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12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English | दैनिक राशिफल | Today’s Horoscope – 12 फरवरी 2021 – आज का राशिफल


12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

Hello welcome. First of all, wish you a very Happy Navratri. Today is the day of Friday 12 February and Gupta Navratras are starting from today. If we have to prove any sadhana chanting mantra in Gupta Navratri, if we prove it, then we get many times more results, whether it is proven or not. Every mantra has a specific criterion. How many are the specific numbers? That mantra will be proved in number, but if you chant that mantra for nine consecutive days in Gupta Navratri, then this mantra is automatically proved in Gupta Navratri, then there is no need to prove it again, then Gupta Navratri is very important. Huh. Especially for those who do more spiritual practices, Gupta Navaratri is as important as ours. There are two Navratras in the year. As many as two important are there, similarly, Gupta Navaratri is also important, then Ghatasthapana in Gupta Navaratri. Should be done on this day and then meditate on mother. Durga should meditate, she should meditate on power. You should definitely read Durga Saptashati and if nothing else can happen, Om MRM will claim Chamunda. If you must chant, then once again wish you all the best of Gupta Navratri. Moving forward and know about today’s almanac. Vikram Samvat 2073 is going on. The Pratipada date of the mother and her Shukla Paksha is to be held on 12:30 pm today, after which the second date will start. Today is 12 minutes in Ghadha Nakshatra on July 12 at 2 pm followed by Shatabhisha Nakshatra. The moon which starts on this day, transit in Aquarius today, and another planet Sun planet will also enter Capricorn from today. The auspicious time that we know in the name of past time is that you should start your auspicious or auspicious tasks from 7.30 am to 9 am. Any auspicious item can be purchased during this time. Rahu Kaal which is known as the inauspicious period is print from 10:30 am to 12 noon and except this time you should start your auspicious work. If it is necessary to travel in this direction in the west direction, then you should travel in this direction after eating barley curd. Moving planets know about the position of transiting, but if you are married in your life and love a love forest within you or your parents have found a spouse for you then you can match horoscope If your decision of life will be nausea at all without getting it done, then you can contact me for matching horoscope. We mix horoscopes online. We study it very loosely and after that, I tell you about them, put your horoscope and if you can, I will also give you the right remedies. So what is the matter to contact on the numbers given below and book your horoscope for matching today and the first thing about Mars, knowing about the planet transit? On this day, the great man named Aries is enthralled by making yoga in Aries. Ketu will remain in Scorpio for seventh forever from Rahu and Rahu, but till now five planets were getting combined inside Capricorn and Moon was also sitting in Capricorn on February 10 and 11. We were able to see planets in Capricorn, out of which two planets, Moon and Sun. On this day, visible transits will be seen in Aquarius and while Amavasya Yoga of Sun Moon is also made in Aquarius today, people of Aquarius will have to face Amavasya Yoga. Visible Guru Mercury and Venus of Capricorn, these four planets are going to be seated on this day, and if they continue to move forward, then the arrangement of these planets will start to be seen on all the zodiac signs. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

Aries:  The Moon with your zodiac sign from the first zodiac sign, the eleventh house of the transit of transit in the eleventh house on this day will give you the desired success. Your life. Will increase your work this day, you will see very good growth. Today you can get a big opportunity in connection with business, planning to extend your work. On this day, you will see many far-reaching journeys you may have to make. A family atmosphere is also very good and turmeric will be a supportive trend for your family members to stay with you so that your work will be completed quickly. On this day, you can participate in social celebrations, you will participate with your family and your social values ​​will increase in respect and reputation. If you shop for any machinery in your workplace today, you will see a lot of profit from it. Investment in the stock market will be beneficial for you. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Taurus: Now we go ahead and know the condition of the Scorpio zodiac. With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the tenth house on this day, so today, according to the work, very important and important decision-making, your important decisions will prove to be right and prove to be decisive in your life. For that, today you will have to take the advice of your father and with his guidance, you will be able to overcome your difficulties, which the youth was waiting for their opportunity to achieve their goal. The opportunity will be seen today from your boss. You will get and the time that was waiting is time. You will have to do karma because this time is bringing the situation of time for all zodiac signs, so the more good deeds you do this time, the better you will get to see the result. