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21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English | दैनिक राशिफल | Today’s Horoscope – 21 फरवरी 2021 – आज का राशिफल


21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

Om Namah Shivaya. The Maha Shivaratri is going to come on the 11th of March and like every year, this year also the Mahapuja of Bholenath will be organized in our institution. I want my whole family to join me in this puja and since you are all a part of my family, I want the participation of all of you in this puja and we have kept this puja for the purpose that you all should worship this If you want to get the benefit of this puja, then if you want to get the benefit of this puja then you can contact us on the numbers given below and book your puja. Namaskar Swagatam Welcome I welcome you all to my YouTube channel in the world. Today, I have appeared before you on 21 February Sunday with a holiday. Today, through this video, I will provide you some specific information about the demand month, because this month is special for us and what should we do this month, then I will definitely stay with me till the end of the video. Let’s go ahead and get to know. Vikram Samvat 2073 is going on today about the Panchang is Magha month and the Navami date of its Shukla Paksha is today, which is to last for 44 minutes at 3 pm, after which the Dashami date will start. Rohini Nakshatra will also be present on this day which will be for 8 to 42 minutes in the morning, after that Mrigashira Nakshatra will start. The time of what we know as Gulik period will also be there, during 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm, you can start any of your auspicious tasks. You can shop for auspicious items or any important meeting, any important work that you want to start today, you can do that work during this time period. Rahu Kaal, which is going to be from 4.30 pm to 6 pm. This is known as the inauspicious period and you should start your auspicious or auspicious works by leaving this time period. The direction will remain in the west direction. If it is necessary to travel in this direction, then you can travel in this direction by eating ghee. Put forward and put how the position of planet transit is going to be for us today. First of all, the position of Kalsarpa Yoga remains for all zodiac signs. On the other hand, Rahu, who will come to Taurus today, and Ketu, who sits seventh from Rahu, will be seated in the Scorpio zodiac sign and will remain seated in the zodiac sign by becoming auspicious. Inside Capricorn, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Guru are being combined with these four planets and the Sun will be seen today in the Aquarius sign, then the position of these planets will be seen on this day. Also, if I talk about the Moon, then the Moon will be sitting in Taurus at the beginning of the day, and at 54 minutes of the night at 9, they will enter Taurus from Gemini, that is, today the moon will be sitting in Taurus. And only on this basis, because we provide these zodiac signs based on the lunar zodiac and lunar Lagna calculations, today we start the daily horoscope based on the Moon will be in Taurus. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

