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जानिए चैत्र नवरात्रि 2021 घट स्थापना का शुभ मुहूर्त एवं पूजन विधि – Chaitra Navratri 2020 Muhurat


जानिए चैत्र नवरात्रि 2021 घट स्थापना का शुभ मुहूर्त एवं पूजन विधि

Chaitra Navratri 2021 Muhurat – Hi. Wishing you all a very Happy 9 Samvatsari and Chaitra Navratras. Today I will provide you information about Chaitra Navratras. I will tell you about the auspicious time of the establishment. If you will give complete information about how you should do the Pujan Vidhi during Navratri, then start from the date of Chaitra Navratra. Worshiping the nine forms of Goddess Durga in Navratri is worshiped and all our wishes are fulfilled. There are four Navratras in a year which consists of two Gupta Navratras and two direct Navratras. These four Navratri religions are considered to be the symbols of Kama and Moksha. Anyway, the nine words used in Navratri signify nine and the word night signifies night. Navaratri is also interpreted as Nine Ahoratra, which is a festival that lasts for nine days and nine nights. Both of the Chaitra Navratras and the Navratras of the month of Ashwin are included in the main Navratras. The method of worship has its own special importance in Navratri. This time the day of worship and Ghatasthapana in Navratri will be on Tuesday 14 April. Chaitra Navratri 2021 Muhurat

घट स्थापना का शुभ मुहूर्त – Chaitra Navratri 2021 auspicious time

Chaitra Navratri is scheduled to run from April 13 to April 21. Ghata will be established on April 13, whose auspicious time will be from 28 minutes of 5 o’clock in the morning to 10 to 14 minutes.

Cultural Tradition – Chaitra Navratri 2021 Muhurat

In Navratri, the devotees of Goddess Shakti Maa Durga offer their nine forms of worship with great law and order. The recitation of Durga Saptashati is started by establishing an urn in the houses during Navratri. During Navaratri, fairs are held at many Shakti Peethas across the country. Apart from this, tableaux of various forms of Jagran and Maa Durga are made in the temples.

Chaitra Navratri 2021 worship method –

Navaratri begins with a low establishment in the auspicious time. For alkaline installation, place the quince in a clay or metal urn filled with water or Ganges water with a red cloth wrapped with a red cloth on the mouth of the urn. At the place of worship, build an altar by mixing barley grains and water in the soil. Install the vase above the altar. Make a swastika with a roll on the urn. Offer intact flowers. Those who recite the fast and Durga Saptashati during Navratri, they must sow barley in Kulhar, they should answer and water those things during Navratras. The idol or picture or picture of Maa Bhagwati and Shree Rama and Hanuman ji should be placed on the outpost near the house i.e. Kalash, by placing red cloth or asana on it. Take a photo or idol with a water bath. Burn all of these in front of Chandan Roli Tilak Akshat Dhoop Deep. Devi worshipers should use hot asanas of red or white color because the use of red asanas during Navratri is very dear to Mother Goddess Durga. Sit Eastern Pukhi and perform the Puja Mantra Havan and rituals. In Navratri, for the worship of the mother goddess, the Argala Kavach Keelak and Durga Saptashati are recited. Sri Ram worshipers can also recite Rama Raksha Srota or Sundarkand. Havan ahuti of the tithe of the mantra chanting should be done in the square havan kund by offering it over the fire. This should be done on the last day of Navratri, on the last day of Navratri i.e. on Navami, you should do havan and offer Prasad to Maa Durga. Halwa in Prasad is very popular for Maa. Offer this halwa to the mother. So in every family there is recognition of some goddess. Therefore, according to the above belief, your horoscope should worship the law of your Kuldevi lawfully. During Navratri special poojas, on the day of Ashtami and Navami, girls of two to ten years must be called home and worship them. Provide food and give Dakshina as much power as possible. On the nine days of Navaratri, that is, on the day of Ramnavami, after performing the Puja Havan method, all the worship material should be immersed in a sacred reservoir.

Some special precautions on Chaitra Navratri day –

Now you should also take some precautions during this period i.e. during Navratri. If there should be no worship of the three Shakti in the same house at all. Instrumental clarinet etc. should not be played on the goddess back. From Durga. One should not worship Bhagwati from Durva at all. The Goddess is loved only by the red Kaner fragrant flower, so she should be used only in worshiping him. Kalash installation and consecration in Navratri are done only during the day. The havan performed in the midnight towards the Goddess remains fruitful ie the havan at night and the puja and abhishek should take place in the day. The idol of Goddess Bhagwati should always be kept in a red cloth and should never be installed. Use Mudra of Rudraksha and coral in Mata Durga Mantra Sadhana. Argala is made of iron and wood. It should be installed at the main entrance of the house. Before reciting Durga Saptashati, do read the Argala. This fulfills the wishes and the final caution rivet is given the number of times mentioned in the Saptashati text. That is why Kavach Argala and Keelak should be done before Durga recitation, then you should take these precautions during Navratri.

मां के 9 स्वरूपों की होती है पूजा – Chaitra Navratri 2020 Muhurat

Shailputri – It means the daughter of mountains.
Brahmacharini – Its meaning – Brahmacharini.
Chandraghanta – Its meaning – shining like a moon.
Kushmanda – its meaning – the whole world is in their feet.
Skandamata – Its meaning- Mother of Kartik Swami.
Katyayani – Its meaning – Birth in Katyayana Ashram.
Kaalratri – its meaning – destroyer of Kaal.
Mahagauri – Its meaning- White colored mother.
Siddhidatri – Its meaning – All-giving.

Importance of Chaitra Navratri 2021 –

Chaitra Navratri is for self-purification and liberation. By the way, all Navaratri have their own importance from a spiritual point of view. If we look at it from a spiritual point of view, it is also a time for the combination of nature and man. Prakriti is the mother power, hence the goddess is worshiped during this time. In the nine days of Navaratri, man fasts with the desire to fulfill his physical, spiritual, mechanical, and tantric desires and divine power helps in fulfilling these desires. Therefore, Navratri has its own importance from a spiritual point of view. Chaitra Navratri 2021 Muhurat

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