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01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English | दैनिक राशिफल | Today’s Horoscope – 01 अप्रैल 2021 – आज का राशिफल


01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

 March 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal English

Hello welcome. Or Goddess Sarvabhuteshu Shakti Rupane Sanstita Namastasyaai Namastasyaai Namastasai Namo Namo Namo. Yes, Navratri is going to come near from 13th April and Chaitra Navratri and Indian New Year are going to start. Maa Durga is the epitome of Shakti and we invoke Shakti in Navratri. Let’s go ahead and get to know the daily horoscope of today and from today on the day related to Navratri, you will be present with some information or any other solution, so let’s move ahead. Today is the day of 1 April Thursday. Vikram Samvat 2077 is going on and it is Chaitra month and Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha is scheduled to be held till 11 am today and Panchami Tithi will start later. Both Visakha Nakshatra and Anuradha Nakshatra, Vishakha Nakshatra is going to be on till 7 am today. After that, Anuradha Nakshatra will be at 5: 17 in the morning for the next day. That is, on April 2, the auspicious time of 5 minutes to 17 minutes, which we know as Gulik Kaal, its time from 9 am to 10:30 pm. During this time period, you should start any auspicious or auspicious task. On the other hand, Rahu Kaal, which is known as inauspicious time, will also have its time from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. You should leave this time period and start your auspicious or auspicious work. The direction will remain in the south direction, if it is necessary to travel in this direction, then you can travel in this direction by eating curd. Moving forward let us know more about the position of a planetary transit, first of all, we talk about Mars and Rahu, who are sitting in Taurus today, making Angarak yoga, and Ketu, who always sits seventh from Rahu, so they Today, people are sitting in Scorpio zodiac sign. The moon is also seated on this day by making conjunction with Ketu and making an eclipse of lunar Ketu in the zodiac sign. Today the combination of both these planets will be seen in Capricorn. The great man named Shash is enthroned by yoga and through Guru Neech. Mercury is sitting in the Aquarius sign and Sun and Venus in Pisces are going to sit on this day. This is the position of some planetary transits that we will get to see today and today’s horoscope will also depend on these arrangements. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal 

Aries: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the eighth house on this day. Hence, today will be a mixed day for you. The eclipse of the lunar eclipse yoga in the eighth house will disturb the life of your daily routine. There may be differences with the better ones, mental anguish, mental anxiety will dominate you today. Due to obstacles in your work, there will be some interruptions in your work. These days, investment in the stock market is not at all dirty, and do not make any risky investment that will harm you. Had to face these days. Today, your secret enemies will also try to dominate you. Therefore, on this day you will have to cautiously complete your task by standing on your own, otherwise, secret enemies will interfere with your work and can cause damage to your work. Even today at work place, instead of starting new work, you should try to complete the old punching tasks continuously. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal 

