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Cancer Horoscope July 2023 English blog | Cancer July 2023 Horoscope | Cancer July Horoscope | by Nidhi Shrimali

Cancer Horoscope July 2023 English blog

Namaskar Swagatam Welcome The month of July is about to come and we have reached almost half of the year. In these six months, if we evaluate ourselves, then we must have suffered losses in many things, we must have made many mistakes and we must have found many good moments in our life, then we have to move forward with a positive attitude, but our mistakes, our We should not forget failure also because only by correcting those mistakes we will convert that failure into success. But with positivity, even today we have brought for you the monthly horoscope of Cancerians in the month of July, information about the calendar of the month of July i.e. information about fasts and festivals, which planets are going to move in which zodiac sign in the month of July, the zodiac signs of the planets On the basis of change information and those zodiac changes, we will tell you about the monthly horoscope for the month of July for Aries people, and finally we will tell you about the lucky day, lucky color and some special measures to be taken in this month, so first of all fast And come on festivals. Since they are going to come in the month of July, let’s move towards the calendar once in the month of July. Guru Purnima fast will be observed on 3rd July. Guru Purnima itself is a day dedicated to the Guru. On this day we worship our Guru, bow down to him so that we get the blessings of the Guru and we can move forward in our life. The month of Shravan is going to start on 4th July which is considered to be the most favorite month of Shiva and this time is very important for the devotees of Shiva. This time the festival of Nag Panchami will be celebrated on 7th July. Kaal Sarp Puja is also performed on the day of Nag Panchami. Means, the day of Nag Panchami is very suitable for those who want to get rid of Kaal Sarp Dosha. The first Sawan Monday will come on July 10, which will be of great importance. The festival of Kamada Ekadashi will be celebrated on 13th July. And on July 17, the second Shravan Monday will be celebrated. On July 17, Hariyali Amavasya, Somvati Amavasya and Pitra Dosh Puja or Kalsarp Dosh Nivaran Puja will also be organized. Adhik Maas will start on 18th July. The third Shravan month will come on 24th July and the fourth Shravan month will be celebrated on 31st July. Adhikamas is coming in the month of Shravan, so Shiva devotees will get two months of devotion to Lord Shiva in this Shravan. Also, it is Adhikamas because it is called the month of Lord Vishnu, so this time the month of Shravan is going to be very important because we will receive the blessings of both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva in this month. Along with this, Nag Panchami is coming on 7th July and Hariyali Amavasya on 17th July and on this day the worship of Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran and Pitra Dosh Nivaran are being organized in our institution. So if you are suffering from these defects, then you can get rid of these defects by participating in mass worship.


Now let us know further how the position of the planets is going to be in this month. So first of all, if we talk about Sun, the king of the planets, he is currently sitting in his zodiac sign Gemini and on July 17, he will enter his best friend zodiac sign Cancer. Talking about the planet Mercury, it is currently sitting in its own sign Gemini and on July 8, it will enter its even sign Cancer. After changing the zodiac again, it will enter the Leo zodiac on 25th July. Talking about Mars, it is sitting in its debilitated zodiac sign Cancer and on July 1 i.e. on one date of the month itself, it will enter its best friend zodiac sign Leo. There will be some relaxing time for Aries and Scorpio people. You will get freedom from the difficult problems that were going on till now. Talking about the planet Venus, it is currently sitting in Cancer and will enter Leo on July 7. The planet Jupiter will be sitting in its best friend Aries this whole month. On the other hand, Saturn will be sitting in its original triangle sign Aquarius. Rahu and Ketu are going to be sitting in their zodiac signs and Libra this month. So this is the condition of this month’s planetary transit.


Let’s start with the monthly horoscope of Cancerians for the month of July. Before starting this horoscope, let us tell you that this horoscope, which we are telling you, is based on lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac sign and ascendant. First of all let’s talk about your zodiac lord which is Moon since it enters every two and a half days, but. Mercury is already sitting in your zodiac and on July 17, Sun will also come. Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury will be formed and this yoga will be very beneficial. At this time your honor and prestige will increase. You will be seen from a different perspective in a different position in the family. There will be a positivity inside you. If you do any work, then you will get to see conditions of good profit in it. At the same time, you will be associated with studies, teaching and spirituality and your interest in such works will increase. On the other hand, people related to literature can get respect at this time. At the same time, you will also get to see some good news from the family. So this is about your Ascendant and Ascendant.


