, lose, you do not have to support false people with wrong people and do not be inspired in the wrong path. And this thing is equally important for those who are employed in government jobs. You have to avoid taking bribes, you have to avoid doing wrong deeds. Aquarius 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Parivartan English blog

Now talking about the vision of Rahu, till now Rahu was sitting in your happy place and looking at your eighth house from the fifth point of view. From the seventh point of view used to see your karmic sense and from the ninth point of view your twelfth place. Although the eighth and twelfth place was being corrected. Many problems and difficulties were being faced in connection with the work. Wishing for promotion, doing a lot of work. Promoted to those below you, but you are not getting promotion Increment is paused. Growth has suddenly stopped. are working, but the work is not getting completed. There is some problem with the work. Despite working very hard in business, they are not able to reach in good condition. Business is not gaining momentum. You were getting to see such situations till now. But now you relax because you will get rid of these troubles. But sitting in your third house is seeing Rahu. The fifth is looking at your seventh house from the seventh and ninth point of view of your destiny and your 11th house. Will give them a little fluctuation. In this matter, we are taking a little care, but there will not be much trouble. Do not bring your ego into married life. Do not escalate the situations of argument between the two of you. Sometimes it happens that we make small things big. Give them a very big form and don’t cut that small thing into small ones. Don’t let him grow up. Only then you will be saved from distance in married life and married life will be happy. You will be able to enjoy it. Let’s do the same thing by tuning in with your partner for the business class. Do not sit in your mind about small things and if some minor misunderstood has happened, then clear it. Only then you will be able to do good business in partnership. There will be little problem in business. Aquarius 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Parivartan English blog

If we talk about the seventh vision, then we are looking at your place of fate from the seventh point of view, then a little bit somewhere or the other will get your luck stuck. Although the owner of the place of fate will also have to be seen, according to the result of Rahu, we are telling you. Young men and women should not leave any stone unturned in their work. Don’t be confused Don’t give up Many times it happens that when we fail again and again, then there is a disappointment in our mind about that thing that we do not know whether we will be able to succeed or not. Many times, they automatically sit in the entrance exam. And preparing well. A very good paper is also going on but still, we were left with a few numbers once twice. Then after that, we give up and sit down. Just don’t have to do that. If you keep your self-confidence, then there will be no problems, nothing will come and on the contrary, success will kiss your feet. You will be associated with religious activities and will organize spiritual events at home. The ninth aspect of Rahu is falling over your 11th house, which can sometimes bring in fluctuating positions of your beneficence. So be a little careful. Before investing in any work, ask an experienced person and do a thorough investigation about where you are investing. Just keep this in mind. If you have to take any big decision related to business, then be very careful. Don’t be hasty in that. If you want to open a new branch of yours, then definitely check the place where you are opening it. Whether it will be appropriate for you to open here or not. Don’t take any decision in haste. There will be good returns in long term investment in the share market. So avoid short term investments. Aquarius 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Parivartan English blog


  • Visit Lord Vishnu’s temple and worship him regularly.
  • Worship the banana tree on Thursday and do the story of Satyanarayan. This will remove the dosha of Rahu.
  • You have to chant Om Namah Shivaya and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra regularly and if you do this chanting on Saturday, it gives you a very pleasant moment.
  • Always keep a silver coin with you.
  • Donate brown things in flowing water.
  • If you can donate black sesame seeds, it can also remove the defects of your Rahu very quickly.
  • Give lentils to any needy person and if you donate this pulse on Saturday, then it is even better.
  • Feed a black dog with oil greased with roti and donate the saptadhan.

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