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Taurus: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the seventh house on this day, so today is a very good day for you and in every way from the family point of view, it will be very good for you as well. Your family will be supported in each of your tasks. With the help of your life partner, you will be seen earning good profit conditions at your work place today, while if you do not decide any court case lawsuits, then that decision will go in your favor today. Today is going to be a very special and prosperous day for the people associated with the field of art. Today will be the day of special benefits for those involved in the medical field. Today, for the business class who are planning to open their business, you will be seen making your new special framework so that your business will grow at a double speed and you will be seen to be progressing in your life. Today will be the day to prove all the works. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Gemini: With your zodiac, the moon will transit in the sixth house on this day, so today you will have to stay away from your diseases and enemies. be in good shape. Now the weather is changing a bit, so drink water especially, drink Shikanji. This time, due to your health, if there is any negligence in the matter of being very important, then you may have to suffer losses and your daily routine will be disturbed so that you will not be able to complete your tasks at the right time, so today is the day before you be in good shape. The first joyous body. That is why, keeping your health in mind, move ahead in your field of work. Today’s financial condition is also not so good, so you should avoid any major investment. At the same time, keep yourself standing today to review the work of money transactions. Otherwise, you may have to face the loss situations in those works. Mother’s side today you will get financial support, which will show your morale increases. Feelings of despair will appear to be slightly decreasing. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Cancer: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the fifth house on this day, so today there is a possibility of getting respect from the people related to the literary world, which is going to be very good for the student class, but at this time you have wrongly with someone. Do not miss because your honor can be raised as high as it can be down, your speech will be better for you today, if you move ahead by controlling your speech with restraint and anger. You will have to face some big challenges at the business level these days, but if you do not get scared of these challenges, then you will achieve your goal and it is much better than the boss. You will get to see this day, a little worry will arise about your child, you will be a little worried about his behavior with regard to his behavior on the future, but today you have to understand him and provide guidance to him and not anger. And explain it with love because children understand quickly with love. With anger, they become rebellious. Therefore, on this day you should guide your child in a very calm way so that he can catch his path, the right path, the right target. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Leo: Lunar eclipse yoga traveling in the fourth house from your zodiac sign made the fourth house. Today will bring some problems to your work place, some false allegations can be made, you may get to hear the boss’s scolding. Someone else will take the fruits of your hard work, which will generate feelings of disappointment in your mind. Therefore, to avoid all these situations, you have to be vigilant in your life. Family members will also support you in your work on this day. You have to complete your tasks alone. Take care a little today in matters of property transactions too, because in such cases you are likely to be cheated, then take care of the day with a little care and caution so that the problems that are possible in your life are possible in your life. You will not come in life and by the continuous process, you will be able to move your life forward. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Virgo: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the third house on this day. The eclipse yoga of Chandra Ketu remains in the third house on this day. A little social honor and respect will appear to be the opposite of you today. If you keep a little restraint on your speech, then you will not face any kind of problem. Friends will be fully supported in your work. On the other hand, with the support of elder siblings, you will be seen achieving a big project in your work place today. If you are doing a job, chances of getting an increment from the boss are also being made today. Today, you will understand your desire a little and your will, which was going on in your mind for a long time, you will pull out the desired thing and try to fulfill it. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Libra: With your zodiac, the moon is on transit in the second house on this day, so today will be the movement of guests in the house. The atmosphere of the house will be very healthy but any dispute related to the ancestral property, this time you will appear a bit confused. That dispute will not be solved to this day. In such a time, if you work with a little restraint, then it will be right for you to hurry today, it is not right for you at all. There may also be some bad atmosphere from a distant relative. Therefore, on this day, you will be weighing you very thoughtfully, because it can have an impact on your social life and also on your family life. Some subject support units will increase from the boss inside the job, the workload of work will be more, due to which you will be seen experiencing fatigue and weakness. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Scorpio: If Moon is transiting in your zodiac on this day, then this day you will want so much Ketu and Chandra’s jugaran yoga which will confuse your personality a little bit. You may have to face such a problem this day of not being able to take the situation of Confusion. If Ketu confuses the person a little, he also rotates the person. Therefore, on this day you will have to stay away from your guru. One may have to travel far and wide in connection with the business. You can go many times in connection with the job or in the process of solving your problems, which may cause you to stay away from home. Even after a little worry about their health will arise in your mind today. This day can be turbulent and you will also experience fatigue and weakness in the process of managing everything. Therefore, on this day, keep your strength very calm and maintain your strength, and maintain inner strength and complete your work very peacefully, then all the problems will become one by one solution. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Sagittarius: With your zodiac moon transiting in the 12th house on this day, your expenses may increase in a day, with a strategy planning to control your expenses, you will have to move forward keeping your budget in mind. You will be offered with foreign companies but there is a problem at the work place. Has come into your life. Disputes with anyone can increase the quarrel, which can take a formidable form and you may have to wash your hands from the job. Do not try to make money in the wrong way, because wrongly earned money can put you in big trouble. Action can be taken against you and you may have to travel to jail, so after a little care, you will have to move forward in the daily routine. You should invest in savings scheme from mutual fund to present day, which will also shape your future and also the future of your family. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Capricorn: With your zodiac, the moon made visible transit in the 11th house on this day, this day will be more stable for you. You have to be careful and focused in the work that you have to do. Before the start of the new work, check that work thoroughly. You should discuss the entire discussion with your family members only then you will be able to reach the right decision. On this day you will get very good guidance of your brother, your level will increase, circle will increase and your life will be increased by some people in the circle, who will be seen in your field, helping you in the coming time. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Aquarius: With your zodiac, the moon is transiting in the tenth house on this day, so today will create a lot of trouble regarding your work load. Today your work will be much more, you will be with you, you will feel yourself unable to complete so many tasks, you will feel that you will be given a lot of workload from the boss, which you will not complete on time, then listen to the boss’s scolding This is why you will be able to ignore your health during the work of this day, due to which you may have to deal with health problems today. You must seek the help of your father today to complete your work. With his guidance, you will definitely achieve your goal by following the right path. For the youth who are going through the straggling time, today will be another day again disappointing, you will not get enough results from your hard work. If you are looking for a job then today your search will remain a search. Therefore, to maintain your morale on this day, you will get to see the support of your family members in every work of your life. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

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Pisces: With your zodiac, the moon will travel transiting on this day, so today, you will be more engaged in the work of human service, serving charity for you. Today will also be your rapport and harmony with your family members, but today is going to be a little longer for the youth. If you are looking for a college for higher education or you are enrolled in college, then a little disappointment will arise in your mind due to not getting the right result as a result of your hard work. You should not start new work on this day, you will complete the pending tasks with priority, it will be better for you. Today you should avoid investing in stock market and lottery and do not travel far and wide if this journey will not be pleasant and happy for you, then it was the daily horoscope of 1 April Thursday. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal

Measures: Worship of Baglamukhi mother should be worshiped in Navratri, but Mother Baglamukhi mother Bhagwati has great importance. Here. The chief is known as Siddhidatri Devi. It destroys all our enemies and gives us victory in every region. You should chant the following mantra of Maa Bagalamukhi for nine consecutive days of Navratri as many times as possible. For this, you should use turmeric garland and keep in mind that whenever you chant, wear yellow clothes to please mother Baglamukhi, and offer yellow flowers to them. If there is no idol of Mother Baglamukhi in your worship hall, you can install Baglamukhi outpost or you can install Baglamukhi Yantra in your worship hall. Now this mantra is Om Rim Bagalamukhi, the name of all the wicked, reciting Mukharam Padam, pillar, chord, riveting intellect, destroyer. Green Om Swaha This Mantra is a very famous Mantra of Baglamukhi and worship of this Mantra brings blessings of Mother Baglamukhi, but it should be pronounced and accurate. Do not take any kind of offense in this and while taking a pledge, first of all, you asked the mother Baglamukhi that if you make an error. In speaking, in chanting, you should see my sentiments and do not go to my pronunciation. If you leave the crisis by doing this, then Mother Baglamukhi will surely be kind to you even if there is a small error. If you are given a boon, then you should do the practice of Mother Baglamukhi during Navratri. Through such measures, I join you on the seventh day, so be sure to suspend my channel and share it to as many people as possible so that others can also get the benefit of it and if you want to get your horoscope analyzed personally through your horoscope If you want to get answers to your question from, then you can join me through a telephonic appointment sitting at home. I will analyze your horoscope. I will answer your questions and if the need proves to be correct, then contact the numbers given below and get your punishments booked today. Now I give my voice a break. Stay healthy stay cool and always smile. Jai Maa Ambe. 01 April 2021 Aaj ka Rashifal


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