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3 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English | दैनिक राशिफल | Today’s Horoscope – 3 फरवरी 2021 – आज का राशिफल


3 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

3 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

Mesh: With your zodiac, the moon is visible in the seventh house on this day. Today is going to be a great day for you. Marital life will be great. If you want family status and married life, then the person moves in his field. He does not fall through any kind of problems and overcomes all difficulties, he knows that his life partner will be with you today. You will be filled with confidence, so you will appear successful in defeating the difficulties in your life even at work, overcome those difficulties and achieve your goal. If you do any work of your own today, then you will like to do your work. You will not have any goal in your work. Any lost item can be recovered today. This will generate happiness and confidence in your mind. Your relationship with your brother and nephew will look good. Today your day will progress. Family life is going to be very good and happy.  3 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Vrushabh: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the sixth house on this day. Enemies can surround you on this day, so you will have to avoid your diseases and enemies today. If there is some health related problem, consult a doctor immediately so that you can do your other work smoothly and your enemies do not try to dominate you. If your enemies try to dominate you, instead of defeating them, you move forward in your field and work hard and earn success. Your enemies will be defeated. On this day, you may also face bad company and due to that you may have a bad habit, so stay away from bad associations as much as possible. Today you have to take a little care in money transactions, otherwise you may have to face loss situations even in money transactions. You may have to do some big things inside the job. If you are planning to change jobs, then nowadays you will convince your whole mind to change jobs and start looking for new jobs. But my advice to you is that if you want to change the job, then first you have to find a new job, only then design it from this job. The same will be better for you, otherwise a little bit will make your mindset worse this time, will lower your morale. 3 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Mithun: And now you know the condition of Gemini. With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the fifth house on this day. Today you will get good results from children and education. Today is a very good day for the students. You will be successful in achieving your goal. If you prepare for higher education, then you will also get success in it and through sports, especially today there is the possibility of some special achievement so that you will make your parents feel proud and make your teachers feel proud too. Will appear. You will get good news from children. The child will appear to be successful in achieving his goal, so that you will feel proud towards him. Today you can be given some big challenges at work too, but you will achieve this by crossing this challenge by evening so that the boss can cheer you and give you an increment, or even the chances of getting a promotion today Make the day. Today will be a successful day for you. In the morning, you will complete your task quickly and will be able to achieve your goal on the strength of your hard work.

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Kark:  Now we go ahead and know the condition of Cancer. With your zodiac, the moon made visible transit in the fourth house on this day. Today’s day brought mixed results for your family. There may be some differences with the mother. On this day, the family situation will not be so good that by throwing the atmosphere of the house in your workplace, you will feel hindered in your work. You will feel unable to complete your tasks due to which you may have to listen to the scolding of the boss. Due to your being, work pressure will be high on you, due to which you will also feel tired and weak. Today you have to take a little care in the matters of property transactions. You can also be fraudulent. Read the paper first. If you take any important decisions related to property, then it will be more important for you to read them before signing any papers. 3 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Singh: Now let’s talk about Leo sign. With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the third house on this day. Today is going to be a great day for you. On the day of good successes in work you will earn, whereas today, whatever people are working related to some research, some work related to some research is going on. If you are of any type, chances of getting very good success in it remain. You will make very good progress in your field. With cooperation you will get to see this day and with their cooperation financial constraints in your work will be removed. Today, you will spend some time with your friends, who will be seen doing recharge work. You will feel energetic and recharge yourself. On this day any of your ambitions can be fulfilled and a great achievement at the workplace. Today you will be seen achieving in your work. You can get a big project today.

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Kanya: Now we go ahead and let the moon walk through your zodiac sign in the second house on this day. You will get a lot of support from the family. You will receive a very good honor from the family today. There will be an increase in social honor and fame, fame will be seen spreading all around you. Will appear closer to you. Your morning will look better than your relatives with relatives. On this day, any work that is stuck will also be completed. Conditions of good profit in the work area will be seen doing well on this day. Today, you may have to go round the banks to deposit money in the banks and if a case is going on you, then you may have to use the court today.  3 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Tula: Now go ahead and know about Libra. Moon from your zodiac transiting your own zodiac today. Today will be the day for you to improve yourself. Everyone will like this personality to enhance your personality. People will be attracted to you Will conduct the work after taking advice from you. Today your relationship will be very good and grandparents will be blessed. Together, you will also be seen planning to pursue your work. If you do the ancestral business together with the ancestral property, then you can get very good achievements in that business to this day. Your works which are incomplete will be completed with the help of your family members. To make a big decision, you will have to take help of your family members in that decision and with their help you will be able to reach the right decision.

