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19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English | दैनिक राशिफल | Today’s Horoscope – 19 फरवरी 2021 – आज का राशिफल


19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

Om Namah Shivaya. Mahashivaratri’s mahaparva is going to come on 11 March. Today I am present before you with the daily horoscope of Friday 19 February. First of all, let’s talk about the Panchang, Vikram Samvat 2073 is going on. Today is the seventh day of Magh month and Shukla Paksha, which is going to remain till 11 am, Kritika Nakshatra will also be on the day of Adi till 6 am. After that the Rohini Nakshatra will begin. The auspicious time that we know as Gulik period will be its time period. 7.30 AM to 9 AM. During this time period you have to start any auspicious or auspicious tasks. Rahukal which is known as inauspicious time for the purchase of goods and its time from 10:30 am to 12 noon. Except this time period, you should start your auspicious or auspicious work. If it is necessary to plant it in the west direction, then you can travel in this direction by eating barley. The biggest festival of Mahadev, the deity of the biggest Gods, is going to come on March 11, that is, Maha Mahashivratri will be on March 11. This is the biggest festival of Bholenath and those who believe in Bholenath believe in Bholenath. This day is of special importance for all those people. As Mahadev, the God of the Gods, is the most naïve and he fulfills our wish only by listening to our prayers from among the quickest deities. So if you also have a desire in your mind that you want to pray to Bholenath, if you have any curiosity in your mind, someone is related to problems and diseases in your life, related to financial situation, whether it is related to family situation or married Whatever kind of problem is related to life, only a person remembers Bholenath, that problem goes away. If you also want to avoid these problems, then on March 11, we have organized Mahapuja on the occasion of Mahashivaratri. You can show your participation in this Mahapuja. You can get the full benefit of this puja because we have kept the puja for this purpose with the benefit of all of you. To get involved in the puja, you can get your puja face today by contacting the numbers given below. Now we are going to go ahead and talk about the planetary transiting planet, first of all I will talk about Moon which will enter Taurus from Aries at 9:30 am this morning. On the other hand, Rahu, who is sitting in Aries zodiac sign while making a great male yoga called Mars, will be sitting in Taurus today, and the moon, which will be sitting in Ketu Rasik zodiac, making the eclipse yoga of Rahu Chandra in Taurus. There will be a combination of four planets inside Capricorn. Saturn Guru Venus and Mercury will be seen in the conjunction of these four planets in Capricorn and the Sun will be seen traveling in Aquarius on this day, then it will be seen today based on the position of some planets and will take care of all zodiac signs. Kalsarp dosha is also being created. Let’s go ahead and know how our day will be based on the arrangement of these planets. What has our horoscope brought today? 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

