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18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English | दैनिक राशिफल | Today’s Horoscope – 18 फरवरी 2021 – आज का राशिफल

18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

Om Namah Shivaya. Mahashivaratri’s great occasion is going to come on 11 March. Today I have appeared before you with the daily horoscope of 18 February Thursday. Today I am going to tell you this. Some special remedies of Rahu. If you are suffering from the side effects of Rahu then what remedies should you take? Which root can you use? Moving forward and know about today’s Panchang, the position of Shukla Paksha of Vikram Samvat 2073 Magh month lasted till 8.17 am today, after which Saptami date will start. Bharani Nakshatra will also be on this day for 52 minutes on 2 June. Kritika nakshatra will begin after that. The auspicious time that we know as the Gulik period. During this period from 9 am to 10:30 pm, you should start your auspicious or auspicious tasks. Rahu kaal will be from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm which is known as inauspicious time. You should leave this time period and after that, you should start your auspicious or auspicious events. Will stay in the south direction. If it is necessary to travel in this direction, then you can travel in this direction by eating curd. Read further and know about the position of a planetary transit, but do you know about the position of planetary transit of your horoscope, if you do not know that you do not have a horoscope, then just give us the date and time of your birth. We will make a horoscope made by our Pandits for you. In the auspicious time and in that we will also write the main essence of your life. If you have any questions, you can ask through them, those questions will also be answered to you, then contact on the numbers given below and get the benefit of horoscope making from us today. First and foremost, we talk about the position of the transiting and moving planets, Mars, which is currently making Lakshmi Narayana Yoga along with the Moon in Aries and is going to be making interesting Mahapurusha Yoga. Rahu and Ketu sit seventh from Rahu, so they will sit in the Scorpio zodiac today. In addition to Capricorn, the four planets year-old Saturn, Guru Venus, and Mercury are sitting in Capricorn in conjunction with these four planets. Also, if you are sitting in Aquarius on the day of the solar eclipse, then these are the positions of some planets that we will get to see today. Let’s move forward and know the beginning of today’s horoscope. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

