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Vrishabh Horoscope July 2023 English blog | Taurus July 2023 Horoscope | Taurus July Horoscope | by Nidhi Shrimali

Vrishabh Horoscope July 2023 English blog

Namaskar Swagatam Welcome The month of July is about to come and we have reached almost half of the year. In these six months, if we evaluate ourselves, then we must have suffered losses in many things, we must have made many mistakes and we must have found many good moments in our life, then we have to move forward with a positive attitude, but our mistakes, our We should not forget failure also because only by correcting those mistakes we will convert that failure into success. But with positivity, even today we have brought for you the monthly horoscope of Taurus people in the month of July and during this video we are going to tell you the information about the calendar of the month of July i.e. information about fasts and festivals, which planets in the month of July In which zodiac sign they are going to go, we will tell about the information about the changes in the zodiac signs of the planets and on the basis of those zodiac changes, how will be the monthly horoscope for the month of July for Aries people, and finally we will tell you the lucky day, lucky color and some things to be done in this month. If people tell you about the special measures, then first of all they come to the fasts and festivals. Since they are going to come in the month of July, let’s move towards the calendar once in the month of July. Guru Purnima fast will be observed on 3rd July. Guru Purnima itself is a day dedicated to the Guru. On this day we worship our Guru, bow down to him so that we get the blessings of the Guru and we can move forward in our life. The month of Shravan is going to start on 4th July which is considered to be the most favorite month of Shiva and this time is very important for the devotees of Shiva. This time the festival of Nag Panchami will be celebrated on 7th July. Kaal Sarp Puja is also performed on the day of Nag Panchami. Means, the day of Nag Panchami is very suitable for those who want to get rid of Kaal Sarp Dosha. The first Sawan Monday will come on July 10, which will be of great importance. The festival of Kamada Ekadashi will be celebrated on 13th July. And on July 17, the second Shravan Monday will be celebrated. On July 17, Hariyali Amavasya, Somvati Amavasya and Pitra Dosha Puja or Kalsarpa Dosha Nivaran Puja will also be organized. Adhik Maas will start on 18th July. The third Shravan month will come on 24th July and the fourth Shravan month will be celebrated on 31st July. Adhikamas is coming in the month of Shravan, so Shiva devotees will get two months of devotion to Lord Shiva in this Shravan. Also, it is Adhikamas because it is called the month of Lord Vishnu, so this time the month of Shravan is going to be very important because we will receive the blessings of both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva in this month. And also, Nag Panchami is coming on 7th July and Hariyali Amavasya on 17th July and on this day the worship of Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran and Pitra Dosh Nivaran are being organized in our institution. So if you are suffering from these defects, then you can get rid of these defects by participating in mass worship.

Now let us know further how the position of the planets is going to be in this month. So first of all, if we talk about Sun, the king of the planets, he is currently sitting in his zodiac sign Gemini and on July 17, he will enter his best friend zodiac sign Cancer. Talking about the planet Mercury, it is currently sitting in its own sign Gemini and on July 8, it will enter its even sign Cancer. After changing the zodiac again, it will enter the Leo zodiac on 25th July. Talking about Mars, it is sitting in its debilitated zodiac sign Cancer and on July 1 i.e. on one date of the month itself, it will enter its best friend zodiac sign Leo. There will be some relaxing time for Aries and Scorpio people. You will get freedom from the difficult problems that were going on till now. Talking about the planet Venus, it is currently sitting in Cancer and will enter Leo on July 7. The planet Jupiter will be sitting in its best friend Aries this whole month. On the other hand, Saturn will be sitting in its original triangle sign Aquarius. Rahu and Ketu are sitting in their zodiac signs and Libra this month. are going to live. So this is the condition of this month’s planetary transit.