Now coming to your second place, if we talk about the second house, then the Sun is the lord of the second house, which will sit in your house of expenses for half a month and then on July 17, it will come into your zodiac by changing its zodiac sign. That means you will get very good overall results of Sun. In both the circumstances, because sitting in the expenses, the sun will burn the expenses. Financially will fix you a bit here. You will see some relief from the debt situations. At this time you can get good benefits from abroad. If you do any electronic business, are a gold trader or you do any electrical related work or are associated with the medical line, then definitely this time will bring progress and progress for you. On July 17, when Sun changes its sign and enters your zodiac sign, even then Sun will form Budhaditya Yoga of Mercury, which will be very beneficial for you. All the problems and troubles in work will end. Confidence level will be worth watching. Decision making will be seen to be strong in this. Officers will be seen handing over some big responsibility to you at this time. May at this time you will also gain fame through your desired works. For artists, this time will be full of respect and fame. People associated with the technical field will also get special success in their work at this time. So this is the second house.


Now let’s talk about the third house on the third house, then the lord of the third house is Mercury, which is 11th from itself. Will go and sit and this time period will be very long. From about July 8 to July 25, Mercury will be sitting in your zodiac and before that it was retrograde in its own zodiac. In both the circumstances, your strength and might will increase in the month of July. Will get the support of siblings. You will get more respect from younger siblings. You will get respect and with their help, you will be able to fix your spoiled works. At this time you will also gain fame from your hobby. Your intelligence will be discussed everywhere. Your dominance in politics will increase. You will be seen becoming the darling of the public and you will definitely get success in whatever decision you take. By using both tact and intelligence, you will be seen deciding the path of your progress. The chances of promotion and increment will also be visible for you at this time. All your stuck work related to the banking sector will be completed. On the other hand, since your twelfth is also his, then he will sit one house ahead of his own. At this time there will be possibilities of very good profit from your foreign countries. If you are doing business then you can get very good benefits in business from abroad. You will see foreign currency being received in business. Obstacles will go away. The confidence level will appear to be increasing. In this, you will also balance your expenses and will also get freedom from debt situations. So you will get very good results of Mercury.



Now coming to your happy place. Both Sukhesh and Labhesh are your Venus and Venus becomes Sukhesh and sits 11th from you. There is also an alliance with Mars, but Ketu is definitely sitting among themselves, who will sometimes tamper with happiness, that is, they will try to bring about attrition. Sometimes there can be misunderstanding with the mother, that’s why be careful in too many relationships. Be careful while choosing words. You should not do such things if such things hurt you and definitely affect your relationships. Confidence level will be good. At this time you will get very good financial support from your mother. Happiness will increase. You can buy any luxurious item at home. Then you will spend a little time and money on the renovation of the house on the interior. But it is also fair. If this is the demand of the time, then you should fulfill this demand. At this time, you will see great success and growth in any fashion designing, interior related work. You can get very good benefits from your motherland at this time. Around that you can get good work, good business. Lab will also be very good because Venus is sitting fourth from itself. Will get benefits progressively. At this time, you should invest in such companies, whether they are decorative companies or companies doing any furnishing work. You can invest in the shares of such companies and in such companies. You will get great benefits in this. You can also invest in companies related to cosmetic items. Suddenly the sum of money and profit will be made. If you have given loan to someone, then that person will repay your loan, due to which feelings of happiness will arise in your mind. This time is going to be very good for the manufacturers. Especially those who are traders of clothes, associated with textile market or any manufacturing related to cosmetic. If you have a job, you have taken the work of a brand, or you have taken the work of a boutique, or you do a travel business, or you are doing any work related to perfume or flight-related decorations. Are. So in all these cases you are going to get very good results of Venus. So the results of both Venus and Labhesh will be very good in the month of July.


