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11 July 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English | दैनिक राशिफल | Today’s Horoscope -11 July 2021 – आज का राशिफल


11 July 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

11 July 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English



Aries: The Moon is transiting in the fourth house from Aries on this day, the Moon in the fourth house is not considered so good and auspicious. Today you will definitely see situations of stagnation in your work. A scolding can be heard from the boss. Today, false allegations can also be made against you out of jealousy by your co-workers during the workplace, but the duration of false allegations is not very long, so you will maintain your confidence. They are sitting in the hope that when your confidence shakes, you get distracted, and they take advantage of this opportunity. Today, you do not have to get them any kind of opportunity. The more you maintain your confidence level, the more you will go on reducing your problems. On this day, you may create some misunderstanding with your mother, and you will feel some lack of coordination with her. Whatever thing you say on this day, she will not be able to understand your words and will accept your words in the opposite way, which can increase the distance between you and them and there should never be any distance between mother and child. Is above God, so on this day, you should not hurt your mother’s mind at all. If you don’t understand something you want to explain, then give them time and calmly understand them in whatever way you can. Keep your word to them. They will definitely understand your feelings on what you say. Today will not be a good day for the farmer class either. Whatever crop you have sown, you will not get the correct assessment on this day. On the same day, those who do work related to milk and dairy, for those who do work related to animal husbandry, will also go ahead with a little mixed effect. You will not get to see the benefits of every day as much as you get. Today is the day for you to show alertness even in the works of money and money transactions because due to the loss in such works, your financial condition can be turbulent on this day. If any result of the student class is to come today, then it can be disappointing, so on this day, the student class should strengthen their spirit and even for disappointing results, you should be ready for all the negative and positive situations. Anyway, a person should be ready for every situation in his life because time is never the same, and we can never spend our life with a good time. See, even the bad times are very important for every person now because the bad times left by teaching us a lot. Goes, by strengthening our self-confidence, gives us the courage to fight the difficulties. That is why every person must learn something or the other, even from bad times. Today will be a day for you to move forward thoughtfully in every respect, so maintain your confidence level a little so that you keep on reducing your problems, complete your work peacefully, on this day you should avoid starting new work is. 11 July 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English





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Taurus: Moon is transiting in the third house from Taurus sign on this day. Today will be full of your might and the Moon in the third house brings the person to a position of good profit. If you are associated with the IT sector. If you are associated with the technical field or are doing any study of CA CS or if you remain CA CS, then today is going to be a very good day for the people associated with all these fields. If you are associated with the political field, that is, if you are a leader, then today your fame will increase, while on this day you will get a lot of support and cooperation from your siblings and friends. You will meet a new friend and today that friend is seen playing an important role in your life, you will be very impressed by him. In the coming time, in your work, he will move forward with the tendency to cooperate with you in bringing good profit situations. Today is the day to fulfill your wishes, too. Some of your big things will be completed on this day, due to which feelings of satisfaction will also arise in your mind. Your influence in the family will increase in your family. Your respect will be appreciated by every person in your sphere of influence. 11 July 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Gemini: Condition of Gemini: Moon is transiting from your zodiac to the second house on this day, so today will lead you to get everything through your speech. The person’s speech is the most important and our relationships, our profession, and our life rest on how we speak. On this day, you will achieve success in your professional life as well, with your speech and in your personal life also you will be moving towards improving your relationships. Your respect for your family will increase. Your sphere of influence will appear to increase further. Today is going to be a special day for all those who are working related to speech, whether it is in the teaching line, whether they are leaders or actors. Today, you will also see an increase in everyday profit. Today will generate very better conditions for the business class, while for the working people, today will bring many new possibilities. You are going to get many opportunities today, and you will not miss these opportunities at all for progress in your work. That is, today will be a day full of achievements especially for you. By all means, your day will end with a very nice and happy feeling. 11 July 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English



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Cancer: Moon will travel from Cancer to your own zodiac sign, so today will be a day of self-churning for the people of Cancer. You will learn something from your elders, today you will try to bring some good and positive changes in your personality and this change will be pleasing to everyone’s mind. Social honor and respect will increase on this day. On the other hand, on this day you are going to be busy with religious rituals. Some religious rituals can take place in your house. Today is a good day anyway if Ravi is Pushya Nakshatra, then on this day you will be seen doing some shopping for the women of your house, which will make the women of your house happy and Lakshmi of the house is pleased, then at any time in our life Lakshmi There is no shortage of Today’s day will improve your relationship with your father-in-law. 11 July 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Leo: Moon is transiting in the 12th house from Leo zodiac on this day, so today can make your spending situations more. Therefore, to control your expenditure, you have to go by looking at the budget. Set a systematic budget for everything. Avoid unnecessary expenses. You should not make any big investment on this day, because in it, you may lose instead of profit, your decision may turn out to be wrong, so to avoid a wrong decision, you will have to avoid investment today. If you are an employed person, then on this day you will have to be very cautious and walk in your workplace. Your co-workers will keep a little jealousy and animosity with you. The situations of estrangement with someone can increase and the situations of estrangement can turn into a quarrel, and you will have to bear the side effects of that quarrel. You may be scolded by your boss. Action can be taken against you, and you can be fired from your job. That is why on this day you have to walk very carefully at your workplace. Instead of getting involved with anyone, go on completing your tasks honestly and with a continuous process. On this day you can also get special benefits, but for that, you will have to be alert. Today you will be seen having a good tie-up with foreign companies, or you will be seen receiving foreign currency in your work. So today your day has brought very mixed results, so it is wise to proceed with caution. 11 July 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English