Aries:  Moon with your zodiac sign transits in your own zodiac on this day, Mangal Chandrika Lakshminarayana Yoga is also made in your horoscope, and there is a period of time for all zodiac signs, so today, if you have not reduced your hard work So your personality, will grow more and you will be able to earn four days in your personality in your work today. Also in your relationships, due to the estrangement, today will be the day to eradicate those estrangements, that is, you will see your relationship being formed in the bond of normal and sweetness. Today is going to be full of achievements for you, but this year you will get a contingency money benefit. Today is a very good day. You will go on earning success in whatever you do. Today is a good day for all the people of Aries because, in your horoscope, two good yogas are becoming Lakshminarayana and interesting. Men are ahead and know yoga. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Taurus: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the 12th house on this day. Due to Mangal Chandra’s Lakshminarayan Yoga, you will be able to control your expenses, but you do not have to get entangled with anyone at the workplace. May have to hear the scolding of the boss. Today, you should avoid investing in the share market. If you invest in any savings schemes in the land, then it will bring a profitable plan for you. Today, you are likely to tie up with a foreign company. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Gemini: Now we go ahead and let the moon move with your zodiac sign Moon will transit in the eleventh house on this day. Today you will earn a good profit and you will also get contingent benefits today. Due to the opening of the lottery, you will be seen in your stock market today and there is a possibility of good profit at the workplace as well and that profit will be made such that due to your relatives i.e. your brother and son-in-law, it will take four moons. . Conditions of great benefit await you from all around. If you are the owner of big industry, today you will get good success in your field. You can also shop for some big machinery to extend your work. Apart from this, if you are engaged in tasks such as Police Army Navy in administrative services, then chances of getting promotions in those areas are also being made. Now go ahead and know. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Cancer: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in tenth house on this day. You will see a lot of achievements at work place today. If you prepare for the job then you will also get success in it. Today’s results are going to give the best results for the students, if you are, then you will be in your favor. At the same time, you will make big plans on your work place today and will also be seen implementing those plans. If you do the job, you will get full support and guidance from your father who has the chance of getting both promotion and increment from the boss. Today, social honor will be seen as your honor and with the help of your parents you will also be able to shape your relationships. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Leo: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the ninth house on this day. You can earn good achievements at your work place today. Partners can also earn good profit conditions from the lottery and the stock market. If you are doing any business of your own, then today you have to make a list of all the pending tasks and you have to complete these tasks one by one so that there is no disruption in your work and you are normal. Get your work done with it. Also, the money that is stuck on you is the money you will get from these schemes and your happiness will not be there. You will see an increase today. Mangal programs will be designed in the home family. Religious programs can also be organized in your home today. Today, your participation in programs like Koi Bhajan Pujan Kirtan Havan will be positive all around you. Positive and will be built around you and you will move ahead with double enthusiasm in your life. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Virgo: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the eighth house on this day and Mars will be a moon in the eighth house. It will definitely be made in the evening. Sagittarius work will go ahead, but for this you will have to put efforts. The condition of Kalsarp dosha also remains, so your work will be completed today. Some work will be done so that you have reached that task, to complete it and after that you had to start from zero. Such possibilities can also be created today, so take your works in mind and complete the peace and start another work by finishing one work so that your work will be completed in more depth and you have to stand on your own and complete your work. If you leave your work in trust to do something, then the chances of loss will increase a lot. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Libra: Moon is transiting in the seventh house with your zodiac sign, today is a lucky day for your spouse in love affairs. You will also get gold or silver gift from your spouse, on the day of your life partner. Today will also bring good beneficial conditions with your work place. If you are doing business, you will see something in the work you will do in partnership, then you can put your spouse’s name in any one project. Can include in your work. This will catch your work more speed. You will be able to fulfill one of your wishes today and that wish will be fulfilled. Many were in your mind and due to the fulfillment of this wish on this day, your feelings of happiness will arise and the confidence level will go on doubling. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Scorpio: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the sixth house on this day. Today is not so good for you. Some problems related to blood may bother you. BP sugar can disturb you today, mental worries will also go home in your mind. Conscious mind will continue in your mind and things will continue in your life, which you have to fix, then meditation and yoga will have to be adopted today. At work place too, some rivals will try to interrupt your work but you will be seen defeating your enemies with your intelligent tact. Today will work hard inside the field, may have to financially struggle and for that you may have to borrow. Therefore, according to your budget, if you walk today, it will be better for you. Take care in cases of the transaction of rupees. In such cases, stand up and observe these works. That’s better for you. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Sagittarius: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the fifth house on this day. Today is going to be a great day for the students. You will get success in your work. If you will get success in achieving the goal, then you also have chances of getting success on this day. If you have a debate program from school or if you have a performance in the field of art, then you are also likely to get a prize as a performance. Today will be a special achievement for people associated with the literary world. If you are doing a job then you can get a big opportunity from the boss today and you wait for this support, you will not want to miss the expert and after getting this opportunity your chances of promotion are going on. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Capricorn: With your zodiac, the moon is traveling in the fourth house on this day, today with little mixed results, but Laxminarayana yoga of the moon is being made, will prove your life meaningful which will be far away in your life today and financially. From the point of view, the level is also in a different category and as we move forward in our life, something similar is going to happen to you today. You will get the property you want today. If your dream of a home is yours then it will also be fulfilled and if you want to sign any paper today, then read those papers first. Later, sign them and it will be better for you. Today is the day for farmers who work related to animal husbandry dairies, good conditions are also coming up today. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Aquarius: With your zodiac, the moon is traveling in the third house. The might will increase. What was stuck in your life today will end. Today, you will get the support of the boss and you will get a big achievement today. Your colleagues will also try to work together with you so that power will increase and social honor will also increase in you today. Meeting an old friend will refresh your old memories. On the same day, the disputed ancestral property will be cleared with the help of someone. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Pisces: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the second house on this day. Today, your social honor and respect will increase. Your image will be seen forming in the family, you will stand in the family by creating your own identity. Will help the family. The house of relatives will be seen, the outline of Manglik programs can be formed in the family. Full support of family members. Today will be with you. Good achievements at work place today you will achieve the possibility of good profit today, your time is going to be spent in depositing money in banks, whereas today you will meet someone who will change direction. You will be seen playing the role of a guide to this day. Today will be a special achievement for people associated with the field of art. There is also a possibility of contestants receiving honors in your love today. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

Measures: By giving information about Rahu planet, when a person suffers from Rahu’s defect inside life, then he is confused. Confusion arises all around him. Confusion-like conditions arise. Decision power is also reduced. Anyone is afraid before taking a decision. Before doing any work, he involuntarily harasses him and due to this he is unable to grow in his life. Today, I will tell you a very simple and good solution to get rid of this defect of Rahu. You have to make the white sandalwood root in an iron talisman and hold it on your neck in blue thread on Wednesday. With this, you will get liberation from Rahu’s couple. Anyway, remove the fault of Rahu, so you have to do this work on Wednesday, then I bring some such measures through social media. Every day, I provide you with good information like these. If you want to connect with our social media work, then you can also connect to our social media account by giving their links in the description. Stay healthy stay busy stay cool and always smile. Sriradhakrishna. 18 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal


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