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Gemini: Now we go ahead and know the condition of the Gemini sign, the moon is traveling in transit in the ninth house from your zodiac, so today is going to be lucky for you. Luck will support you fully. The tasks that were stuck on you will be completed with the help of luck. This time is going to bring new achievements to you. These youths who are unemployed will bring employment opportunities for them. Today will also be the day to help you people. You will help people and this will give you spiritual satisfaction. Your mind will be more engaged in activities like religion. The outline of Manglik works like Puja Havan Bhajan Kirtan can be made in your house today or else some work will be seen happening in your house today. Today is going to be a good and lucky day for you in every respect, complete all your pending tasks before the start of the new work so that you can do the new work with enthusiasm. When all the unfinished tasks are completed, then the confidence level will also show your increasing today, so finish the old tasks before starting the new work. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Cancer: Now we go ahead and know the condition of Cancer Moon from your zodiac, the moon’s transit in the eighth house on this day, the Amavasya yoga of the sun moon is made in your eighth house. You will find new achievements for you today, but you will have to work hard. If you trust someone excessively, they can break your trust, cheat you, which can cause you to harm at your workplace and in every area of ​​your life, but emotional loss financial loss physically loss in every way Due to the way the person is at a loss, so today, by keeping self-confidence on yourself, complete your self standing in your work and it will be better for you. Today, the goal that you have decided that you will not be able to achieve a goal, for which even a little disappointment will be seen in your mind, then you will have to be a little careful and move forward with success. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Leo: Now we should also move towards the Leo sign. With your zodiac, the moon is visible in the seventh house on this day. In the case of spouse and love affairs, you will see very good successes. But sometimes there can be a situation with ego clash and it is your senselessness which is an ego problem, because of this the relationship can break up so today you have to handle your relationships with patience very wisely. The day of proceeding thoughtfully for the business class at the workplace, Surya Chandra Amavasya Yoga is made in your horoscope, which will create straggles in the business that the situation of Kaal Sarp Dosh is also for all zodiac signs, so for the business class, death is ahead of caution. Of increasing. You should not make a new investment today. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Virgo: Now we go ahead and know the state of Virgo. With your zodiac, you will travel in the sixth house of the moon. Diseases and enemies may bother you today. On this day, you will have mental worries about your actions, all the mind will continue on your relationships, a state of mind will arise. What should I do or what should I do? Confusion situation may arise on this day. But on this day, you will get very good support from your maternal side, ie your maternal grandfather, and if there is a situation like this happening in your mind then you should definitely seek support, they will provide you the right guidance. Today, you may face some difficulties even at the workplace. Some false accusations can be imposed on you today, so the more you proceed with caution with the false accusation, the more you will remain. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Libra: Now we go ahead and know the condition of the Libra zodiac sign by transiting the moon from your zodiac on this day, in the fifth house, with the transit of the moon in the fifth house today, the sun will sit in your fifth house and make the moon moon moon moon. A little straggling time for students is going to happen today. If you have any result, then that result will not go in your favor, due to which you can generate feelings of disappointment in your mind, but for those connected with the medical line, you will get success in your work that is available today. You will make great achievements today, your fame will be seen increasing today and your wish will be fulfilled in the work place. If you want to take a transfer, then transfer will be available. If you want to take an increment, the increment can be stolen and if you want to get promoted, then chances of getting promoted are being made for you. You should take blessings of parents on this day and then proceed to your work place. This will help you in your work to achieve your goal. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Scorpio: Now we go ahead and look at the position of the Scorpio zodiac. With your zodiac, the moon made visible transit in the fourth house on this day. Today will reduce your happiness a little bit. Financial Struggle situation can be seen in your life today. There may be some discord with the mother which can spoil the atmosphere of the house, so you have to control your speech with restraint and anger. In cases like property building and in cases like vehicles, if you want to buy these cases, then you should wait a little bit on this day, when the time comes, you should move inside these things. Take special care while driving the vehicle for you too, because the risk of getting accident is still on you, so you have to be careful and move with caution. Otherwise, this day will cause more harm. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Sagittarius: Now we go ahead and know about Sagittarius sign from your zodiac, Moon will transit in third house on this day. Today will increase your power. Cooperation with siblings will increase, but you may have some mental anxiety about your work. Today you will feel a little fatigue and weakness due to work pressure. Today your friends will help you to get out of this thing, which will work to refresh you. Meeting an old friend will refresh your old memories. Your social honor will be seen increasing today. You will achieve victory in each of your areas, but your confidence level could not let you down. The more you maintain your confidence level, the more you will continue to earn success. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Capricorn: Now we go ahead and know the condition of Capricorn, the preference of the four chakras in your zodiac, Sun, Venus and Saturn, the combination of these four planets is going to bring a sudden change in your life today. Today, whatever work you want to do in your life, you will definitely get success in those works but you will have to live on yourself. The condition of Guru and Saturn will be like a dissolved Raja Yoga, if Guru is sitting in your horoscope as a Saturn on the low, then the position of a dissolved Raju means that the job search for unemployed will end today and chances of getting a good job Huh. If you prepare for the job and if it is done today, then your time will be spent in depositing money in the banks which are very positive for you. Your partnership with Kutumb will be seen increasing today. Today’s time will yield mixed results for you but karma. All these have remained cancerous and complete lunar problems. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Aquarius: Now we go ahead and see the condition of Aquarius sign, the combination of Sun and Moon in your zodiac sign will be more affected because it is in your own zodiac, so today you will appear very confused in your personality. You will get to see this effect in your division in your work, there will be obstacles in the work being done which will cause disappointment in your mind. A situation like depression can also happen in your life today, but when there is depression, you have to remember your favorite God and connect Meditation Yoga Pranayama with yourself. Also, if you feel happy then at the same time you will go with your family and the family will help you a lot today and will also help you completely in getting you out of this situation. You will also receive the blessings of grandparents today. Your grandfather’s full support will support you Moral, which will boost your confidence level and if you go ahead with normal pace in your work, then today will be mixed for you but you will get your mental balance. Maintains work interruptions, but difficulties always provide the impetus to move forward. Keep this in mind and remove this day. The time to come will bring very good and good signs for you. Whenever we are negative as a positive start, we should take it positive that our bad times are about to go. Good times are coming. 12  February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Pisces: Now we go ahead and know about Pisces. With your zodiac moon, transit in the 12th house on this day. Today, the Mahasayoga of the Sun Moon is your 12th house, which will affect your expenses a little bit. You will have to avoid your unrestrained expenses. The more you spend this day carefully, the more you will keep going comfortably in your life, but trying to earn money wrongly at work place or trying to take bribe can put you in great difficulty. Action can be taken against you today. You may have to travel to jail and you may have to lose your job. Such incidents can occur. If you take the wrong path, then earn your money honestly spend your day. Savings schemes can cause losses in the stock market. Therefore, on this day you should also avoid investing in the stock market, so this was the daily horoscope of Friday, February 12. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

Measures: And today I have brought you information about Mars. But if Mars is the Mars commander inside our horoscope. Mars is aggressive but the cruel planet Mars increases the anger of the person. Any risky work is done. Sometimes negativity arises due to Mars in our life. If Mangal is sitting well in the horoscope then that person will do Bering work but in the positive police army also you will have some higher administrative officer or work related to mining department, security agency will do some work. Such good will work, but if Mars is not good in someone’s horoscope, then stealing it wrong, cheating it, becoming a dacoit, making a big scandal, such situations come in that person’s life. If you have side effects in your life too. If Mars is bothering you, then you are going to tell me some very good and simple solutions related to Mars. What to do: On Tuesday, you should put the root of infinity root of infinity root in the gold talisman in the thread and hold it in the thread of red color. When do you have to do this work on Tuesday Once again on Tuesday, put the root of infinity root in a gold talisman inside a red thread. This will end your malefic effects. If you are afflicted with diseases related to Mars, then you will get freedom in those diseases and if the negative effects of Mars will end, try these remedies. 12 February 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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