Aries: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the second house on this day. Today is a very good day for you. You will get support from family, your respect will be seen increasing in society today. Today you will see yourself creating a different identity. By moving away from the world, moving away from the family, you will start your day in exploring your existence. Today, you will be praised all around. You will be fascinated by your speech. You will also spend time depositing money in banks. You will get praise from your boss at the workplace, you will also see good profit conditions in your work. If you do your own business then good profit to you till evening. There is a possibility of happening. Any big deal you will grab today. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Taurus: The Moon is transiting in your zodiac today. Today will be a center of attractive attraction for you. You will be attracted towards people and those who are busy with reconciliation programs, but some confusions at work place, some mental anxiety, you may feel a little pressure on work today and because of that your work would be interrupted today. Will appear. But if you have to do your work smoothly, then you should take help of your family today. Family support will help you to complete all your tasks. You will have good relation with Deendayal today. You will be seen tuning in with your grandparents. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Gemini: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the 12th house on this day, you will get to see more of the situation today. But on this day, if you spend your budget according to your budget, then it will be better for you otherwise you may have to take help of someone financially to complete your work. Do not be part of an argument with someone at work place today because if you argue then action can be taken against you. You can invite major problems and problems. Therefore, keep your work as much as possible, keep moving ahead with honesty in your work. You should not start new work on this day. If you invest in savings plans then it proves beneficial for you. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Cancer: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the eleventh house on this day. You are likely to receive contingency money today. From your stuck plans or if you have lent to someone, then your loan repayment will be deducted from you. Today will be received. Today, your confidence level will also appear to double. You will appear to be successful in achieving a milestone in your life. Today your level will increase and the circle will increase and due to that your scope will appear to be increasing. In this, some people will be counted who will help you in your tasks in the coming time, helping you in increasing your work, if you do any work of your own, then on this day you will be able to extend your work. You can make an attempt and outline to open a new branch of work today. Today, your social values ​​will also increase in respect and will improve your tuning more with siblings. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Leo: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the tenth house today, so today you may have to work more hard on the workplace, but on the basis of hard work, you will be seen to be positive in the results. By evening, you will also get good success in your work. You can get any big deal. Today, you can get invitations of big companies and you can have a tie-up with them. With the complete guidance and support of the father, you will get to see this day, so that you will move in your field with double enthusiasm. On this day, meeting an old friend will refresh your old memories. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Virgo: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the ninth house on this day. Today is going to be a little careful. Important decision for the youth will be the day today, there will be a turning point for you in which a positive result will take you forward and if you have taken the decision wrong then you will be left behind in the front, then you will have to take a little decision. You can also include your family members in your decision and seek their help. Today, you will spend your time with friends, so you are going to be in a happy mood. Pisces Today, you will be filled with feelings of benevolence. Religious programs can be organized in the home today and they will go and help you, so that you will get spiritual satisfaction. Any air journey can be yours today. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Libra: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the eighth house, then on this day you will see a lot of instability in life. There will be interruptions in small tasks, the present part of the race today, you will have to put the efforts present in completing your tasks. Today you have to be careful with secret enemies. Secret enemies can interfere with your actions. You will know and due to that you may see loss. Today, a little bit of borrowing can come in your life. Therefore, the more you walk safely, the better it will be for you. Make your budget and then do your work so that you don’t have to borrow from anyone. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Scorpio: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the seventh house on this day. Today is going to be important for you from every point of view. Some important division will be seen taking you to your work place. At the same time, you have to bear the caution of Jose as you may have to suffer today. You may have to listen to the boss’s scolding for not completing your work. But if you take the help of your life partner to complete your tasks then you will be able to complete all your tasks easily. On this day, you will also have a feeling of happiness due to retrieval of any lost item and you will also keep in your mind the desire to fulfill any hobby and try to fulfill it so that you will fulfill your wish by evening. You will be able to feel a different happiness in you new energy. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Sagittarius: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the sixth house on this day. Both robot enemies will bother you today. You will not be able to fight your health. Due to this you may have to make rounds of the hospital and the enemy side will also try to dominate you. If you have to give your Rival Court a defamation on this day, that is to defeat them, then today you will have to take help of your younger side. With the help of mother’s side, you will be able to do the situations till the normal evening. On this day, you should avoid any wrong association because wrong association will lead to wrong habit and due to that your future can be ruined. So stay away from wrong associations as much as possible and do not fall prey to wrong habits. Whenever you go to do something wrong, then definitely listen to the call of your soul because soul is divine our soul never lies to us. So listen to the voice of the soul and move towards the right path. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Capricorn: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the fifth house on this day, so today the day will be a little more stable for you. Dealing with the problems that are in your life, overcoming the difficulties, today you will be seen achieving special success in your field by evening. Today is going to be a great day for the students. Group Disk Removal Group Study will solve your problems and solve your problems then you will be able to do your tasks smoothly. Some concerns from the children will remain in your mind because today you will look a little worried about his future. But if you give her the right guidance and right guidance, then she will not disappoint you while walking on her right path and will decide the dimensions of success. You can get a big responsibility at work place today and you will feel a little bit of mental pressure today without having to fulfill that responsibility. For that you should adopt Meditation and Yoga Pranayama so that you can refresh your tasks in a fresh way and also earn good success in it. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Aquarius: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the fourth house on this day. The day will have some mixed results, because today you have to take some care in matters of property and building, otherwise you may be fraudulent. You should not try to buy a new vehicle today. At the same time, you can avoid long-distance travel as much as possible. Today, you will experience difficulty in completing your tasks at your workplace, but you will get special support from your boss in completing your tasks. On this day, there is a possibility of fulfilling your special purpose, due to which a little relief, trust and appreciation will be generated in your mind. Today is a day full of mixed results, so be very careful in your life. Observe the beginning of new work and try to complete the old pending tasks. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Pisces: With your zodiac, the moon will show your increasing power today to travel in transit in the third house today. With the help of power, you will go on completing all your tasks. Social honor and respect will increase and your hold in politics will always get stronger. You will get the support of siblings in your work. With their help, you can achieve any big project today. At the same time, if you do a job, then you have a problem or crisis, then you will have to seek the help of your friends. With the help of friends, you will solve your crisis and will appear to overcome your difficulties and achieve success. On this day there is a possibility of fulfillment of any desire of yours and due to the fulfillment of your desire, there will be a feeling of happiness in your mind. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

Measures: The Magh month is considered to be its very special month. In this month, charity is of special importance. So today we will tell you what you should do in Magh month. But in Magh month, you should donate sweets or laddus made of sesame and jaggery to Brahmins. Also, you should perform havan with black sesame and mix black sesame in water for the peace of your fathers and make a tarpan. You should make an offering of white sesame and lost work to God and you should share it with everyone and keep a little Prasad for yourself. Maa Mahatmya will be very beneficial for you to listen by a pundit and you should do charity as per your ability as much as possible in Magha month. This will increase your virtue and this mother is many times more than what we donate. We get the result because the Magh month is a special mother in itself, so what should you do within the Magh month, you told me today, how did you find the information given by me and comment in the comment box. And if you chose me through your horoscope, there is a problem in your life and you want to solve it through horoscope analysis, then we have the facility of telephonic appointment for you at home. You can get the benefit of horoscope analysis by telephonic punishments by contacting me on the numbers given below. Stay healthy stay busy stay cool and always smile. Sri Radhakrishna. 21 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal


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