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Vrushchik : Now we go ahead and do the transit of Scorpio zodiac sign with your zodiac in the 12th house of the moon. Spending conditions remain today, so today you have to control your expenses a little bit. Your budget may get spoiled and you need to control your expenses a little today because of borrowing. In today’s business, do not be part of any unrestrained debate with anyone inside the field because you can get into a lot of trouble and any action can be taken against you. You are likely to benefit from foreign companies to this day. If you are thinking of making profit from abroad for a very long time, then on this day your wish will be fulfilled. It is a day of mixed results, so proceed cautiously. 

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Dhanu: Know the state of Sagittarius. With your zodiac, the moon is visible in the 11th house on this day. On this day you will get contingent benefits. If you lend someone, then they will repay your loan, so that a feeling of happiness will arise in your mind. Today, you will be seen making plans to extend your work. You will rotate the situation of good profit in your work so that more good benefit will be obtained in future also. In the future, you will be able to increase your work more, you will be able to progress in your work. Today, social honor and respect will also be seen increasing. For some long time, there was some estrangement from brother-in-law from nephews to sons-in-law, which will end today. On this day, a picnic program can also be organized with your family members. Today will also allow you to do something new in your workplace. You will add some new rules to your workplace so that your work gets more momentum. Although these people will not like your staff with them right now, in the coming time they will also understand that it is in their and the company’s interest. Today is a day for you, so you will move ahead with good planning to earn your profit status. 

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Makar : We move forward and know the condition of Capricorn. With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the tenth house on this day. Today is the day for you to face some difficulties in achieving your goal. If you work hard, you will evaluate your work that there is a problem in your work, then what is stuck in your work, how do you move forward, how to run it, how can you do some such planning and strategy on this day but you can do it In this strategy, if you employ your father’s guidance or your father’s experience, then in your work you will be seen giving very good and positive positive results. Will be seen taking positive decisions. Today will increase your social honor. All the family members present in the house family will also see full support in your work. If there is any result of the student class, then that result will go positive on this day. Today, you can take a far-reaching journey in connection with business, the results of which will be very pleasant. If you have an important meeting today, then that meeting will also appear very successful for you.

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Kumbh:  Now we go ahead and know the condition of Aquarius. Transit in the ninth house of the moon with your zodiac sign. Today is a good day for you. Which you still live the Struggling Life. If a little struggle was interrupted by a little work in your life, then all those tasks will be blocked. Pending is the only way to complete all the pending tasks, so you can complete your pending tasks by making a strategy plan. You will get very good success in that too. On this day, if the youth wants to start any of their own jobs in search of employment, then there are chances of getting success in that too. Today, any religious ritual can be yours in the house, which is busy inside religious works. Poojan Bhajan Pooja Pooja Havan, many such programs will be seen while planning in your house. You will get full support from parents on this day too. Your mind will also be more engaged in the work related to human service, which will give you a feeling of spiritual satisfaction. Today will be a little hard work for you, but today you will get enough fruits of hard work in your field also.

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Meen:   Now we will go ahead and know the condition of Pisces. With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the eighth house on this day. Today has brought mixed results for you. The problems that were going on till today were very smooth, as if there was calm water, it would be a work of kankar in this day, that means small tasks will come in the way and you will feel a little disappointed due to those interruptions. Your anger will come to your mind that there are so many obstacles in my work but if you will control your anger. If you do not do any work in haste and complete your tasks peacefully, then all the work will be completed one by one, for this you will have to stand on your own and complete your work. If you trust too much on anyone, then they will break your trust and cheat you, which will hurt you. Therefore, on this day you have to complete your tasks by standing on your own. With this, you keep your confidential things to yourself and keep confidential documents in a safe place. The same will be right for you. You can also take a big water journey on this day and investing in the stock market is beneficial for you today. If you invest, then invest long term, you should avoid short term investment, so if you go ahead with some precautions, then you do not face any kind of problem.


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