Let’s start with the monthly horoscope of Taurus for the month of July. First of all, let us tell you that we are giving you this horoscope on lunar calculations and it is going to be equally effective on both your zodiac sign and ascendant. So you can see it according to both your ascendant and zodiac sign. First of all, let’s talk about your zodiac sign, which is going to change on Venus and on July 7 itself, the zodiac sign of Venus is going to change and your zodiac sign owner will sit in the fourth house from himself. Here, there is going to be a union of Venus with Mars because Mars and Reddy have come to your place of happiness and this conjunction of Mars with Venus means that it will be the conjunction of your seventh lord and lord of the ascendant. The conjunction of the lords of this house in the center house will bring great results for you. Personality will become powerful. At this time, you will start walking by taking your family along and saving relationships. That is, the coordination of relationships will be seen very well. You will get the blessings of grandparents. The difficulties coming in your way will end. If you are doing any work related to interior i.e. you do any work related to decoration, home decoration, then definitely this time will create favorable conditions for you. At the same time, this time will also be very good for those in a love relationship. Your love will definitely get the approval of your family or if you really love someone, then you will express your thoughts to him and he will also move forward with you giving approval to your love. So the results of Venus will be spectacular according to your zodiac sign.

Now let’s talk about the lord of your disease whose lord is also Venus and the lord of disease Venus is sitting 11th from himself. Means the women who had the problem of PCOD will end. If you were seeing a little depression, irritability, anxiety in your behavior, then that too will end now. Will appear to be a little confident. Problems are reducing and you will be seen finding proper solutions to these problems. Enemy side will also be afraid of you. You will achieve success in your every work. At the same time, you will also be seen getting financial support from your maternal grandfather. The journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you and you will progress in happiness. Now coming to your wealth. Mercury is the lord of the house of wealth, which is going to change its zodiac twice this time. Till July 8, Mercury will be sitting in its own sign Gemini. Dhanesh sitting in his own house will bring great results for you and on July 8, there will be a change in the zodiac sign of Mercury and Dhanesh will come and sit in your might or you will get respect from the family. Stuck work will go on. You will be seen mesmerizing everyone with your speech and your work will be done by your speech. People will be impressed by your speech. Many people will consider you ideal. Disputes related to property will be resolved only through mutual discussion. If there are any family issues, then you will also be seen solving them with your understanding. Your boss will also be impressed by your intelligence at the work place and definitely due to intelligence you can get a big opportunity at this time. Now, since Mercury is also your fifth lord, the lord of the fifth house will sit in the eleventh from itself and here you will get great success in your work and studies. For the students, this is the time to concentrate in studies and move ahead and achieve great success. Especially those who are commerce students, those who do CA, CS, do accounting work, are doing any studies related to finance or are doing computer engineering studies related to technical works, this is the time of great success for all of them. Will remain If you are doing any work related to literary writing, if you do the work of content writing, then definitely this time will be supportive for you. At this time you will be seen getting the best profit conditions. You will have a different identity. So this is the result of Mercury,

Now coming to your mighty house, Moon is the master of mighty house, but Sun and Mercury’s Budhaditya yoga will also be formed in mighty house. Here on July 17, as soon as the Sun enters your mighty house, you will get the benefits of the Budhaditya Yoga of Sun-Mercury due to the conjunction of Sun with Mercury. With this relation of Dhanesh and Sukhesh, you will get very good results at your work place. There will be chances of promotion and increment. Bonding with younger siblings will improve. At this time, good coordination of relationships will be seen. There will be an increase in social respect. Friends will always be ready to help you completely. You will also spend quality time with friends this month. Will make new friends and those friends will also appear devoted to you. So, overall, there will be an increase in might and for those who are artists, this time will bring respect and fame. Will get a lot of name of fame this month.

Now coming to your place of happiness, Sun is the lord of happiness, who will sit from himself till 11th to 17th July. After that Sun will sit in 12th house from itself. However, Sun will give good results in the third house and will be seen burning your problems here. That is, your problems will appear to be reducing a little. At this time, a new vehicle can be purchased at home or a luxurious item can be purchased. Money can be spent on the interior of the house, but it is necessary to follow the budget. Keep this in mind as well and whatever you do by making a budget, you may have to face financial problems. That’s why don’t do anything by going over the budget.

