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8 March 2022 | Women’s Day Special | By Astrologer Nidhi Ji Shrimali |

I’m proud I’m a woman

Break every cage
when will I fly
Whether you put a million restrictions
Still, I will take my place in the distant sky
yes I’m proud I’m a woman
Even though the people of the world are tied with traditional chains, my feet
Still, I will break those chains
I will show the whole world no less than anyone
yes I’m proud I’m a woman

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8 March. It was started by women from New York City of America for their rights. Later it was given official recognition by the United Nations. It is women who teach us to fight for our rights. On this day women are honoured for their achievements. It is a day to celebrate women who work hard every day to achieve personal and professional goals. Just as astrologer Nidhi ji Shrimali is working in professional life, personal life, or in any field, whether it is the field of wages, housewife, sewing-weaving, any other field or any other high position, to help all those women. Always ready for

International Women’s Day It simply means that women of the whole world are one today, beyond the boundaries of country, world, language, culture and way of life. Equality is the main emotion in the feeling she will feel today. Equality is the word that has brought this day into existence. Now that women have established their identity, maintaining it is both a challenge and a responsibility for all women. The increasing participation of women in the home, family and society is a symbol of the fact that women empowerment is no longer a mere slogan or principle, it is a living truth and practical. Things have changed in the past but have not changed completely yet. Women’s problems remain. Unless the attitude of society changes, the condition of women as a whole will not improve.

Indian history has also been a witness to the supernatural power of women. Whenever a man has found himself helpless, desperate and hopeless, then he has come to the shelter of the woman. Even though the man has been calling the woman weak and incompetent because of his ego, he is also aware of the power of the woman. That is why today many campaigns are being run in the direction of women empowerment, women are being made aware of their power. On the other hand, until women themselves will not raise their voice for their rights and will not take decisions related to their lives, then the condition of women cannot improve. Therefore, on this Women’s Day, all women should take a pledge to live with self-respect and fight for their rights.

There has been an incomparable contribution of women in the construction of every area from earth to Hades. Today’s women make a huge contribution to the economy in the form of business, entrepreneurial work and unpaid labour. Talking about the corporate world, today every major post from the working class is dominated by women. Even in a male-dominated country like India, women have made their own identity with their skill work and at the same time have played an important role as mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend and friend. But even today in many countries the role of women in countries is limited to domestic work. However, this needs to change as women deserve equal opportunities in everything like men.

Astrologer Nidhi ji Shrimali has also chosen the area in which till now only men had a monopoly. For the last 15 years, Nidhi ji Shrimali is playing her leading role in the field of astrology and with her astrological knowledge is giving knowledge to men and women in the country and abroad not only through horoscope analysis but also by motivating all the people and all the women. Shows the right path, awakens the power within and teaches women to build confidence in themselves.

Astrologer Nidhi ji Shrimali is a social worker who does many things for the welfare of all the people in society, especially women. There are some countries where women do not get equal rights. On the other hand, astrologer Nidhi ji Shrimali, who is one of the most respected astrologers, encourages the rights of all women and about achieving the goals according to their ability. Nidhi ji Shrimali is constantly working in this field, she also tries to make women aware through her social platform. And in her field also, she has been giving more and more encouragement to many women.

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