Aries:  With your zodiac, the moon is traveling in transit in the second house, so today, you will see the conditions of good benefits of special importance to you on the work place. The tasks that were left incomplete to you will be completed with the help of your colleagues from your classmates. Today, you will also be able to fulfill the target given by your boss. This will make the boss look praised. Today, you will get different honor and recognition in family. You spend some time depositing money in banks. It will be seen happening today. You will be fascinated by speech. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Taurus: In your zodiac, the moon transits are traveling to this day. Visiting the moon in your zodiac, making the position of eclipse yoga with Rahu, will confuse the personality of Taurus people a bit. Today you may face a confrontation in small tasks. On the same day, you may have to take a long-term journey in connection with business. Due to your work being incomplete, you may have to listen to the boss’s scolding even today. Along with interruptions in work, your family situation will look broken today. Today, relations will appear to be deteriorating. Your life will remain straggling, so do not start new work as much as possible today. You have to control your speech with restraint and anger, and keep taking your actions with confidence easily one by one and keep completing them. That is going to be more right for you. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Gemini: With your zodiac, the moon has transited in the 12th house on this day, so there is a possibility of increasing your unrestrained expenses on this day. On this day, if you do not complete any work, feelings of discontent will arise in your mind. False charges can also be leveled against you today. At the same time, due to a match due to a quarrel with someone at the work place, you may get to hear the scolding of the boss, action may be taken against you and you may have to lose your job as well, so today in a contest You do not know, just keep working with your business, go on doing your work, do not keep any shortcoming in mind and you work in the same way that you work in a continuous manner. Investing in the stock market is not profitable for you today. On the other hand, if you invest in savings schemes then you will get the possibility of very good benefits in the coming time. On this day, the family situation will also be mixed. So the family will have to take you along today. The longer you are, the more you will be able to move forward by removing problems in your life. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Cancer: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the eleventh house today. Today’s day can bring very good conditions, but the eclipse of both Moon and Rahu remains, but due to the formation of this yoga in your nature, today you will be able to complete your work easily, but you will have to work hard to reduce any efforts. If you are thinking that you will not get the benefits you think you will get, you will miss it, so do not put any effort in your hard work today, if you work hard, then you will see the fruit of your hard work. On this day, you can take part in any social event with your family. You can achieve great achievements at the work place. You can get a big responsibility from the boss today, you will also be seen planning to speed up your work. The casual benefit will also be seen today. Because of your lending to someone, he will repay your loan on his own, which will generate a feeling of happiness and confidence in your mind. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Leo: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the tenth house on this day. Today, due to being very important at your work place, you will face some problems in completing your work. Some incomplete work may get stuck which will not be completed, your curiosity will increase with more work. You will get a little mind that you do not get the result of how hard you work, but if not today, then tomorrow you will definitely get the fruits of your hard work. If there is a little straggling time for the student class, then the state of Kaja is a bit hopeless and the lunar planet built the house, so you may have to face this problem today. Care a bit and resolve your issues in peace. Today will be better for you than any anger or anger is not right for you today, so be careful and calmly decide your actions and move forward. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Virgo: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the ninth house on this day. So today, a little bit of luck can arise in your life, work may be a little interrupted, but your mind will move towards spirituality. On this day you will be seen busy in programs like devotional worship of God Bhajan Kirtan Havan, in which you will get full support of your family members too. You will be filled with the spirit of benevolence or go back and help people, which will give you spiritual satisfaction and social respect. Today you will see increasing, but if unemployment of youth is there, then its problem will remain the same today. You may fail a little bit in search of employment because the lunar eclipse yoga is formed. Your professional life can be disturbed a little in your day, but if you put your mind in religious works like Bhajan Pujan Havan, then it will bring positiveness in your life and you will be able to move forward without distracting yourself. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Libra: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the eighth day on this day, so on this day you may have to roam in connection with a lot of work, so you may have to travel far today. You will have to face this time of financial struggle. On the other hand, chances of having some differences with the in-laws are also being made today. By tuning in with a few well-meaning people, you will have to walk otherwise the relationship will go too far and you will spend too much time bringing it closer and the relationship never leaves its place. Keep this in mind. The person whose place is in your life, no other person can take this place, so keeping your anger calm for a bit, will be as fine as handling your relationships in peace. There is also a possibility of injury from animals, so be aware of animals and be aware. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Scorpio: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the seventh house on this day, in the matters of life partner and love affairs, you will appear to be earning good success today, whereas today your unfinished work will be completed with the help of your partner. A big dream in your life was flashed in your mind, that dream will appear to be fulfilled, but keep your quarrels and conflicts a little bit away. Problem of not coming in your married life, but some thing can be very bad. Therefore, there is no place for any ego between you and your spouse and do not let them come in your life, the more you keep your dedication, the more you will be bound by a good relationship. Your tuning with your partner at the work place will be of little mixed results, but today you will get a feeling of happiness due to any lost you get. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Sagittarius: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the sixth house on this day. Today will be a day of good achievements for you for a very long time, the time of financially straggle which you were looking for, the time you spend with you, you will get full help from your friends today to get out of the critical time. Today you will get to see the blessings and blessings of parents completely. Today you have to stay away from any wrong association because wrong association can make you a victim of wrong habit, therefore you will not avoid wrong association as much as possible. Work pressure may arise in your mind about your work. You may experience weakness, but do not let any pressure dominate you. We progress as much as we put our mind to our work with free mind. Keeping this in mind, we will now proceed to your work place today. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Capricorn: The Moon is transiting in the fifth house from your zodiac sign. Some new disruptions in education for students may arise today and this challenging time will remove you from a lot of difficulty. You should be mentally prepared for this. Not as hard as you work. Although its fruit will not be available today but today if not tomorrow then you will definitely get its fruit the day after tomorrow. The fruit of hard work never goes waste. Keep this in mind, stay positive and study positive and go away. You will generate feelings of concern from the children. Due to her going on the wrong path, you may get upset due to wrong catch, but if you provide guidance to her then that too will be her end, she will move towards the right path. You may have to hear a scolding from the boss at work place today. Due to some laxity in work, you may be worried a lot and today a big problem may arise in your life, but you will get good support and dedication from your life partner to deal with that problem. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Aquarius: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the fourth house on this day. Today, you have to take special care in the property transactions. Today, you do not have to do your work. You may have to face a little bit of a financial struggle today. Even today, you will feel a slight decrease in happiness. If you want to buy luxury items, do a little care. Today is not the second time for you. Today, someone will come inside your life who can change the direction of your life, he will play the role of a guide for you. Today is the day for farmers. Those who are sitting for you than you will not get the benefit today. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Pisces: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the third house. Today will be a very good day for you. Today will be a day full of courage, your siblings will get very good support. The entire support of the family will be with you, the person who stands with his family becomes more strong. Something similar is going to happen to you today. Your dominance will be seen today. If you had a desire for a long time, then it will be fulfilled today. You will spend a good time with friends, boss, you will get appreciation for your actions, while today your increments and promotions will also be seen as chances. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

Measures: If the side effects of Ketu occur in your life, then the person gets confused and there are unrestrained problems in his life. There is a lack of respect for social values, false accusations are leveled at the person, and getting entangled with someone becomes a little bit of anger and anger and more prevails inside that person. Many such incidents are accidents. Due to all these Ketu, a person has to face during his life time. If some of the same side effects are showing in your horoscope then we will tell you today. Ketu is very good remedy and many such trees whose roots are very useful from the root of the trees, then today we will tell you about a special root which is the root of octagand, you will get blue thread in silver talisman on Thursday Have to wear inside. With this, you will get rid of the side effects of Ketu and the problems in your life will end, diseases and enemies will not spoil you, then you must do this remedy and if you want to know that Rahu in your horoscope, the side effects of Ketu. We can achieve this even when the planets are moving. If analyzing your horoscope will answer your questions and provide you with proper guidance so that all the problems in your life can be overcome and you can progress further in your life then what is the delay. Contact the numbers given below and make your stand today. Stay healthy stay busy stay cool and always smile. Sri Krishna. 19 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal


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