Now coming to your seventh house, the Lord of the seventh house is Mars, who will sit in the tenth house from himself. Mars sitting in the 10th house from you is very good for you and especially Mars was debilitated till now. There was a lot of misunderstanding going on in the married life. Ego problem was going on. The relationship was getting worse. But now all those problems will end. Poonam will tie the knot with Madhuri. Your bonding with each other will be good. You will be bound by attraction for each other. The attraction of both of you towards each other will be restored and this will solve the problems going on in your marital life. May this time give you very good growth in your business. Especially for those who are associated with the textiles market, this time is going to be wonderful. Whatever manufacturer of clothes you want, someone else is your showroom. You do some other work. If you are doing any work related to knitting related to clothes or doing any work related to threads, then definitely this month will be very successful for you. That means there will be good growth in business. Will you implement new schemes? No. You will have tie-ups with new companies and you will see getting new and big orders at this time. The number of clients will increase. So this time will show you very good and best results of Mars. But here we can tell you that Mars is the lord of your expenses. Will go and sit fifth from himself. Guru Rahu’s Chandal Yoga is also being formed in the house of expenses. That’s why move forward by controlling the expenses a little. Don’t try to move forward by taking bribe by following the wrong path. Whatever work you do with your understanding, you will definitely get success in it. How to apply power? Very energetic. You will feel at this time, but you should put this energy into producing. Or engage in acting. You have to decide this. That’s why move forward in a positive direction. Put your energy where you can do constructive work. Apply the job at the place where it goes negative and you will have to give it to take it later. So be a little careful in this matter.

Now coming to your eighth house, the master of the eighth house is Guru, who is the master of your profit house. He will also make profit one with himself and in the end he is sitting fifth with himself. Here it is good for the Guru to sit in the fifth house from himself. It is good for Labhesh to go and sit one house ahead of him, but with Guru Rahu, which will effect the result and the expenditure in which the Guru is sitting is in many places. Planets in Guru 100 will not get such good results of Guru in every way. You have to keep the management perfect. Whether it is the management of the staff or the management of the house, whether someone is doing the top job, then his management has to be kept very perfect. Don’t depend on anyone else, make your own decision. And walk with a little balance. Organize the work so that the situations of loss can be reduced. Although there will be a lot of people following your progress and progress, but still you have to walk carefully. Now, since Jupiter, the lord of the house of profit, is sitting ahead of you, it will hide the profit, but you will have to decide properly how to make the most of the profitable situation. For this you can take the advice of an experienced friend. You can take the advice of your family member. Invest that profit wisely. You have to put it back in your business or you have to put the profit earning somewhere else. Be careful while investing. If you are doing any risky work like share market, lottery, gambling, betting, then while investing in that too, proceed very carefully. If you are not there, then do not invest money in such works, otherwise the conditions of loss may increase.

Now let’s come to your Bhagyesh and Karmesh, who are sitting in your Karma Bhav, making a great man named Shash yoga for your zodiac sign. According to Bhagyesh and the personnel, the result is going to be excellent. Time will be of great opportunity for young men and women. If you want to switch jobs, you will get a good job. If you are in a government job, then you will see the possibility of desired transfer, increment, promotion. Any work in your stuck format, that too will now be completed smoothly. You will get full support and guidance from your father. The incomplete tasks will be seen to be completed quickly. This time will also be very good for starting new works. If you want to establish your own business, then this time will be very good for that too. So you will get very good results of Shani. So this was the monthly horoscope for the month of July for Taurus people.

Auspicious dates :- 8th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 22nd to 24th.

Unlucky dates:- 1st to 7th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 18th to 21st, 25th

Lucky Colours:- Brown, Purple, Blue, Dark Blue and Royal Blue


  • On Kamada Ekadashi, float a handful of black sesame seeds in flowing water. Along with this, do donate sesame seeds.
  •   On any day in the month of Sawan, go to the temple of Lord Shiva and do Abhishek of milk and black sesame seeds on the Shivling.
  • On the day of Guru Purnima, do light a lamp of ghee in front of Lord Shri Krishna.
  • On the day of Hariyali Amavasya, go to a river or pond and feed flour tablets to the fish and do tilak with white sandalwood daily.

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