Now coming to Mars because Mars is a benefic planet in your horoscope. There are both Panchamesh and Karmesh. And the position of Mars will also be good because till now Mars was debilitated. And now not giving any results. Career was going on. Many difficulties are also seen at the work place, because Guru Chandal Yoga was also formed in Karma and Mangal was also debilitated. Karmesh. So, at this time all these problems will go away. Although Guru Chandal Yoga is still there, but since Karmesh and Karmesh have now finished their debilitation and are sitting in their friendly sign. Business Mars sitting in its friend zodiac sign, alliance with Venus will bring excellent results for you. If you are in the field of engineering, have done electronic engineering, then definitely you can think about your career in that, you can move forward. In that you will get good news related to your career. On the other hand, the result of engineering students will also be positive for you. If the result comes this month, then the result will be very positive for you. You will get the task of officers and will be seen ensuring your victory. Due to which chances of your promotion will also be created in the coming time. So you will get to see very good results of Mars.


Now coming to the Sixth House i.e. the House of Disease, whose lord is Jupiter, who is also Bhagyesh and got afflicted by sitting with Jupiter and Rahu. But you will definitely get success in the matters of court because Rahu does the work while sitting in it. Court gives victory in court cases. So if any such action is going on against you or any such court case in which the decision comes this month, then that decision will be very positive for you. But the results of the Guru will be visible in a little way. Here there may be breathing problems, weight gain, cholesterol may increase, BP may increase, thyroid related problems or sugar may increase, so such patients have to be very careful. There can also be a risk of infection. Be a little careful with the enemies as the enemy side will try to dominate you. At this time you may also face false allegations and there may be loss in your work. And this will happen only because of its rivals. So beware of such people. Let’s be a little practical. Don’t trust anyone in money related transactions. Proceed using your own intelligence and discretion. Now since the Guru is also your Bhagyesh, the lord of Pakistan is creating Chandal Yoga with one of his republics and Rahu. Then luck will fully support you. The incomplete works will be completed quickly. All the problems and troubles in work will also end. Some tough decisions may have to be taken in life, but those decisions will be positive for you. You have to be hardworking. You will be connected with spirituality, spirituality will be more and at this time you will have a deep attachment to devotion, bhajan, worship of God, due to which your mental level will also be broad. You will be seen moving forward in thought process and more broad way. Will expand your thinking. So these are the results of the Guru that you are going to get.


Now coming to your seventh and eighth house. Because both Saptamesh and Saptamesh are Shani and Shani is sitting in the eighth house as self-possessed. That’s why you will get success in court cases. In married life, you will get to see complete support and yoga of your life partner. The journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. There will be decision making. Suddenly there will be chances of monetary gain. At this time, if you make any investment, then if you invest after thinking carefully, then you will also benefit from it. You have to be careful while speaking with Lovemate because it can break the relationship, it can be hurt. Just be a little careful in this matter. Do not share your confidential things with anyone at the time of excessive sentimentality. Be a little strong. Think practically. Do not be practical in professional life and in personal life. This will be fine for you. You just have to establish a balance. The more you walk in balance, the more you will achieve double, triple, quadruple success in your life. So this is the monthly horoscope for the month of July for Cancerians.


Auspicious dates :- 7th, 8th to 13th, 21st, 22nd and 26th.

Unlucky dates :- 2 , 1 , 4 , 6 , 9 , 10 , 14 to 20 , 20 to 25 , 27 to 23

Lucky Colours:- Red, Orange, Pink and Rani.


  • To make married life happy, anoint husband and wife Lord Shiva with Panchamrit in the month of Sawan.

  • Offer silver anklets or anklets to Mother Parvati on the month of Shravan.

  • To get rid of spoiled work, light a lamp of ghee in front of Lord Shri Krishna on the day of Gurupurnima and recite Gita along with it.
  • On the day of Somvati Amavasya, make offerings to the ancestors and during the fast of Kamada Ekadashi, offer mangoes, melon, sesame, milk and trees to Lord Vishnu.

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