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Virgo: Moon is transiting in the eleventh house from Virgo on this day, so today will be full of new possibilities for you. With the tasks which you have taken in your hands today, you will complete tasks very easily. On this day you will get special help from your brother and situations of special benefit will also be seen. You will be seen making plans for the expansion of your business today, and you will also be seen moving towards making it into a tangible form. Today, any of your wishes can be fulfilled. You can be included with your family in any social function, and you can also be honored there. Today is going to be a very good day for all those who are the owners of big industries. You can buy some new machinery in your industry. You can expand your work, today will be a day to generate very good and profitable conditions for those who work related to the bakery. 11 July 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

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Libra: Moon will transit in the tenth house from Libra on this day. Today will be a day of hard work for the people of the Libra zodiac, but according to the hard work, you will also be seen achieving positive results in your life. On this day some special work can happen in your house. Any special event, special circumstances can happen in your house and these circumstances will be very positive. For this, you do not need to worry and worry. On this day, you will get very good support of your father, so that your work will be completed soon and with his help and guidance, you will also be seen succeeding in achieving your goal. The day is going to be very good for the youth. The job search will end, and you will see a good job getting you today. Those who are doing some work of their own. For those who are doing their business, today will be a hard day, but you will also be able to see the fruits of hard work by evening. On this day, you can do a far-reaching journey in connection with your work, but that journey will also be pleasant and auspicious.

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Scorpio: Moon is transiting in the ninth house from the Scorpio sign, so on this day you will easily fulfill your wishes. On the other hand, on this day, you will help someone by going beyond the level secretly, so that he will be grateful to you, but this help will remain secret from your side and this will make you feel happy. On this day, the outline of auspicious programs like marriage engagement will be seen in your house because on 20th is Devshayani Ekadashi and 18th is the last day of Gupt Navratri, then Devshayani Ekadashi will come after Gupt Navratras and when the deity is sleeping then someone Even if auspicious or auspicious work is not done, then there will be no auspicious time for three to four months after that, then activities like marriage engagement can happen in your house at this time and for that, you can do a lot of shopping with your family today. Can do. Today will also be a day for you to engage in religious activities. Today, you can visit a temple with your family. If you can worship in the temple, you can keep the havan, then this will bring positivity in your mind and in the mind of your family members, you will feel peace of mind.

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Sagittarius: Moon is transiting in the eighth house from Sagittarius on this day, so today’s day will move ahead with mixed effects for you. Any special work will continue to be proved for you today, due to which feelings of despair will definitely arise in the mind, but today you have to maintain your confidence level. Sometimes the wheel of time goes wrong, sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow, such situations keep coming, but whenever the adverse situation comes, it moves the person forward and makes him strong. So there is no need to panic in these situations. On this day you have to be careful with animals that there is also a possibility of getting hurt by animals. On the other hand, if you have to complete any work on this day, then do not put your work on someone else. Move towards completing your tasks on your own because if you complete your tasks yourself, then your works will go on getting completed easily.


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Capricorn: Moon is transiting in the seventh house from Capricorn on this day, so today will be a very good day for marital relations. If there is any obstacle in the marriage of young girls, then that obstacle will end, and today you will get a very good life partner. On the same day, with the arrival of brothers, nephews, and nieces in the house, the atmosphere of the house will be seen to be very healthy. There will be feelings of sweetness in married life. At the same time, some challenges will be seen waiting for you at the workplace today. Today, some challenges will arise for the business class. But you will try hard to overcome these challenges and after that, you will be seen achieving your goal. Today will be a day of some great responsibility for the people associated with the job. You may get a big responsibility from your boss, but you will fulfill that responsibility well and complete that responsibility in time. Meeting one of your old friends on this day will refresh old memories.





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Aquarius: Moon is transiting in the sixth house from Aquarius, so today can increase your diseases. Therefore, on this day you will have to take special care of your health, especially on this day your BP and sugar may fluctuate. There may be some problems related to the nervous system. Conditions of strain may arise in any vein, there may be a headache, you may get to see some such problems today. So take special care of this thing. Be careful while driving as there is a danger of accident on this day. On this day, you will also have to be careful with your rivals, they will try hard to interfere with your work, but you have to fail these efforts. For this, you will have to show a lot of alertness, use your intelligence and tact, and maintain your maturity level. The more patient you complete your tasks, the more they will continue to fail in their work. On this day, you have to avoid making friends with any such friend. Befriending someone who tries to mislead you is to be avoided and how do we know that we are being misguided, they are leading us on the wrong path, then see our soul speaks for every person and no one in today’s time. I have full ability to evaluate right and wrong, so today you have to first listen to the voice of your soul and then proceed in your work, if there is any transaction of money, then take some caution. Do such tasks yourself. If you put such work on someone else, then the situations of loss may increase and because of that, your financial condition may also be disturbed.


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Pisces: Moon is transiting in the fifth house from Pisces on this day. Therefore, today is going to be a little difficult for the student class, but despite the difficulty, you will keep your spirits high, and you will definitely achieve your goal due to your spirits. If you have any results today, then they will be positive. The full cooperation of teachers and principals will be with you today. At the same time, the complete guidance of parents is going to be with you today. If you get his blessings, then you will overcome every difficulty and set new dimensions of your success. Today is going to be a very good day for people with jobs. Chances of getting increment are being made for those who are associated with government jobs, while the sums of transfers you want are also yours today. Today will be a worrying day from the side of the child, today you will be seen getting a little worried about his future. But if you sit and listen to his words, listen to his problems and provide him with the right guidance, then he will not deviate from his path and will be seen moving towards his career, moving towards his future. Today is going to be a special day for the artists. Your fame will increase and those who are associated with the literary world will gain weight in their writings, that is, today they will be seen making your writing more effective. From every point of view, today is going to be on Mars for you.

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